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2 Norwegian Beliebers mistaken for Justin Bieber in Denmark

Got this hilarious email today from a reader….


My friend Emilie and I (Ingvild) are huge beliebers and traveled from Norway to Denamrk (Herning) to see JB’s concert there April 1. And something CRAZY happened to us!!

We arrived outside the concert in a limo, there was a huge open space there FULL of Beliebers. And they all thought we were Justin Bieber!!! They went crazy and attacked the limo trying to get a glimpse of JB, when it really was just me and my friend!!!

When we got out everyone was lik ahhh…..haha they were a bit dissapointed! bet they all thought it was just an April Fools, but we hadn’t planned for it to happen:P

It’s the craziest thing I’ve experienced in my life!!! Different to see the craziness from JB’s perspective!! We really feel like we got a glimps of how it is to be Justin!!

We even got on TV in Denmark…lol so here is a clip:

http://www.tvmidtvest.dk/nettv/?id=5281 skip to about 13:50 that’s when we arrive;)

We’re regular readers of your blog and love what you write!! so… we just thought you’d like to know, and maybe wanted to write about what happened to us! 😉 #muchlove!!

From @emiliebelieber and @Ingvild_JB 🙂

Thanks Emily! That was too funny. Taking a limo to a concert? lol What else do you expect? I was already laughing when I read the email and when I saw your white limo drive up in the video I laughed even harder. This made my day. Thanks for sharing your funny story with us.

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  • Ingvild

    You posted our story! 😀
    LOL, that was just so CRAZY!!!
    We didn’t think about what would happen when we arrived, cuz we didn’t know we were gonna go there in a limo! It was a surprise! so we were shocked as hell when that happend…lool!!

    • PakistaniBeliebers

      hahahah it was really you ?? i think Justin knows this 🙂

      • Ingvild

        Haha, yeah it was me;) I don’t know if he knows but that would be cool, haha:P

  • aurora

    i was there too !! it was so amazing !!<3

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