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Justin Bieber did not lie about meeting Robert Pattinson

Guess we didn’t have to wait too along for the answer.

From Perez Hilton:

Sources contacted PerezHilton.com exclusively to reveal that indeed Justin and Robert have never met. Turns out the magazine that interviewed Justin so long ago LIED and made the whole story up. Then, “people ran with it” and things just got out of control.

Indeed, Justin confirmed this tidbit himself while on Radio 1 this week in the UK. When flat-out asked about his comment, he told the DJ:

“I never said that…I have never even met the guy”

And there you have it! Mystery solved!

Once again, the damn liberal media is at fault! Curse you all! Ha!

Thank god. See? I knew it. Justin is not the kind of person who would lie about this because he doesn’t have to.

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  • Aniestin

    haha stupid magazines or whateva shit tht was saying tht justin met rob, liers making stories! haha

  • Anastasia

    Stupid magazine u were mKing Justin look bad!!

  • Pixelchix2001


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