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Scented dog tag necklaces

Justin Bieber Scented Dog Tags Delay

This last Christmas, the word was out that Justin Bieber was releasing his new Scented dog tags.
Using new technology, the fragrance would stay within the dog tag and last for a year.
The Justin Bieber Dog Tags are both hypoallergenic and fashionable. It comes in four different styles, all inspired by Justin’s World including Icon, Energy, Tour and Web.

Only One problem. There not in stores. Justin Biebers Scented dog tags were supposed to hit stores on Black Friday at the end of last year.
What is going on? Is it just A delay? Or is it just a broken promise?

(Necklaces are Unisex made for boys and girls)

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  • Paxson

    Actually, i have 2 of them. I found them at walmart by accident! lol but they were like hidden in the jewelery section! lol

  • Paxson

    Actually, i have 2 of the dog tags. I found them at walmart in the Jewelry section but there we like hidden lol.

    • Dre

      Really? Thx for the Tip, Iv been looking for them EVERYWHERE Speciallat Walmart.

      Thx ill look in the jewelry Section =)


  • Steph

    Yup! I have the pink one (:

  • yo yo

    I LUV JB And i have one of them they r sooooo cool!!! aND smell awesome!!!
    YO YO

  • I love Justin Bieber he is so cute and a great singer. Also he is great dancer. He shows off his cool dance moves and i scream and i say Justin Bieber i love you i am your number one fan forever love, Angelina

  • This is why Justin Bieber is hot he puts out cool stuff i have one of his sented dog tags and i wear it every day i am getting more today also I have his some day purfume and it smells awesome and pritty

  • Anonymous

    i love u justin

  • mrs .bieber