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Selena Gomez spotted with ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas

Selena Gomez has been spotted “hanging out” with her ex-boyfriend, Nick Jonas, despite being in a relationship with teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber.

While the Biebster may have landed in Israel ahead of his My World gig in the country, his girlfriend Selena has been seen with the Jonas Brothers star, who she dated back in 2010.

If being snapped with her ex wasn’t enough, the Wizard’s Of Waverly Place actress has also gushed about Jonas to BOP magazine, claiming that he is “a lovely guy.”

The 18-year old revealed: “I try to be a good person and a good friend to people. That’s something that’s very important to me. Nick is a very good friend. He’s a lovely guy, we’re good friends and I enjoy his company!”

We wonder what JB would make of that! Selena and Nick’s meeting has fuelled reports that she has decided to “cool things” with Justin, after the National Enquirer claimed that she had dumped Bieber – something that was later strongly disputed.

In other Selena Gomez related news, her rep has confirmed pop princess Britney Spears HAS written a track for the star, which will feature on Selena’s new album in June.

The spokesperson did not announce the name of the Spears penned tune, but Ace Showbiz has previously reported that the track is called Whiplash.


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    that is photo shopped… seriously hahaha

    • The picture is real I think but old. The report is new.

      • Pay attention to the report!

        Ok, the picture is fake and old, but I agree with Daisy, seriously pay attention to the report.

        • Ames

          and you see it by his shoulder!!

      • Anonymous

        i know right

  • truebelieber

    that picture is fake :S

    • Anonymous


      • Rayan shuman

        Which pic is fake and and it is not fake

  • Em

    HAHAH! Thats sooo fake! (the picture)

    Everyone can see that, right?!

  • BeliebInTheBiebs

    Does anybody realize how old that picture looks?!

  • RAY

    Uhhhh that pic is from for ever ago i mean look at nicks hair im pretty sure it doesnt look like that anymore

  • Belieber

    real fake! can look at the flash of the camera on their faces, its different.. this fake pics got real fake stupid person who only want to fool her fans n the belieber.. whos with me?

    • amantha

      yes i agree this pic is fac and even that they are realy cute together

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, the pic is old.. but maybe they couldnt find the new picture yet.. i saw it today. :L

  • Omg I am so happy bc even if Justin and Selena didn’t break up if he finds out he will be pissee and single again and date someone else I dont want to be mean but I just never really was a bog fan of selena

  • toni

    what a FLIRT!

    • scissorsluv

      seriously :):):):)

      • i think they’re great together but who knows maybe the pic is old but justin is dating a newgirl too

        • sexy101

          justin bieber is such a jerk.Whoever likes him i am sorry for them

  • selena Gomes is a 2boyfriend timer.

  • steffi marina

    I hate…

  • Seriously, people.

    Seriously, people. The picture may be old and photoshopped but the report is new. Pay attention to the article itself, not how fake the picture looks.

    • ajay badoni

      selena who is your new boyfriend

      • Milane

        Justin Bieber ! She’s in love with him …

        • what the freak i thought selena and justin was suppuse to be going together

        • Anonymous

          ha ha poo poo face

    • i came back here you and this web site is the only one can acceppt me online right now , and to say im so dispointment just in selena gomez this day,s love david b conway

  • That’s so sweet.Let her break up with JB.JB IS THE BIGGEST LOSER ON EARTH.

    • Ames

      well not the biggets i mean i’m al littlebit fan of him but still break up with him i mean taylor lautner is way more better he is soooooo cute <3,3<3,<3,<3:)

  • Anonymous

    its cute <3

  • I’m like toni what a flit and its crazy

  • Hi! I m Zhanerke My from is Kazakstan!

  • me

    fame chaser!

  • samantha

    look jakson leave them alone because realy they look
    very very cute together even they are not together now give them a chance to become together

  • liliy

    that is a fake pictute

    • sexy101

      your telling the truth

  • jose

    that picture is not real you can tell



  • Ames

    ja selena 1 van de 2. niet allebij!!
    yes selena 1 of the 2. not both!!
    but i’m still you’re biggest fan ever!!!

  • Ames

    great picture wel al you’re pictures ar great 🙂

    • Ames

      🙂 letterly all:):):)

  • scissorsluv

    and i tought i was stupiiidddd:):)

  • scissorsluv

    whoever is reading this go on aaliyah and find me on facebook

  • scissorsluv

    sup ames if u get this write back :):):):):)

  • scissorsluv

    i am a girl so don’t worry about anything

    i feel like cryin :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    • scissorsluv


  • scissorsluv


  • scissorsluv

    :S:S:S :L:L:L <3<3<3

  • scissorsluv


  • scissorsluv

    What the F#CK i can’t believe they got a pic with justin bieber totally naked.:L:L:L:L

  • Anonymous

    Well…. It does

  • Patience

    Yeah they do look cute 2gether

    • Patience

      why does it matter to u he not even with u.

  • bella

    justin i love you so so so so so so so so much piease date miley cyrus she is so pretty sh


  • bella

    justin i love you so so so so so so so so much you are so pretty and please date miley cyrus she is so pretty

  • abby

    well,justin i hate hate hate you in agood way..let selena go out with nick..they’re perfect 2gether…pls……….

  • Anonymous

    selena gomez my friend and i look like u

  • Anonymous

    hey selena gomez yuo are so petty in your picture

    • Anonymous

      hey selena gomez you are so pretty in your pictures u are preey

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber is cheding on u because he was with kim kardashin ok but u are steel pretty(;

  • luana vitoria

    a selena mari gomez e o nick jonas são um casal perfeitoo mas a miley destruiu o amor da selena e do nick

  • ziuiziziz7

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody like selena gomez’s hair because i do.

  • elies

    is the picture is fake or not i don’t care
    but if selena will leave it would be very good

  • elies

    please chose a girl who is younger than u or at ur age an d it would be a diva as u r a male diva and 1thing i just hate selena

  • AJAY

    i hate justin bieber

  • Hannah pullen

    Hannah pullen
    sorry Nick justin selena NO crazy him stinhreak up him Nick
    Hannah pullen LOVE kess me Nick see you me to bt

  • Hannah pullen

    Hannah cool love kess mt nick see you me to bt

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