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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez show their love at LAX airport

JUSTIN Bieber and Selena Gomez didn’t bother to hide their love for each other at LA’s airport.

“They are so cute together,” a source told Pop Eater.

“They cut the line right in front of me in first class and were holding hands and giggling. I saw they were so in love it made me smile. Ah, young love, nothing is more beautiful.

“You forget how young they both are until you see them up close.

“It looks like he hasn’t started shaving yet. His skin is as perfect as hers. But one thing is for sure, they certainly were not trying to hide the obvious fact they are a couple.”


They are heading off on a vacation together. Said a close source:

“After working their asses off, they’ve carved out some serious time to hang out. They’re taking a well-deserved break together.”


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  • Anonymous

    can u date me too

    • Lerosha Lee


    • Emily


  • Aww they’re so cute <3

  • Awhhhhyou guys are so… cute together and Anonymouse or whoever you are… No he’s happy with Selena and as long as he’s happy then you should be too! <3

    • JelenaSupporter

      i agreeread my comment v down there

  • Patricia

    I do NOT support jelena in any way. selena is a famewhore who’s using him to get publicity for her movie and tour. Justin deserves better than her.

    • ashley

      i like both but not together i think it is a publicity stunt setup by managers so they r not really dating

    • I totally agree with you! I only support half of Jelena and that’s the “J”. I think this is all publicity but unfortunately for Justin i think he has developed feeling and she’s going along with it. Before him she was just another singer and now she is all people can talk about! Sorry Justin but shes not meant for you!

  • Selena

    i am disappointed from selena to selena thats y name dnt use him mangers set u up

  • bobo justin bieber

  • If he is happy we should be happy too

  • JelenaSupporter

    Leave them alone Justin has finally found a girl that loves him baq and death threats to selena is just gonna ruin it and then he will go to deep depression then he probaly will give up his career HE LOVES THIS GIRL! stop ruining it by hurting selena just cuz u probaly want justin to pop in ur room and propose duh he is 17 he’ll find his way

  • Anonymous

    Selena looks like shes thinking something evil! #LOL

    • Anonymous

      so she does haha LOL