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Jason Chen & Ahmir – Next 2 You [Cover]

Wow all these guys that do covers regularly all seem to know each other. The other day I posted the Next 2 You cover by J Rice. Jason Chen has been featured here before. And now Jason has teamed up with Ahmir to do their own cover.

If you can remember from last year, Ahmir and J Rice did what I think is the best Justin Bieber cover ever:

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  • Patricia

    Wow they’re really good 🙂 I like it.

  • Yo sup nice to meet you guys that 1 person singing is good awsome job you sound like me

  • gabby togs

    this is sick (good way)

  • jennifer

    awww they both hav there girls thats sweet that they want to be next to them until the end:)i hope i meet somebody like that:)love u justin and chris!!

  • Rebekah

    LOVE BIEBER!!! Justin Bieber Town population: ME AND JUSTIN BIEBER

  • I am a big fan of you