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Justin Bieber pants down and grabbing his crotch in London March 4, 2011

Psych! I made that title to get you guys all excited and I bet you were. haha! (Ok I’m kinda evil that way but you should already know that by now.)

Justin was spotted leaving his hotel in London this morning (March 4, 2011) with crotch in hand. lol <3 Yah I know, his pants are falling down but let’s be real people, if your pants are falling down you don’t walk around holding your crotch up. He did it for his fans. 😉

Later when he had to use two hands to sign autographs, his pants fell down…….

Psych again! Booyah! Stop getting so excited. Geez!! 😛

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  • WHOA!

    • breeanna

      he need to pull his pants i can tell he sagen



  • hey sexy we love u a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jasmine

      oh thts just wrong leave him alone niw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

    • Anonymous

      ikr!!!!U rock justin

  • Belieber1500

    :O he is sooooooooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • avonnie

      justin bieber you are hot can we date im 19 years old i love you so much are you and selena gomez were is she at tell her hi and i love her justin bieber call me please

  • i think its hot but not sexy because it looks awkward just like the fly thing. I luv him with all my heart but i dont like when people mean to do it. I LOVE U JUSTIN!!!!!!!

  • I love u jb nice hair n ppl take imbrassing pics of u own selfez

  • i looove my husband JB!!!!!!! iwanna…… youuuu knowwwww!!!! yaaaaa xD imma have fun!


      • Anonymous

        Uh huh

        • Anonymous

          You do not do that

  • jady

    Esta lindo como sempre

  • hip-hop

    wav this is amazing !!!!!!


    heheheheehe……..this is funny and cute……..this actually happened to my boyfriend when he was at school and holding his school books!! hehe…….i still love u justin!!

  • Anonymous

    wow sooo cute

  • I love Justin Bieber!!!! He is SOOOO hot!!!!!

  • Ms. Bieber

    I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER UR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<333333333333

  • smarty pants

    aye bay bay

  • Ilovethebeiebs

    On march 4th he was in birmingham :/ just sayin

  • justin, make me your one less lonely girl

    i love justin so much but he doesnt even know that i exist…
    im going to his concert tomorow = 28th april australia acer arena…
    justin bieber, make me one less lonely girl. xoxo
    with all my love, you are freakin hott and smart and talented and i admire that you never gave up……………never say never.
    ps. i look latin!!!! haha 🙂 im your latin girl.

    • your not the type

      • i mean your not the type for Justin but……………………………………………………….. i am his type

        • Anonymous

          you data him but we kiss before sorry i love jb so much call me please here my jb 860465-6331 please call love u

    • avonnie

      when this year what time

  • ppl


  • their are lot’s of girls out there so i have to chose very carfuly

    • Mrs bieber

      your weird……………..i like jb 2.but im not like that nasty

  • jasz

    his not even touching his crotch

  • wtf…dont they get it….he does that all the time

  • kelly

    This is a lie, on march 4th 2011 justin bieber was preparing for concert in birmingham, :L

  • michelle

    well he might of been holding his thing a ling nut maybe his pants were falling

    • michelle

      i mean but

  • sulac ar xar sexsualuri maxinjo :@

  • anonymous

    everyone wants to be mrs. bieber but how about just getting know him! He is maby a totally different guy that you guys are all obbsessed with! i bet he doesnt even like how you are all over him and how you cry about him!! He is maby a nice sweet and fun to hang out with kind of guy! If you tyry that for once you can hopefully hell look for you not an obsessed crazy fan! ttyl have to eat dinner with thte fam!

  • i’m a lesbian and i’m liking this *Slaps Self In The Face”

    • Grace

      YEAHHH MAN! BIEBER IS EVEN ATTRACTING LESBIANS . . . wait is that good or bad . . . hmmmmmm

    • Anonymous

      Yur a lesbian

  • JB's GIRL!

    Ya i totallt agree with anonymous…. And i watched his movie “Never Say Never” and i cried cuz i wasn’t that one less lonley girl…

    I love u Justin!!!! <3

    • Grace


      • biebersbaby

        yeah that was the best movie i have ever saw i have never met him personaly but i would love to i dont think any security guys could hold me back from that

  • shahd

    UGH! why did he pulled it up?!!?

  • Grace


  • ahahhaha

  • Anonymous

    his pants seem to accidentally fall down a lot!

  • awkard is written all over that photo

  • Raven lucielle roastinqq;)

    OMG! they got that;) lmfao that sexy though:) i have lyke the biggest crush on u JUSTIN BIEBER ur so fuckingg hot!:) i would lyke 2 see u someday i hope!

  • Mikaela

    Listen i love Justin Bieber and all but i think he has his hand near his crotch or on his crotch WAY to much


  • Mrs E Bieber

    OMG he will totally fall for me! I love you Justin and I know you can do better than Selena shes rubbish! I will love you more than her and ill show it!

    • Ashleyy

      Too Bad He Alread Has A Girlfriend And I dont Know Why Ur Calling Selena Rubish If U Havent Seen ur Self Mrs E Bieber

  • Mrs Bieber xx (To my husband Justin)

    Your soooooo inspiring Justin! You bring tears to my eyes. As I read your book, listen to your songs and watch your movie I cry and I can’t stop you make me so emotional its hard to control! (But in a REALLY good way!) You are very charming! I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! <3 Your so amazing,talented + HOT! Your the full package! Justin if your reading this please come back to Sydney,Australia We LOVE U SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Australia are the BIGGEST BELIEBERS!!! Please come back and make ME! Your one less lonely girl! I love u Justin!

  • Anonymous

    I just want that boy to fuck me sooooo hard until his dick is all the way in my throat cuz he’s dick is pretty hot to I wanna suck it fuck it and I want him to bang me all the way to selenas house so we could fuck right in front of her and she’ll be so jealous I also want him to cum all over my face and fuck me until his dick breaks off!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck me justin bieber please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll fuck u too

    • Anonymous

      I masturbate all the time so I’ll be really good

    • avonnie

      who every said to justin beber to fuck you he do not like you me and justin are data how old are ya’ll we are 19 years old ya’ll like 12 or 13 or 18 or 16 or 17

  • Hallll

    I would go really hard on him… I’d become a prostitute for him to stick that up me!!!

  • avonnie

    somebody said to fuck them sorry i told you ok i love you so much

  • ShatswellMaryetta

    Really looking forward to read more.