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Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston – Shawty Let’s Go [Sneak Preview]

Meh. I don’t really like it. The previous version in the video of them in the studio is much better I think. Maybe this is not the final version. I don’t know.

Do you like it?

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  • .....

    no affence but i dont like this version its
    like confusing and i cant find half the stuff that
    i used to look at and was a song supposed to come up in this
    article coz it didnt?

    its just blank.

  • @……. u the music prob i think its sumthing up with ur laptop.. + take time to figure this site out…

  • Cory

    I agreee with ya’ll. It sounds to audio tuned. Just doesn’t sound like Justin, I hope this isn’t the version they are releasing

  • Patricia

    I dont think this is the final version.. it look like they just took the sound from the studio video and put it all together 😛 But i’m sure thats not the real song 🙂

  • crognon

    justin i love you love music

  • Anonymous

    i love youuuu