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Selena Gomez “Prom Date” interview with David Letterman March 15, 2011

Selena Gomez still isn’t spilling the beans about her relationship with Justin Bieber, but she has dropped another hint.

selenagomez-davidletterman march 2011On his CBS show Wednesday night, David Letterman asks Gomez if he can show the audience a photo her affectionate outing with Bieber at Vanity Fair’s Oscar party.”Oh, that’s cute,” Gomez, 18, says as the Late Show audience lets out an “Awww!” 

When asked point-blank if she’s dating Bieber, Gomez skirts the issue yet again. “It was like a little prom night, wasn’t it?” she says of that February evening. “Looked like it.”

Letterman presses for more details: “You guys look very happy there,” he says. “How long have you known him?”

“Uh, almost, like, two years now,” Gomez replies.

“Two years? Where did you meet?” Letterman asks. “People gotta meet somewhere, right?”

Actually, his manager called my mom, who’s my manager,” Gomez says, to which Letterman jokes, “I heard he was your paper boy.”

Gomez replies, “I’m blushing!” and, under more questioning, says finally, “He’s been in my life for so long, and it’s just nice to have someone that understands what you’re going through.”

Well, that clears that up.


I just read something today which is very interesting. It said their relationship is fake (at least from Selena’s standpoint), set up by their managers. Supposed their relationship benefits both Justin and Selena. Justin has liked Selena for a long time so he’s finally getting what he wants. Selena on the other hand is using her relationship with Justin to get more publicity for herself.

To be honest, I do think Selena is using Justin for publicity. I will write more about this when I have the time later tonight.

Here’s a video of her interview with David Letterman last night.

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  • Sinem

    I don’t get why people think their relationship is fake.. i just don’t .. it’s ridiculous. but hey if that makes some people sleep at night, let it be.

  • Kaitlyn

    How is 2 years long? I’ve known my best friend since 2nd grade. I think thats long, but 2 years? No! Thats kinda dumb… and Selena, EVERYONE knows you and Justin are dating(: We love you guyss!

  • Tiara


  • Sadie

    Honestly, I doo think Selena is using him for publicity.And it’s going to go up in flames when he finds out she was just using him.

  • Hayley

    people should be happy for them…..Justin and Selena do SOO much for their fans to make all of them happy….Why can’t the fans be happy and let Selena and Justin do something for themselves for once… they are adorable together and im happy for both of them:)

  • jill

    team FUCK selena gomez

  • jill

    team FUCK selena gomez