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Justin Bieber performing at “Wetten, dass…?” in Augsburg, Germany


This is a video of Justin Bieber performing at the popular but usually not very interesting German show “Wetten, Dass…?” today.


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  • Summer
  • lexi

    he voice is kinda weird i hope it gets better like when he was little he had an amazing voice!! :(( and the crowds pathetic there not screaming like normal…. i wonder yyy???
    I still luv justin thou

    • megan

      hes fine his voice is and will always be beautiful♥ if you dont think so then your not a true fan. i lovee you justinn♥♥♥

      • meli

        Agree with you, megan! I think he sounded amazing! he did a great job!

  • annonymous

    this was an awkward interview..

    • meli


      • annonymous

        idk just because he seemed to not answer the question fully and she did not even know his song “down to earth”

        • meli

          Oh you mean that interview! I thought you mean the interview from wetten, dass.
          Yes that was awkward! btw I don’t like that girl! don’t know why, but she always seems kind of rude when she interviews him. and her english is very bad!

        • annonymous

          agreed! i dont live in germany so im not familiar with her, but ya it was just weird.

  • meli

    Hey, I’m from Germany and I saw that live last night. He was so cute! I love the new hair! Here is a video of the interview before the performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIam4pRVuoM
    Actually wetten, dass is boring most of the time, but that was the best wetten, dass episode ever! 🙂

  • JB-Germany

    he was the highlight of this show!

  • meli

    I don’t know why they didn’t let him say anything. They were talking all the time. He could just say thank you. haha.
    Agree with JB-Germany! He was definitly the highlight. This show had 3 million more viewers than usual just because of him!