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Justin Bieber’s zipper is open again on stage in Birmingham

I am telling you this open zipper thing must be JB’s new look. He did a little peek-a-boo on the red carpet at both the Grammy’s and Brit Awards. And now the look returns on stage at the Birmingham second concert.

Justin's fly is open again in Birmingham

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  • annika paigeebieber

    i will do that up for him haha

  • Lacy Roberts

    Hahaha love the pics!!!!!!!!!! i’m a biqq fan uf justin!!!!!!! <33333333333

  • Lacy Roberts

    wow justin zip the zipper baby lol gosh it looked sexy now forreal lol

  • jo

    hi i name jo i love you i god baby varegodddddddddddddd…

    • Anonymous

      i loooooooooooove justin Bieber