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Justin Bieber takes shirt off playing soccer/football in Madrid

If you look really really really closely, you might just see a burgeoning ab or two! Justin Bieber flashed some midsection while playing footie outside Madrid, while touring Spain. It’s Europe, not America so we’re going with football and not soccer, okay! Anywho … Bieberito being the showman that he is, couldn’t help playing up to the crowd by lifting his shirt. He got lucky here, because you know that could cause a riot, like the one he almost caused in Liverpool by just showing up.

But all is well and the Biebs is unharmed. Post-game, Justin tweeted, “just got done playing soccer aka (futbol) with @itsryanbutler” proving he came out unscathed. Take a gander at his athletic prowess in the gallery below, but only if you can handle it! [Photos: Splash News Online]


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