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New Justin Bieber Song Plays Over ‘Never Say Never’ Credits

Days after his 3-D film hits theaters, Justin Bieber will release a new album, Never Say Never – The Remixes. The album will feature stars like Chris Brown, Rascal Flatts and Miley Cyrus alongside Bieber on some of his most memorable tracks.

It also features a new song, “Born to Be Somebody,” which is featured in the credits of the flick. MTV News got the chance to hear the song during the New York screening of the film. The inspirational ballad was written by Diane Warren.

During a Q&A; A session at the New York premiere, Bieber asked that the sound guys keep the credits rolling before he spoke to fans. “Turn the music up!” he shouted. “They gotta hear the new song.”

On the ballad’s chorus, Bieber sings, “I was born to be somebody/ And nothing’s ever gonna stop me/ Show ’em what I’m made of/ I was born to be somebody/ I was born to be/ This world belongs to me.”

Source: MTV News

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  • Aldo

    Just came from the cinema in Leicester Square in Vue
    I loved the never say never movie in 3D

  • hello,justin bieber when do you go in philippines may 10,2011 i’m right