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Thank you for your patience post image

Thank you for your patience

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your patience while we try to rectify all the problems on the new site. I am now very happy to say that everything wrong with the site has been fixed, even the commenting system.

And thank you to everyone on Facebook who suggested making this site blue. Hope you guys like it.


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  • admin


    • Para

      If you wish I can give you feedback on any changes you make as you make them over in the chatroom 😉

    • admin

      reply test

  • hey judtin i am a big fan of yours can you come to Rochester ny to see just me please having some trouble at the school with some girls please help you make me so happy when i am sad.

  • Para

    I see you have the comments system working again now! I do have some recommendations, and would love to help with the site again.

  • admin


  • Coolkatkayla

    I think that you should make it purple again.
    But other then that..i have no complaints!!
    Seriously though you should change the site back to purple…

  • jblover

    it will be good if you would do it purple because is justin favorite colour don’t u think that??????

  • Sarah

    Im not diggin the blue either… it doesnt really make sense. If the sites all about Bieber dont you think it should be his favorite color?? Also on the home page you can’t read the different page titles such as “funny” “interview” and such because its light silver on white.

    • Para

      true… maybe a theme switcher so users can choose their favorite theme… how about this plugin: http://dft.ba/-fZf

      • Coolkatkayla

        ehh…i would still like it if the site were purple
        you know because its justin’s favorite color 🙂