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Justin Bieber Remix Album

Remix album on the way

Mark your calendars because this is going to be a big weekend for Justin.

On Friday, Feb 11, his highly anticipated movie NEVER SAY NEVER 3D comes out. Hold on to your purple glasses cuz if that’s not big enough, add in the fact that the most highly respected music award show in the world takes place that Sunday, Feb 13 where Justin is up for 2 awards.

Now add in the release of an official remix album the following day and you’ve got a career than any adult celebrity would envy. A few tracks, not really a full album, but enough to keep fans occupied until the next full studio album is expected to be released late summer.

The below is the track list.

  1. “Never Say Never” (featuring Jaden Smith)
  2. “That Should Be Me” (remix featuring Rascal Flatts)
  3. “Somebody to Love” (remix featuring Usher)
  4. “Up” (remix featuring Chris Brown)
  5. “Overboard” (live featuring Miley Cyrus)
  6. “Runaway Love” (Kanye West remix, featuring Raekwon)
  7. “Born to Be Somebody”

Oh by the way, guess who Justin will battle at the Box Office for top spot that very weekend?

Selena Gomez. She’s got a movie out herself and it just so happens to come out on the same date as JB.

Go figure.