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About Justin and Selena’s ice cream date in Santa Monica

selenagomez justinbieber date

On their date to the Santa Monica Pier Feb. 6, eyewitnesses tell HollywoodLife.com Justin Bieber was the perfect gentleman to Selena Gomez, even picking up the tab for her ice cream cone!

This is almost too cute to handle! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez made their relationship public by holding hands at the Santa Monica Pier Feb. 6 and HollywoodLife.com has exclusive new details about the adorable PDA-filled date.

“Selena ordered a kid’s chocolate ice cream in a sugar cone,” an eyewitness at Soda Jerks — a beverage dessert place on the Pier — tells us. “She tried to pay with her credit card, but Justin took it out of her hand and give his card instead!”

Justin, 16, paid the big bucks for 18-year-old Selena’s tasty treat — his total was a whopping $2.00!

“Justin didn’t order anything,” our source adds. “They were really quiet. Honestly, they seemed like very ordinary people.”

While hanging out on at the popular tourist spot, Justin and Selena weren’t spotted on any rides or playing games. Instead, they spent most of their time on the boardwalk, where a huge crowd gathered around them as they walked away from the beach.

“They were quite the spectacle,” says another eyewitness. “Everyone was whispering and snapping pics and videos with their phones.”

We think Justin and Selena are too cute for words and we love hearing about their G-rated date. What do YOU think about Hollywood’s new hot relationship?


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  • I do not like to put together a very összejöttetek selenaval sure to slam it but if you’re happy but I wish you much happiness telega

  • tashi choezom

    justin….. u are one who makes ma life beautiful…… but nice to hear that u are wid salena… i wish u will stay forever…….!! 🙂

  • kunphel

    i did like to hear tht u r with “selena” wow….. wish u will stay with her 4eva…and ya i like all the songs which u had song for us……!!. hope u are doing gr8… keep it up….!!

  • Anonymous

    awwwww i loved him

  • heather

    Heyy Justiiin Biieber I just want to say that i am a big fan and that i am happy that you are happy with gomez 🙂 and i hope for the best with you guys love you both :*

  • Someday.

    I wonder if he will date a chinese or a black girl. >:L

    • Laura

      of course he wud! lol justin doesnt care about race! in fact in One Less Lonely Girl & Never Let You Go the girls he had were african americans:)

  • cassie

    thank u! i wish,, im black and i want him!!! bad all the selena gomez stuff angers me!

    • Laura

      personally I think Justin favors blacks and latins just look @ all the girls he’s had in music videos, lol so never say never

      • Girlygirl♥

        haha he does I’m black to and I saw that his favorite music is R&B and he loves Beyonce and finds her very attractive that’s his #1 crush in celebrity’s : )

        • Girlygirl♥

          Oh yeah and the girls name from one less lonely girl is grace wilson shes not black I dont think but the girl from Never Let you go, Paige Hurd definitely is .♥

        • Anonymous

          the girl in never let you go is filipino and latin!!!!!

    • u d realise….all justin bieber celeb crushes are black…beyonce,rihanna………so dun think dat he will be with gomez for long…..who knows mayb he will date a black n his SAME AGE…..justin hw much i luv u…..i think u shouldnt date an older girl!!!!p.s.i luv u…..no offense hw much i hate gomez,i will try not too…cuz i see u so happy with her….u smile i smile :D!!i lllllllluuuuuvvvvv uuuu!!!!

      • i dont like selena gomez shes a slut and hore and if selena gomez shes this i wanna fight

        • My name is Destyni too!

        • You bitch stop calling selena gomez a slut cause you are the slut

  • LunalaurelBieber

    he has the rite to date and all that… but why…. HER?! ugh!! i hate that girl! i’m sorry, i just do. she cant sing either. i just hate the fact that they are clearly dating and they keep denying it! it makes us feel like they think were stupid or something. i hope they don’t last. i want him to be happy, but i just cant bear it with HER. he sed he’d date a fan… so why doesn’t he? it cant be that hard just to get to know one… btw i’m not hinting i’m just saying </3

    • nicolette

      I hate that idea too. I just don’t get why justin would pick gomez. She clearly can’t sing and isn’t that funny. i don’t get it because justin bieber likes funny girls. All gomez can do is smile and act. That’s it. There are a lot of other fans in the world but why her, HER!!!!! When justin broke up with jasmine villegs, i didn’t think that he would get gomez. And why are they back together when gomez dumped him?!!

    • tell me bout it…y cant he date someone else….dat tought of him datin an unmatured selfish,untalented gi…gi…gi…GIRL….its killin me inside!!pls break up with her,im so sory justin but…she is older than u n its so obvious dat she is usin u for her money n popularity!!!

  • MikaBeliever Lucas

    Love You JUSTIN!

  • lena

    i want you to be happy for your life and mine 🙂

  • love u justin

    i wish i was selena total


  • Anonymous

    I am soo glad that you are happy Justin(: I love you! And Selena, if you break our baby’s heart, you will see(: Just Kidding…:P So just be happy and enjoy it Justin and Selena(: Love You Justin!!!


  • Selena past totaal nie bij Justin ö slette dt i

    • rr

      i hate selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!grr

  • justin bieber is soo cutee..and justin is like a fiernd to and well…i tihnk justin bieber like mee to<3<3…

    • Anonymous

      why arent you online

  • selena i soo cute and nais<3and ilove you selena you are a like girlfreind to mee plzz dont break me heart ever plzz <3<3<3

    • sara


      • ei

        when u said like that i really want 2 die

  • selena i hate you soooo much..im sorry but i do. its too bad that you and justin dont make a cute couple. your singing sucks and your new song song who says gay!! i hope you and just break up and dont last “forever”! justin i want you to be happy but now with her…justin i LOVE you

    • Oh shut up ur just mad cuz there dateing and your not dateing him so get a life

  • Kellygotswagg

    I just hate Selena
    Gomez in general….her music sucks and I know that she never wrote any of her songs on her album and all your songs are gay!!!! Justin,this is advice over here… You can do better to find a girlfriend. Date a fan.

    • lula

      true that justin should date a fan!!!

  • i dont like him! if ur a millionaire thn hell out the poors.!

  • Meghna

    justin and selena are jst perfect and the most cutest couple………………

  • Eilidh Paton

    I think Justin and Selena are the perfect couple… i feel sorry for them.. they are both getting threats.. being stalked by overcrazed fans… Imagine if you were Selena Or Justin ?… Justin has put up with alot in his life and he has had masses of support from some fans… the rest are just haters for not leaving he=im or selena alone… GO JELENA!!! <3

    • Belieber For Life.

      True that. The Selena-haters are just JEALOUS!

  • Isa

    Well Selena Gomez isn’t so bad and I am her number 1 fan I love all her songs and so wat if shes dating Justin bieber it’s her life not yours so leave them alone I don’t like justin but still . So stop giving them death threats and suff ok they could date who ever they want bye 

  • christina

    guys you got to admit were being a bit harsh. if you were selena imagine how you’d feel. dont think about dating justin, just imagine you were selena. death threats, hatred from people she doesnt know, basically everything that would make a girl cry locked in their room all night. dont you feel bad at all?? not even the tiniest bit? sure. she has her problems…but dont you need to recognize how youre affecting the people around you? you know…dont hurt the ones you love. aka bieber. be more considerate with what you say. i dont like selena much, but im not going to hate her or send death threats because shes dating the man (yeah, maannly man) i love. im going to respect their relationship. still want to date him though 100%

    • Official Selena Gomez

      Thankyou soo much 🙂 I respect you

  • Yarden

    ALLRIGHT .. Just KILL me 🙁

  • Girlygirl♥

    I’m sorry but he was better with the Jasmyne girl ! She’s way more attractive and isn’t a stuck up bitch like Selena is !

    • Official Selena Gomez


  • cat

    how did u get to be with selena ?????????????????

    • cat

      why are u with her justin???????????????????????????????

  • cat

    do u love her????????????????????????????????????????????

  • jaz

    i dont understand why everyone hates on u guys if you want justin to be happy let him be happy with whoever he likes.
    it wont matter iif you want him to date a fan because ur gonna be jealous of her too because its not you. do u understand what im saying 🙂

    justin and selena, i think you guys a gorgeous together and im glad you dont car what anyone thinks just be happy 🙂

  • Anonymous

    you not with selana gomez
    now you with me justin biber

    • Belieber For Life.

      Learn to spell his name.

  • Anonymous

    you not with selana gomez you with me justin biber

  • Anonymous

    you are hot

  • Anonymous

    hi justin biber
    do you want to go out with me andrea gunby the hot
    not selena gomez she ulgy

  • shanta

    I think they really love each other but at the same time im thinking they just doing it just to do it

  • daisy

    uhmmm i dont actually think selena gomez is a bitch but I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER and she changed him into something he’s not!!! i mean she changed him and now whn im home from school i just sit and cry all tha time i just hope they r happy together I LOVE JUSTIN!!!!

  • Hi justin happy fathers day

  • i just wnt to know something that they said on the internet… is selena Gomez realy pregnant??????

  • my name should not be known

    selena gomez i know you have better taste and deserve so much better
    this is not hate mail so just JB fans please do not hate on this 😛

  • anonymous

    Selena and justin u guys make an awsome couple . To selena. U are HOT and SEXY so do not worry what other people say. LOVE. U. To justin. U are a VERY nice guy and deserve someone. VERY SPECIAL. LOVE U



  • phentok

    hey selena and justin you two look cool

  • phentok

    hey i love selena but i love taylor swift but selena aDN JUSTIN LOOKS CUL