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Justin Bieber on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE Tonight at 12|11c

Jimmy Kimmel is a great late night talk show! Hes personally one of my Faves so I know a little bit about him. He talks and mentions Justin Bieber quite often actually, so to be able to see these Two in the same Interview is Awesome! Ive been waiting for this for Sooo Long!

What about you? Do you watch Jimmy Kimmel? have you ever wanted to see these Two chat in the same interview with each other?

I think it was just last year Justin met one of his biggest fans! Cody Simpson, the little girl crying for Justin Bieber because she couldnt spend “all day with him.” He ended up meeting her and made her One of the Happiest little girls ever!

Even though he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, they never actually sat down for a chit chat. Heres the video from when Justin met little Cody.

be sure to check it out tonight on channel 2 The Duece at 12|11 Central!

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  • hey justin you are so amazing, ummmm yer i luv u and my friend sienna luvs u 2 she’s gonna be at ya concert on the 2/5/2011 she luvs ya!

  • i love u jutsin

  • why do u love selena gomez

  • i really want to chat with u

  • cecilia

    hello justin, i love u so much

  • i love you justin bieber

  • aly

    i love you bab

  • sarah

    why cant u come to boston

  • Emma

    Hey justin people say we look a like so now they call me Justine the female version of you

    • mia

      hi justin that litlle girl is nice

  • cheyenne

    hey justin i have a gigantic poster of you on my wall my name is cheyenne

  • alex

    dear justin bieber
    i you and imss you im your big fan have a nice summer good boy be happy
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    new york ,ny 1oo19
    uas 14046653410

  • macy

    Dear Justin

    I miss you everytime I go to bed I watch all your tv programs. I always wanted to see you i watch the one when you come from the dentist that was funny. you screamed at i live at 11 vale ave you i have to cats 2 guinpigs and one rabbit

    to justin bireber i love you ***