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Austin Mahone – Never Let You Go [Justin Bieber Acoustic Cover]

For some of you Austin Mahone lovers (I’m looking at you Marissa!)

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  • viki

    I LOVE U AUSTIN ur amazing !!!plss follow me on twitter –@VikiPiotrowska !!! plss xxxx XD

  • Austin your are goin to be the next ‘Justin Bieber’ !!!!! :)) yayy! loved the song<3. Follow me on twitter(: @TakinByBieber and if u have a facebook add me as a friend pleas(:

  • Chelsea

    Forever a Mahomie!

  • i love you justin bieber i miss

  • Alicia

    To Austin

    Where do I begin?
    Firstly, I’d like to say how amazing you are, and how much I personally love your music. You would have to be one of the most influential teenagers of this generation. To have the motivation and will power to stand out against all others, and continue with your passion of singing is what I adore the most about you. You teach others to follow their dreams and to never give up on anything you adore, because if you try hard enough, you can achieve anything you want too.
    I found out about you from a Justin Bieber fan page, all the way down under here in Australia. Yes, you really do have fans like me down here! Maybe this means you should pay us a visit down here soon? :)I think it’s incredible how you look up to Justin personally, and strive to be like him in the future.
    I, like many others have so much faith, and believe in you that much, that I believe you will be like him in the future. You definitely deserve all the fame and gratitude you receive, as you have some of the most amazing talent that I have never seen before. You should be so proud of everything you’ve achieved so far.

    My absolute dream is to meet you, and tell you all of this in person. Hopefully one day my dreams will come true.

    You stand tall and rise above all others and I wish you the very most of good luck for the future, and your future career.

    With lot’s of love,
    Alicia Fama.
    P.s I look forward in seeing you down here in Australia soon! xx

  • hi

    • carly


      • Anonymous

        hey waz up

      • faisal

        hiii 🙂

  • danielle

    hey austin first i find you super hot and a amazing singer but one question would you date a fat person..

    • Jordan

      noone is fat ppl just are built diffrent 🙂

      • Jessie

        I agree(;

  • mizz bieber

    i love him!!!!!! <3

    • Emmee

      i love him too

  • MJ

    AMAIZING !!! I can also sing like him !! REALLY !! not kidding …. 😀

  • i love you!!!!!!!!!!you sing so good and your so hot

  • aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh he’s sooo cuteee :)))))))

  • Emmee

    i love love austin mahone and Justin Bierber

  • Emmee

    me and austin mahone kiss

  • Emmee

    on the lips

  • Emmee

    and justin kiss me on the lips

  • carly


  • mercedes

    that a lie he would never do that too you

  • love you lots

    hey austin one question do you have a girlfriend and why do you look like justin bieber?????????????????????????