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Justin Bieber is one step closer to becoming King of the Internet

One step closer to Lady Gaga

Just a few minutes ago Justin surpassed 9 million followers and tweeted


At this moment Lady Gaga, the reigning Queen of Twitter, has exactly 9,497,783 Little Monsters following her so Justin is less than half a million Beliebers away from becoming the King of Twitter.

Once he becomes the Most Followed person on Twitter, JB only has one last title left needed to become the undisputed King of the Internet since he has already conquered Youtube (Most Viewed Video) and Google (Most Searched Person). And that is to become the Most Liked Person on Facebook.

since we got #9millionbeliebers I wanted to give u all a gift. so here is a gif we made. THank You for EVERYTHING!

Enimen currently leads all with close to 34 million likes while Justin seems to be really picking up steam lately and has now surpassed 25 million likes since becoming famous less than 2 years ago.

Twitter is in the bag and I have no doubt he will also take over Facebook in less than 1 year from now.

Congrats Justin Drew Bieber on all your achievements!!

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  • bieber_stunna

    From kidrual to #9millionbeliebers(:

  • Bieber_stunna

    From kidrual to #9millionbeliebers 🙂

  • shelbylovesjdb

    hes amazing. he’s earned every follower! i love you justin drew bieber 🙂

  • BiebersLover06

    he’s amazing,wonderful,charming & he’s everything every girl has ever dreamed of! WE WILL NEVER STOP BELIEVING, LOVING AND SUPPORTING YOU JUSTIN BIEBER!!
    (pls… follow me on twitter.. BiebersLover06, T.Y.)