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justinbieber parents selenagomez 2011

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez parents are worried they are going too fast

The Canadian teenage phenomenon and young actress Selena finally confirmed their romance at the end of February following months of speculation that they were dating. They attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party together, and were seen with their arms intertwined.

While Justin’s mother, Patricia Lynn ‘Pattie’ Mallette, approves of their relationship – she is reportedly worried the teenagers are taking things a bit too seriously.

“Pattie thinks the world of Selena,” a source told National Enquirer. “She has nothing against them dating, she just thinks they shouldn’t hurry things.”

According to the insider, 18-year-old Selena’s mother and stepfather have their own concerns. “Mandy feels the same way, and so does Selena’s stepdad,” the insider explained.

In February Justin, who turned 17 on March 1, bought a shop full of flowers for Selena. While she was touched by the gesture, their parents reportedly thought it was a step too far.

“He went hog-wild and plunked down thousands of dollars. Selena loved it and couldn’t stop gushing about what a great boyfriend he was,” the insider added. “But her parents think he’s gone overboard – they think both kids have.”


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  • Belieber1500

    Oh come on! There having teenage love. Let them be. At least there not having sex or doing drugs! Now THAT would be taking it too far.

    • Anonymous

      okay so you do NOT know that..they did share a room together on his b day~

    • Aishbelieber

      they shared a hotel room and selena stopped wearing that purity ring…put 2 and 2 together..

    • justin bieber i love u

  • justin bieber u should be with me ILUV U JUSTIN BIEBER !!!!!! <3

  • i agree completly, a mean yous never know they mightve done it and if they have then they are just being stupid teenagers, justin was nevr like this and we all knw that,..

  • yah i absolutely damn right ..they are too young to get it seriously and pppllllllllsssssssssss….it’s nice and freely not committed to someone else…to mr justin bieber . ..dont expect to much ….dont take it seriously …lots of beautiful women in this world.,…. When you invest more of yourself, your sense of satisfaction increases proportionately…..

  • finish your degree…not all the time that your no. 1…education is the key of success……