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Justin Bieber Billboard Music Awards Pictures

justin bieber selena gomez taylor swift billboard awards

42 more pictures here

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  • camilla

    that billboard award is really creepy


    slutty outfit selena,,,,

    • Kristin

      lol…you think thats slutty?….

      Selena and Justin are adorable…be happy for them, please. Justin is such a hard working person and if Selena makes him happy then so be it. At least he’s happy. If he wasn’t happy, he wouldn’t be making all of his millions of fans happy either…

      • Bieberlover

        no shes right, slutty outfit selena

        • Belieber

          you guys are right!!! slutty outfit

        • best belieber

          u r rite she is looking like a slutty witch but justin looking awesome as always love u bieber hate u gomez love u taylor

        • Kristin

          how old are you guys?
          go look at every girls prom dresses….they look the exact same as that, with the slits in the side.

          that doesn’t mean it slutty hah.
          im sure when you guys are 18 you’ll be wearing the same kind of stuff

        • ban

          kristin u r soo right!! grow up u guys!! :O my sis wore one of those dresses but it doesnt mean she’s a slut!!

    • bieberfan

      she was gorguse ilh and jb they are perfect for each other

    • Kait

      That is a beautiful dress and Justin and her seem very happy don’t be hating on her just because your not as awesome as them

    • idontreallycare

      yeah ur right


  • Carolyn

    notice he’s barely touching Taylor Swift & hes really grabbing Selena!

  • erin bieber

    why is the award creepy?

  • V

    selena and justin make a really goodlooking couple! & that dress is so hot on her!

  • Princess

    OMG, Justin so Handsome in that award!!!
    And Selena so Hot!!! XD

  • Tooja

    OMG ! justin look at u now how much u grew up u look so handsome and im really happy 4 u :’) im so proud keep it up #BEAST and selena and taylor look really pretty <3<3<3 and jelena haters i appreciate that u hate selena but can u at least respect her and be happy 4 justin look how happy he is with her so so so sweet

  • Terri

    he’s so absolutely GORGEOUS!! They do look really happy. If she’s faking it then she is a good actress. Taylor is an AMAZON! Good grief she’s tall!

  • jussstttiiinnn

    guys…no durr hes gonna be grabbing selena more than taylor. he IS going out with her first of all. second, he IS NOT going out with taylor, so grabbing her that much would be disrespectful/innapropriate.
    Also, not so much slutty…its called grown up. nice job epic fails.

  • Belieber

    Oh yeah we both fucked Taylor Lautner but look at my new one..fukcin bitch this selena -.- omg

    • this is not selena u retard u r just a JELENA hater if any of u r then……………I F****** HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! ITZ NOT LIKE JUSTIN WILL DATE YOU AND THE WHOLE F******* WORLD WILL BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT???!!!!!!! F******* GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shes showing more skin now that shes with justin

  • i love justin .b. i am the bigest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hi justin bieber im a huge fan and i think that you are hotttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kayana

    sluty outfit selena/ have u seen rihanna and brintny .why are u guys such haters

  • marah

    i ame go to justin biber .com

  • marah

    go ti nant farm

  • justin my life not that good can you help me my dad got shot your music keep me praying like your song praying

  • i love you marry me i am 8 how old are you i will come to see you in may to herar you sing boyfriend cant wait

  • Sabna

    Selena is such a copycat. Taylor is gorgeous. Hate u Selena Luv u Taylor!

  • ayesha kanwal

    i like justin bieber and sleena gomes so much. oh they look so amazing together