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justin bieber dougie 2011

Justin Bieber – Teenage Dougie Love Dream (REMIX)


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    LOL the end picture <3

  • Terri

    LOVE IT. He’s got some dayum sexy moves ….

  • Patricia

    What is the name of the song after the la lalalala at 0:36 ?

  • team biebs forever

    HE IS AN AMAZING DANCER! he was incrediable at his concert as well

  • Patricia

    Cool video. He’s so sexy.

  • Nice video

    • Anonymous

      kk aku cita kau love

  • masoor ali pak

    love you justin bieber

    • Anonymous

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  • aprilian

    Hey justin you are so handsome

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    you are just amazing to me
    love you!

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  • irgi

    it’s so amazing …….

    • glorya

      yeah thats true (:

  • glorya

    its a nice video (:

  • You are my inspiration…

  • Justin ur very lucky ur voice awesome biber vh 1 get with it lady gaga justin mileycrus kesha pitbull rihana kettyperry ur all rocking Selena gomez is very very special and lucky i would never say never

  • uni_shebi

    what the heaven you are :*

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  • Elisabeth

    cool remix <3

  • KellySpan

    Y love that remix and i love JB sooooooo much

  • KellySpan

    just love JB and he music

  • Sailin

    i love him

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