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Justin Bieber arriving in Sydney, Australia April 28, 2011

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  • Those girls just barreled down the security gate!

  • V

    ahaha i know! crazy

  • Anonymous

    what the heck was rebecca black doing at the end? lmfao xD
    but damnn, those beliebers, they’re more crazy than me ;D

  • Patricia

    Jesus Christ and I thought us American beliebers were crazy lol. But seriously that first video gave me a huge headache from all of the moving around. Was it really necessary to film themselves walking/running?

  • yo amo a justin bieber y algun dia sera mio

    • Promise

      do i know u

  • Grace


  • Promise

    I waz at the Justin bieber and he waz so hot and i waz on stage with him because he said there r a lot of hot girlz out here tonite and i m looking for a girl tonite to be on stage with him

    He got me flowers they were red roses and i took a picture with justin too so there are you all jelice of me i hope your not joks