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Justin Bieber – PILLOW LOVE [Lyrics with NO Music]

I love you pillow
You are so sweet
And all I need other than the pillow
Is a nice sheet
I’ma go to sleep til the morning
And I will be tired
But right now I am so wired

Sounds like a future hit to me!

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  • This is very nicely design blog and yes Justin Bieber is my favorite star.


    wired 96.5 <3 my favorite station!

  • I think it is a big hit :p:p

  • “no,no your not”LOL

    • belb

      ino hes so cute! <3

  • Great Lyrics. I will this lyrics to all my friend. I love u Justin Bieber <3

  • Bieber_fever

    your sooo cute Justin !!! I love you heaps !!! im your #1 fan !!!! ive got bieber fever bad !!!!! by the way , this is a great song !!! love you heaps Justin !!!!!

  • Justin's Girl

    Actually I’m his number one fan. Every year I go to a thing called DMA which stands for dance masters of America and one of my teachers knows Justin Bieber. He said Justin’s a really great guy.

    • Sarah

      I hate it when people who fight over being Justin Bieber’a “number one fan”, like seriously, noone cares!

  • I love justin bieber. I love his song.

  • I love all your songs

  • belle

    I love justin bieber.