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David Beckham suntanning with Justin Bieber. Sorta….

The Beckhams’ son Romeo is such a huge fan of Justin Bieber, he’s asked his parents to name his baby sister after the singer. And according to Victoria Beckham’s Twitter page, it looks like the Canadian pop star is getting even closer to the family.

In a photo of her micro-blogging site, her husband David was seen reclining on sunlounger next to Justin in the light of the evening sunshine.

Victoria Beckham posted a photo of David sat beside a cardboard cut-out of Justin Bieber

But on closer inspection, only one of the duo was real – Bieber was only a cardboard cut-out.

Pregnant Victoria tweeted: ‘OMG!!!! A visitor just arrived!!!! Guess who???? And now he is sunbathing… He took my sunbed.’

Last summer, the Canadian singer offered to perform a private concert for the Beckham boys if their father gave him private football tuition in exchange.

Bieber said: ‘I am sure he would do anything to make his three boys happy and if I am their favourite artist I would happily come and put on a private show at the Beckham household.

‘All I would ask for in return is that we go into his yard for an hour afterward and he teaches me all those crazy things he can do with a soccer ball.’

Popular in the Beckham household: David talking to the real Justin Bieber at a basketball game last October


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  • Terri

    HAHAHAHAHA! Who in the world could NOT love JB? I shudder to think ….


  • mimy

    la prima foto è fintaa ,justin è finto e si vedeeeee