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Justin Bieber Boxing Match


“Me killing this other kid in boxing” – Justin Bieber

Woah he’s really giving it to the guy.

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  • Peeeep

    This is not JB (:

    • Anonymous

      Yes, this is definitely Justin Bieber having a boxing match. This video was originally posted on May 2, 2009. Feel free to ask Justin himself on his Twitter account!

  • jb

    Justin is left handed.. that’s not him

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it positively is him. Justin posted the video on his own channel, but then swiftly removed it. If you have software which can brighten the image, as I do, you will see that it is definitely Justin!

    • Anonymous

      Use software to brighten the picture, as I did. It IS Justin, trust me!

  • Patricia

    This doesn’t surprise me cause remember how Justin wrote in his book that his dad is a professional fighter and taught him how to fight to protect himself against school bullies. Wow he’s really good.

  • Patricia

    Thats not him…. xD

  • Anonymous

    This isnt Justin