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Justin Bieber arriving in Brisbane, Australia April 26, 2011

Justin Bieber arriving in Brisbane ahead of his Australian Tour on April 26, 2011.

They all missed Justin at the airport because his private jet used a private exit. Selena did not go to Australia with Justin.

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  • lora

    on dirai ke justin n’a pas froid !

    • Milane

      Pourquoi il aurait froid ? πŸ™‚

    • Milane

      Pourquoi aurait il froid πŸ˜€ ?

  • niki

    nice, but his pants. slightly larger heheh that’s ok love you JB———–justin.d.j.bieber@gg-army.us————love you JB

  • niki

    nice, but his pants. slightly larger heheh that’s ok love you ib call me or follow me —stonekg—- thank you see you love .

  • Jessica

    Hi, I don’t know who you are but your blog is awesome!!

  • Astrid

    And his AS tall as the other men. Cool πŸ™‚
    Love you Justin <3

  • Bieber's Baby

    Wow, I thought Selena would have stayed longer with him. Is this a sign?????

  • Don'tStopBeliebin'

    i love justin more than you. suckshit

    • AliceMelittaBIEBER

      why is it a competition for who likes him more?? i doesn’t matter lol
      we luv him soo much!

  • Sascha

    Does any of you know who this security guy with the grey hair is? so we all know kenny but who is this guy? he is always with him…

    • Emma Wiseman

      hey Justin Beiber how are you has your day having Fun when you coming back to Australia so I can go to your concert ?
      Love you Justin Beiber Fever

      Biggest Fans: Emma Wiseman, Maddy Byrnes Yazz Jansen Ellen Tuffley

  • Belieber

    awwwwwww poor Justin he looks tired and sad πŸ™ i think he is holding hes back cuz its hurting hope u feel better

  • AliceMelittaBIEBER

    naww i hope he recovers from his back injury!! He is performing in sydney tonight!!!!! Luv ya Justin! Alice xo

  • SamAussieBelieber

    I met Justin today at his concert!!!In Sydney,it was MAGICAL AND GORGEOUS!!!;D

  • Good day everyone, He is very beautiful
    God sent him down to earth (aha get it)
    and god told him to never say never, I’ll never let you go, my angel
    love me, preach me, help me teach others to help me and themselves
    I would gladly pleasure you, in my country
    love from yougoslavina, or you can just call me youga (:
    talk soon…

  • Jaimee

    Hi Justin I love you soooooooooooooo much and your soo amazing I have a story Made a poem about you they were nice don’t worry and my teacher asked if she could read it out and every one was laughing at me ands I was crying but everything that was said in the poem was true I was even sweatting on my palms I cry even when I see a picture of I love you sooooooooooo much jaimee I love you jusstinn

  • Alkira :)

    i dont think he should have performed if he was hurt like common hes only 17 just being on a world tour must b hard enough i can never imagian how hard it must b..

  • J.B girl

    it was awsome i seen J.B live

  • J.B love

    i love J.B i wanna be withh u

  • erika butler

    Poser that’s so not justin freak!!!!

  • maya.ognanova

    hello justin my name is maya