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Meet Justin Bieber’s great grandmother

From Mel Carrey:

Hey everyone! I’m sharing this new Justin interview posted this morning from Out There with Melissa DiMarco! Reporter/actress Melissa DiMarco (Degrassi) has a blast with Justin as his great grandma gives them both a kiss! aww

She’s so small and cute. Thanks Mel.

Anyone know which side his great grandmother’s from? Pattie’s or Jeremy’s?

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  • Im going to assume that Justin’s great grandmother is from her mom’s side of the family becuase she is short, Justin’s mom is short and well Justin is getting taller.lol


    • Michelle

      Yes, it’s moms side, my mother is his Great Grandmother Aunt..We have a massive french family

  • *his mother’s side of the family

  • Anonymous

    It is obviously from Patties side because the Dales are standing in the background, but it could be the mother of either Dianne Dale or Bruce Dale

    btw isnt Bruce Dale the one who abused Pattie when she was 5-10 years old?

    • Anonymous

      she got abused???

      • Anonymous

        yeah but it wasnt bruce

        • Anonymous

          no she didnt

  • JHenry

    She is Diane’s mother.

    • Vishal Sathyan

      Who is Diane?

  • ashleigh

    I met her , ! (: