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Justin Bieber, the meteor that struck Belgium on March 30th, 2011

I don´t even need to mention that I´m a Belieber before I start to tell you the story about how Justin Bieber struck this little country called Belgium and caused chaos among people of all ages.

Part of my anxiety started last year when I bought my tickets to see Justin Bieber concert. I knew that since the minute I received an e-mail with the confirmations “Congrats your purchase of tickets to Justin Bieber concert at Sportpaleis 30/03/2011 has been confirmed” my mind wouldn´t let me rest thinking about this concert!

It may be hard for the North American and Canadian fans to understand this feeling, because they have Justin all year closer to them, and they can travel to a city close to the place they live where JB will perform eventually and have special contests to win signed CD, posters etc, that we don´t have here. But for us Belgian Beliebers this was the very first time we would see the boy that make girls go crazy, loose they´re minds, cry and get insane. I consider myself a Belieber, but I believe there are many types of Beliebers. The ones who freak out, that wanna marry him, be his girlfriends etc, and the ones like me that simply admire his music, his talent and his personality and somehow just want to have him as a friend.

For many, many years I and we (Belgian fans) have been following Justin on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, searching for any information about him, a new picture, a new performance that someone posted online, anything that could make us feel a little bit closer to him. And since Justin posted his first video, that´s all we have been doing. Besides that, we had dreams, and more dreams, dreams, dreams… day after day, month after month, years over years about the day he would come to Belgium. Sometimes even came to my mind to fly over to the UK when I heard he would be there. But then I thought, Belgium is so close to London, so why Justin can fly to there and not come here?

I saw he flying to the UK, to Germany, to France all them countries that surround Belgium, but he never came here. So I decided not to fly and I though I would wait till the day he would notice this little country made of chocolate and waffles to bless us with his show!

The months were running as fast as they could, we said bye bye to 2010 and here comes the new year, THE YEAR when I would attend a show of Justin Bieber , and yeah I was freaking out!

Time passed and now it´s March, only more 30 days to go and in my mind it seamed like FOREVER!!! I tried to keep positive, calm, but I admit, it was sooooooo hard! Every show he performed I searched for a video that someone posted, and I watched thinking that soon would be me there jumping on the rhythm of Baby…

Tic Tac, tic tac, one week left for the big day, by this time all I could think and talk about was this show, driving around the city listening to his CD, working singing his songs, counting the days like crazy!!! I swear that if I had to wait one more week I would have a heart attack.

One day I woke up and I thought OMG it´s March 30th, it´s the day, it´s today…and thank God that day I had to work because I couldn´t handle watch the clock moving so slow and get crazy counting the hours, it would be torture!

The hours passed, not fast but not so slow and it´s time to get ready for the show! I went on twitter to check on Justin and see what was going on, and I saw nothing much, probably he was at press conference and meet & greeting his fans.

Pausing a bit the story and talking about the meet & greet. Gsus, I entered all the contests that I could, made myself ridiculous on the street making videos to send and maybe win, but I didn´t win anything. If I´m not wrong it was about 10 contest I participated with no luck. I was about to cry, how can I have such a bad luck? It´s the first time in years that Justin come to Belgium and probably he wont come back so soon and I wont meet him, I wont say Hello, I wont have a picture or my book signed, I felt like the world was falling on my back. But then I stopped for a second and thought, at least I have my ticket and i´ll make this night special even if I wont be able to meet him.

So I was ready to go with my girlfriend, we stopped to grab something to eat and hit the road, direction; Sportpaleis!

From where I live it´s about a 20 min drive, and I was driving listening to his songs, freaking out ( I think I already said that I was freaking out a million times lol) but not so much because I had to pay attention on the road and 20 minutes later we were there, I could see the Sportpaleis while I was waiting to park my car.

Just when we stopped, the rain started. So there I was walking to the entrance on the rain looking at a “river” of Beliebers of all ages. And we waited, and waited about an hour on the rain for the doors to be open.

That´s it, I´m in, now I need to go to my sit and the stadium is already LOUD, not even half of the fans arrived and the noise was crazy! Now that I was on my sit I could breath…or not…lol

DJ Tay James was warming up the crazy Beliebers and I was even more nervous than all this months of waiting. The last 15 minutes were driving me crazy.

I didn´t know much what to expect, because when I started to be a fan of Justin he was still that little cute boy, a teddy bear with the hair on his face and a soft voice. But now he is 17 and he changed a lot, his hair, he grown up and his voice is deeper. OMB what it´s going to happened?

The count down started, 5…4….3….2…..1 and when Justin appears for his first song Love Me, among all that blue light and smoke I thought that if I breath harder my heart would jump out of my mouth. It was a mix of feelings, it was crazy, he was there…Justin Bieber in person…wow!!! Suddenly a lot of fans started to run to the front, standing up on the chairs to have a better view, it was crazy, the security couldn´t handle all those kids trying to get closer to they´re idol. Suddenly I see Kenny Hamilton, JB personal security running on the corridor talking with the Sportpaleis securities to put everyone on they´re sits. I think I saw Kenny running about 6 or 7 times to control everyone, and I swear his name should be changed to THE FLASH HAMILTON, God he was fast.

I never heard so much noise in all my life, some people were measuring the noise and said that at the time JB came on stage they counted 119dB that is louder than a Jet F16 ! That is LOUD!!! But I liked, I looked around and some people were using ears plug, most of them little children and parents. Sitting by my side there was a little girl with her Dad. She was so cute and so little that I wanted to lift her up so she could see better. She was very shy and only jumped on the song when I did too…lol I felt like her big sis.

Justin was looking great as always, with that white shining pants and jacket and the purple glasses, dancing and showing all his swag. I wasn´t in the first row but I was in the golden circle, so I had a great view.

Two of the greatest moments for me were; one when he jumped into that huge metal heart and came singing Favorite Girl over our heads, and I had the lucky to be exactly where the big heart stops in the middle of everyone, and there he stayed singing and I could look just into his eyes, see his smile and feel somehow special. And he threw his plectrum down, I almost could take it. It was funny to see everyone jumping to grab that little thing that was touched by Justin.

The other special moment it was when he came again on the middle of everyone to sing UP, and there was Kenny again running around to make sure Justin would be safe. During his song he threw a towel to Kenny but the Beliebers got crazy wishing they could grab it!

It´s so hard to explain the feeling and mention the most special moments of the show, because everything was so good, I love all the songs and Justin is a great entertainer. I loved the special effects on the song Never Say Never, with all the fire coming from the ground and JB just in the middle of it, he really looked like a bad ass guy! And during Down To Earth he sounded like an angel, showing all the emotion on the voice and disappearing between the smoke!

It was funny when he came back on stage for his last moments, saying we were very loud and as always getting ready to his close up song with that joke asking what do we want to hear! And of course all the 10.000 fans present screamed with no hesitation BABY. And Justin pretends not to understand, and everyone goes again and again BABYYYY, every time louder and louder… and he “o yeah, one less lonely girl, ok ok, they want one less lonely girl”…he start to sing and stop “ wait wait, I already did that, I did that song” and suddenly he starts to sing Pray acoustic and in the chorus he stops to sing and you could hear so loud the fans singing, I had goosebumps. The rest I´m sure you all know what happened, he came and sing Baby, everybody goes crazy, jumping like they wanna touch the sky. I jumped too, to a lot of songs, I sung, and I felt so good. But I knew that was the last song, it was about to end and I just wanted that song to last forever, but it didn´t!

But I loved the show, not only Justin but all the people involved, the musicians, the people working backstage, making the lights look perfect I tip my hat to them! I did not meet Jutsin and his crew as I dreamed of, but they gave me a show better than I could ever dream of!!! I think everyone should have the chance even if it´s once in they´re lives to attend a Justin Bieber concert, it will chance you forever.

Thank you so much Justin and everyone involved in this concert for giving me wonderful memories that i´ll keep forever in my purple heart!

Never Say Never
Natasha Bielinski

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  • Bruneian Belieber

    i cried when i read this.. how lucky u all are.. at least u got the chance to go to his concert.. i wished n wish he’ll be here soon though i know its really impossible.. OMB :'(

  • Leah

    OMG i cried so much hoping for you to grant your dreams 😀 but when i found out you got in im so Happy For You 😀