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justin bieber selena gomez 2011 texas

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez leaving Pappasito’s restaurant in Texas

Justin and Selena were spotted at Pappasito’s last night for dinner in Arlington, Texas.

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  • Debbie

    so cute. I remeber the pictures from therelast dinner: SHE WAS CRYING! now they two look so happy! JELENA FOREVER, ♥

    • Aniestin

      she was??? which one was that?

    • Hayleigh Bieber

      Yah I don’t rember!!

      • Nikki

        me either

    • uhhmmm justin is a hottty i want to date him in selena is a ugly girl she is the worst thing ever in they are not a good couple they are ugly to together it is funny when selena cryed

  • GabbyLovesBieber

    To all Beliebers who don’t like Selena Gomez for dating “your man”: Picture this. You meet Justin Bieber, and you two fall in love. You decide to go on a romantic vacation together, and you kiss. Since the paparazzi captures every second of Justin Bieber’s life, the pic is soon blown all over the internet. A few hours later, you log onto Facebook or Twitter or MySpace or whatever, and you see hundreds of death threats from angry fans. How would you feel? Pretty awful, right? So, why make Selena suffer this? Reconsider next time you want to unleash your anger towards such a great person, OK?

    • Jelena 4Ever

      Yess,,, you’r right………..I totally agree with u!!! Let them be happy ..! Let them be Jelena !!!!

    • JelenaRoxs101

      You are soo right!! They are Cute!!! If fans want him to be happy,they should back off and let him be happy with Selena.Gosh.

    • Monica Phillips

      i agree with gabbylovesbieber! you can’t be getting mad @ somethin that is meant to be

      • abby

        uhm sorry but you guys dont know if their meant to be, justin had 5 girlfriends selena had 3 boyfriends and theirs gonna be more just because they seem happy doesn’t mean their meant to be hahaha

        • taketwo

          You’re the type of person that can spoil a good party by your negative attitude. You don’t know if they’re meant to be either. Just because both of them have had other relationships and they didn’t work out does not mean this one won’t. Each relationship is different. I’m sure you’ve had your share of relationships. It’s their lives so let them live it like they want to. They don’t need this extra negative attention from someone that doesn’t know how their relationship is.

        • Anonymous


        • carlie

          i dont agree with that……cause they are meant to be together!SO SHUT UP WITH ALL OF YOUR GOSSIP WITH JUSTIN BIEBER AND SELENA GOMEZ……..THEIR SO CUTE……..!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP MAKING FUN OF SELENA CAUSE SHE JUST GOT OUT OF THE HOSPITAL………………!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nioosha

      wow!!!thanks,u made it easy for me not type all of that in this site,cuz i am a HUGE selena fan and i have no prob about jelena being together. i mean who r we kidding they look super,duper,beyond cool and cute together, i don’t get all the threats and stuff, but it really is nice seeing ppl like me who still care about being polite and realistic.

    • Patricia

      How do you know she’s such a great person? To me she seems like a fake bitch. The only people who like jelena are selena fans. I’ve always hated her. I will never support this fake, publicity relationship.

      • taketwo

        To me it sounds like you’ve got a personal problem. Nobody really cares what you think. People will call you stupid and by commenting what you did it proves them right.

    • mira

      yes , i agree !!

    • Nikki


      • Chelsie Bieber

        Your soo right im sooooooo SICK of ppl always hating on Selena now just cuz they are dating…..alot of ppl tht likes Selena dont like her anymore just cuz they are dating. I think its cute that them two are dating they are such a GREAT couple!!!!!!!!!! And the BEST thing is is that they are both very happy together thats all that matters!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 <3 I love Jelena!!!!!!!!!!!

    • michaela

      i can’t believe Selena and Justin are together they are the worst couple i have ever seen and i have nothing against selena exept for she is with my man and i just read an article about Selena and she is talking about having babies with him they are WAY to young and selena is starting to remind me of a hoe hoe my gosh!

  • Kim

    Just wanna let u know that ur website is amazing!!!! I look at it everyday and there’s always new things. Good job !

  • Debbie

    I agree with you all! SUPPORT JELENA! ♥

    • ellysuportsjelena

      me to

  • Anonymous

    i got one question and one question only,have they done the thing lol .They make such a good couple and just curious!!

    • anon

      technically they can’t and that’s considered illegal lol because she’s 18 which means she’s an adult and he’s 17 which means he’s still a minor.i’m pretty sure it’s illegal for them to .. do it.. haha but i’m not sure.

      • JBLOVER123

        not really………it’s not illegal cause he’s almost 18….but she’s almost 19 and it really doesn’t matter cause their a year apart and their in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • randomgirl

    good for them.

  • Sascha

    Does anybody know who Justins security is, who is driving the car? We all know Kenny but this guy is always with him as well and I don’t know who he is…

    • Aniestin

      the guy with the white hair is his body guard too, kenny i guess just isnt there

    • Anonymous

      No, nobody does. I have a strong suspicion he’s British though and if that’s the case he is ex British military. He seems very professional and like he knows exactly what’s going at all times. Not that Kenny isn’t, but Kenny is just as famous as Bieber now so it must be hard to sign stuff and protect Bieber at the same time. There is a blog dedicated to Justins other bodyguard on tumblr which is freaking hilarious!! Fuckyeahbieberswhiteguy.tumblr.com


      • camilla

        oh my gosh!!! thank u so much! i had asked bout the white guy to every single belieber (k not thats impossible) and nobody tells me nothing….. i just saw the tumblr and YEAH its FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!! JB SHRINE should make a note too!! hahahaha just saying!

  • I wished to dating someone right now like Dakota Fanning or Taylor Swift… But i’ll use Justin Bieber’s Advice That i have 5 giant posters of justin bieber in my room in at the grouphome in King Edward Park in Edmonton Alberta

  • javi

    this is good he’s saying hi and not like the last time on his birthday when he was fliping the bird thats a good sighn good.

  • sara

    i was there last night for my birthday. before i could even ask for a picture one of his entourage started SCREAMING “NO NO NO GET OUT RIGHT NOW” and 5 fat security guards lead me out. i’m really dissapointed. justin was right there. i can’t believe he didnt stick up for his fan.

    • Jeslyn :]

      fucked up yo if i where you I would have jumped him

    • elly

      i would be too and mabe next time

  • Anonymous

    I love you why aer you going ot with salena gomez she is not hot I am hoter then her

  • Ariana

    I love you becaes you are hot. But why are you going ot whiht salena gomez she is not hote I am hoter then her cane I get your neber justin you are cut rigt

    • taketwo

      Because Selena knows how to spell and write.

      • michaela

        shut up take two do you have a phone guess not cuz u dont no txt talk and what if its a little girl dont be so judgemental!

    • michaela

      is that you ariana madison

  • elly

    Justin i love your song up

  • elly

    who cares who’s hotter if it was my opinion i would say i’m hotter than both of you

  • i love justin bieber

    AWWWWW!!!!!! there so cute together in the car and justin hes so funny hes all like peace out LOL!! AND SELENA SHES SO HAPPY WITH HIM AWWW!! oh one thing i love justin bieber and selena gomez.

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  • this not a true love. they pose all the time. Paps have sooo personal phots of jelena. well they didnt find them alone. someone gived them. it was 100% justin. Sorry but thats the truth!

  • 1 beleiber

    We love them!!!

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  • justin bieber and selena gomez are the cutest couple in the world and all the haters who dont care need to shut your mouth because if you dont care why do you look on these websites and post commments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????? because i <3 jelena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont let the haters get to you selena because your amazing and awesome and im so happy for you and i <3 justin to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so amazing and i love his music and is the best thing in the world next to are saviour god

  • he is perfect in every way. Don’t take selena away from him. if you love something, set it free. set justin bieber free to be with selena, because i love him, even though i know that he loves selena, so let him <3

  • i agree but it’s not right to hate on selena gomez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • michaela

    jastin i lob yu and i am sax yaers old can yoi lob me bac

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  • Anonymous

    they sure love the cameras!

  • i love justin bieber justin bieber call or selena gomez call5709712114

  • every one should love selena gomez and justin bieber i sawe a video that was mean to justin bieber

  • natali

    justin love