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Jasmin Alvarez – If You Only Knew [Song for Justin Bieber]

This is Jasmin Alvarez (she is Blind) and a very talented young girl. This is her song this is her dream. Lets get together and try to make her dream come true. You can help by following her support twitter @biebsmeetjasmin and you can follow her @jasminalvarez1. Lets help make a difference. Thank you very, very, much….!

What a beautiful song. <3

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  • Josh

    First!! Wow Daisy, I lost a tear with this one :). Let’s hope we can help her get what she deserves. Joshie

    • Awww Josh you’re Sentimental Sally lol. Well thousands more will now know her video by the time today is over so maybe that could help.

  • kreshnik gigollaj

    we are the same i have got a song something like your’s we all love him Justin Bieber ehheehhee this is my email j_d_b@black-mind.com

  • jasmin

    my name is the same as jasmin’s and i also heart justin bieber

  • jasmin

    my name is jasmin 2!i also love justin bieber

  • alexis

    wow! this girl is amazing!! she is such an inspiration! i am not a fan of justin biebers but i respect him. i think its awesome she loves him by his music cause many girls get caught up in looks. jasmin is definitely someone to look up too! once i saw her on youtube, i became a fan right away! her voice is amazing ! she needs to meet justin so her dream comes true!!