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Rihanna rejects Justin Bieber because he is too young

Justin Bieber has revealed that he asked Rihanna out on a date last Sunday.

The 16-year-old explained that the 23-year-old rejected him because he is “too young”.

He told Chelsea Handler: “Yeah, I asked her out. It didn’t go so well since I’m not with her.

“I asked her out and she was basically like, ‘You’re too young’.”

The pair were sat next to each other in the front row at the NBA All-Star basketball game in Los Angeles when Bieber asked the singer out.


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  • AB!!!!

    ITSSS soooo SAD!:( welll nowww heesss minneee anddndnd onnllylyy MINEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heee doesnt know it yet but once he meets me heee willl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • ashanti w

      justin don’t worry u can come and ask me and my friend out.

      • he doesn’t want u.he is with selene G

  • Justin gossip

    Rihanna and justin bieber where dating but he cheted with selena gomez

  • justin gossip

    Well that’s to bad because he is mine