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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber on The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Don’t anyone complain that Justin wasn’t in this video! He was there the whole time. 😉

Thanks to our reader Mika for pointing out this video. Love it that you guys are starting to notice things I’ve been noticing for months.

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  • Jordan

    Selena is great! I’d prefer JB single, but if he had to date someone, I definitely say Selena is a wonderful girl for him. She seems so genuine, unlike some other actresses out there.

    I feel so bad that she’s getting so much hate from JB fans, though. 🙁 She doesn’t deserve it because she didn’t do anything wrong… anyways, we should all give them support for their relationship. JB fans, we should be happy that he’s happy!

    • Belieber1500

      😀 that is exactly how I feel! I love and support Selena and Justin. 🙂 they are cute together!

  • Really confused!!!

    Notice at 1:40-1:48 she walks over to the pillow, does that weird thing with her hand, notice the facial expression!!!

    • DanaLovesBiebs!

      I thought that while I was watching it too!!! If this isn’t a publicity stunt I don’t know what is!!

  • Sinem

    Yeah smart asses, Selena didn’t put the pillow there, Ellen did. now what?

  • Jordan

    Ah! Just when they went public with their relationship Justin goes on tour. I guess we’ll have to wait until May for more pics of this cute couple.

  • Joelle

    do u mean justin on the pillow?? cuz thats the only justin i see in this video :P….did u c at the end of the video wen ellen went over 2 the pillow and like kissed it or something selena went over there and was laughing and like gave her a playfull hit on the hip or something..

  • Launa

    there’s no need for it to be there anyway, so why does it matter who put it there, she’s just trying to get JB fans to like her! DUHH

  • Danielle

    justin couldnt have been her beause on the 22 of march he was in the UK!

    • DanaLovesBiebs!

      When they say he is there, they mean on the pillow in the drum area..

  • Lauren

    Justin Wasnt there. He was in England because this interview was a while ago and hes only just returned from england. But Selena Looks Gorge and i am so happy for her and Justin. Shes so pretty and true. No one should hate her because shes dating JB. Shes entitled to date who she wants as is he. I love Justin and was a little angry when i first heard, but, to be honest, its none of our business. If he wasnt famous then no one would care. xxx

    • Lena

      True, I got to admit when I first heard they were dating I was mad & hated Selena for awhile, but I don’t hate her anymore. I love her music & she seems like a really nice person. It’s not like JB is going to be single forever, I’d prefer him single but I don’t really care if he’s dating Selena. As long as he’s happy, I’m happy 🙂

  • erickah

    “Diamond in the rough”-at least were diamonds XD
    if she’s not a beauty queen why does she wear make-up (i know lots of people do)
    is she sick why can’t she sing the high tone part? 🙁

  • annabel

    selena is not doing anything wrong! i dont understand why everyone is hating on her 🙁 she is perfect and she is dating justin because she actually has feelings for him! selena isnt the type of girl to use someone like that especially when she knows how much justin likes her back. shes perfect leave her alone!

  • Belieber1500

    Is Selena wearing shoes??

    • DanaLovesBiebs!

      Thats what I was trying to figure out!!!! I don’t think she is though..

      • Joelle

        no she isnt…well atleast thats wat i think

  • bieber lover

    i love justin bieber
    but !!!!

  • Belen

    omgg she sings awfullyyyyyy in livee! compare this video with the official one and see the difference :S http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzE1mX4Px0I

    • Anna

      AGREED. I can’t believe more people haven’t pointed out how awful she is live before your comment. She’s got a gorgeous face, but unlike Justin, she isn’t guaranteed a good live performance..

  • rach :)

    if yall beliebers wer watchin d video close the yellow piece of paper infront of d drummer has jb pic on it 🙂

  • melissa

    guy she was boucing around and lost her singing voice give her a brrak 🙁

  • Aniestin

    i luhv selena and everything but she isnt the best at singing live only in studio she sings pretty 🙂

  • Bea

    Where’s Justin there?!