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Justin Bieber is taller than Ryan Butler (MTV The Seven)

Wow Justin is now taller than Ryan. I wonder how much taller he’ll grow. Think he’ll be taller than Chaz one day too?

And that’s so sweet that they hid Justin’s passport so he couldn’t leave Stratford. MTV flying in Chaz and Ryan to surprise Justin was a great idea.

Here is Justin as a guest on MTV’s “The Seven” on Feb 4, 2011.

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  • OMB Thiss iss Alyssa ! And im a huge Justin Bieber Fan iLovee Youu Soo Much Justin . Now my frenn told me to tell youu ”Do youu think Selena Gomez is chanqinq youu ?” And iWould Lovee it if youu reply thnxx Or any Belieberss ! ? Thnxx -Future Mrs.Bieber

  • nice coool awsome

  • Woww, boys go through puberty really fast, hehe i really miss old JB, but the new one is sexy!!

  • Bieber sucks

    He just seem taller because he wears inched shoes and lift lol he sucks he’ll probably be 5’7 max

  • Mrs.Bieber

    he is so sexy i luv him so much.

  • hasista bieber

    no way that he’s 5’7 he’s right now is 5’5