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jeremybieber pattiemallette kissing

Pattie and Jeremy kiss on stage during Tel Aviv, Israel concert

Awww. It’s so good that they have such a good bond after their divorce contrary to the reports I have been reading.

UPDATE: Maybe it wasn’t a kiss after all.

Jeremy tweeted:

And to clear up the confusion sorry all it was a whisper “) love Pattie tho but still just my friend!

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  • asia scott

    awww how sweet it looks like they are back together

  • Terri

    Hmmmm …. wonder if it was just a “friendship” thing?

    • Spiya

      You don’t kiss friends.. especially different gendered friends! Not to be rude or anything, just saying.

  • emz

    isn’t he married… or did he divorce her? :/
    btw they are soo good together <3

  • Terri

    I thought she was dating some really hot guy ….

  • ccccccc

    They didnt kiss…she was talking into his year because it is really loud on stage

    • Stanger

      Hey Guys. JELENA is only for Publicity. Be over it. Justin’s exes knows all of this. And Jasmine, Caitlin and Shay confirmed all of this. Lmaoo.. And oh, even chaz and ryan thinks that Justin is changing becoz of Selena..
      Selena’s show in Disney is done coz she’s 18 now. so She needs Fame.So Selena’s mom, which is her manager called scooter for this to happen..Everything they do is SCRIPTED. she s using Justin. Thats it!
      HOLLA! I know this coz i know it. No buts’ no ifs’. Just believe THIS!
      If u dont. Ure lost!
      U dont have an idea who I am 🙂
      Peace out. SWAG

      • umm how do u know this? are u selenas mom or r u selneas sister or one that scripted this?

        • Kate

          wow “Stranger” really u need to get your facts straight before u talk !

        • i agree with kate and u dont no this u r just guessing or start somthing so leave it alone !

  • mrs.bieber

    they are not dating jeremy was whispering in patties ear

    • Ms.SELENA


  • Aniestin


  • Justin's Favorite Girl

    His dad tapped on his shoulder and he was about to get….dksjfksdhfsdjfksdj….(like mad)….and he turned around and saw his mom and dad…btw it was a whisper.

  • jessica

    thats funny it really looked like a kiss 🙂

  • #MalindaaLuvsYhu

    Awwhh! Justin You Have A Gorgeous Mother (=

  • awwww justin that must of been awesome for u <3 😀