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Pictures of Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez at Ernie Halter Concert

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Ernie Halter pics 2011

Selena and Justin getting very cozy at Ernie Halter’s concert last night in Costa Mesa, California.

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  • I hate selena gomez

    selena is such a bitch I hate her such a shame cant wait till they break up
    she is such a user 🙁

    • izza abbasi

      just shut ur crapxx therez no need to criticise selena first luk at this justin bieber!!!!! arghhhhhhhhh!!!!

    • shenay

      GET OVER YOURSELF. Selena is an amazing person and she has amazing talent. Her and JB are happy so shutyourpiehole.

      • Selena Marie Gomez

        hater’s pls dont get mad at me i really love justin and i will never break up with him and plz stop getting mad at us 🙂

        • Anonymous



        • Haters will be haters. i don’t like their relationship, but come on, do yhu want justin to be sad & alone? i didn’t think so. We’re all supposed to be his fans & right now, i bet he’s SO disappointed in us. You all said that yhu’ll be his fan from the beginning to the end. what about now? Yall didn’t say that Caitlin Beadles or Jasmine Villegas was a bitch, whore, slut. Get over it & stop acting two-faced(:
          Sincerely, A TRUE jb fan(: Shatyron Katese Baker

        • samantha

          oh sorry selena!!!but we can’t!!!

        • samantha lamb

          Justen I have alwaysed loved you. I was hopeing you could call me.

          676 _2425

      • samantha

        what an amazing person?!you know she is a big loser?a very big LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR of all…

        • Thank u…she is ugly…and it wont last long anyways!!!!! JBs smarter than that…he wont stay with her!!!!

        • samantha

          yeah,she is so ugly…and SHE IS DUMB!!!very!!!yckeee!!!eeeewwww!!!

    • SamAussieBelieber


      • tiara

        well this is a justin bieber fansite so if he is dating selena thats what they are going to do and your acting like this is a selena fansite so primarely there are going to be alot of people talking about selena cause again this a justin fansite so you cant tell them to gat out of here samaussiebieber. another thing i get how yall are saying shes an amazing person but i just cant seem to like her , its just something about her

        • PINK IS RIGHT!!

          I totally agree with you Tiara…..something about Selena really bothers me, but I can’t put my finger on it…but I know that a couple of things she’s done annoyed the hell out of me…

          …Like how she always talked condescendingly of Justin on tv shows, saying he’s “little”, and “a dork”, and “like a brother”, but since he’s become MORE AND MORE FAMOUS, and has garnered MANY award nominations, and gained a few inches in height, now she’s eaten her words…she just seems so fake. I think she’s really pretty, but she seems like a Miley Cirus wannabee, the way she tries to perform, but is all stiff, and dresses like she’s going to a prom during performances. She just seems sooo overrated as a performer/singer/actress, and only gets attention cause of her looks and now for dating Justin.

          Anyway, I’m glad Justin’s happy, but I wish he was with someone more authentic….we’ll see how long they last…

        • JB's girl

          I agree so much. She dated Nick when the Jo Bros were big then Taylor when Twilight came out then Nick again when he released his new album and now Justin, give it a few months She’ll find someone new.

      • Mrs.Bieber

        Yah I totally agree the ONLY reason they r doing that is because they r jealus they r not dating Justin!!!I don’t think Justin’s fans need to bring them aprat!

      • samantha

        no……you get out of here…and i,i,iiiiiiiiiiii,really really angry of your saying because you let their get out…and were not bitch and idiots…you’re only…

    • Mrs.Bieber

      No she isn’t u shoud not say that about someone!!

    • Anonymous

      Seleena is such a total loser

    • Nikole

      You know what you need to be quite haters of course alot of people like justin but i mean its crazy to get mad at selena for that i mean yes i do like justin and im not saying that i like them dating but any justin bieber fans wouldnt like it either but he’s just a teenager all tenagers wana have a normal life to some point if they really like each other and if you really like justin bieber you would let him be happy do you think he likes you criticizing his girlfriend think of justins feelings too.!!!!!!!

      • sara

        stop!if you like JB and you don’t like selean than you don’t like Justin
        family. I like them both.
        It is ok if Justin is in love with selean.

    • juliet

      Wat do think u people are talking about I luv selina she’s d perfect girl for justin,wat do u know,fools

      • Teresa

        Heys not her type………and they never see each other…………AND he cheated on her(that should b me;)))))))))

    • Carla

      i 100% AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • anno

        me tooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        she is such a user!!!!!!

    • mitxchi

      hey!!! selena is not like that!!

    • Anonymous

      hahaha…selena is a big loser very!!!i know you all are jealous…you all…

    • samantha

      i don’t care in their date it’s a stupid you know…

    • Anonymous

      u suck

      • michaela

        You people are mean

  • she so lucky!!!!!so much

    • Nikole

      She is lucky very lucky!!

  • LILO

    She is a Bitch!!!!!!

    • shenay

      you’re a bitch.

      • SamAussieBelieber


        • tiara

          no your a bitch becuase do you notice your just cursing out everybody so shut up and if we dont like selena thats just who we dont like that doesnt mean we are a bitch. im sure you dont like somebody and do you get called a fucker and a bitch for speaking your mind

  • Great this is why I didn’t want Justin’s tour to end because of Selena using him more! UGH I can’t wait till they break up also!



    • Anonymous

      dis agree selena is not useing him soo shut the fuck up u jealouse BITCH!!!!!!!!

      • Um make me. Oh yeah that’s right u can’t so u shut up..

        • Jeslyn :]

          @BieberFan LMAFAO!!!! i love how you said that she can’t make you shut up because she doesn’t know where you live!!!!!!
          ps.totally agree hate her to she faker than plastic

        • JB's girl

          hahahaha both of you are right.

    • Selena Marie Gomez

      well we r not going to break up he loves me ok 🙂

      • selina fan

        you guys make such a great cuple and
        i love u selena im your bigggggeeeesssttt fan

      • Go get yhur man gurl(:

      • Nikole

        Im so sorry selena the way there acting I cant comment because I dont know you and whoever doesn’t like justin any more because of this you are all being loosers I would still do anything to meet justin and SELENA dont know if i will ever have the chance to but i hope i can someday and im very happy for you and selina!!!

        NIKOLE 🙂

  • Sheisafamemonster

    It looks so awkward. It’s SO FAKE! She is only smiling because she can see the cameras, and getting attention makes her =D

    • tiara

      totally agree if theres not cameras shes pissed off but people say justin has changed but havent you noticed that shes changed alot since she first started because i used to love her but now shes not the same little goofball she used to be

  • Anonymous

    she iz a bitch

  • Bea


  • Carla.Bieber.©. xoxox

    NO HATEE!! But they’re just not good together :/
    Follow me on TWITTER??

  • Aili


  • annie

    i frickin love selena. i have never loved someone more than i love justin. the two together just don’t fit! im sorry but like there is something about this relationship thats just not right.

    • SamAussieBelieber

      Can you guys follow me on Twitter please? @AyeItsMrsBieber I will follow you back,just ask:)

      • tiara

        sure im @mizzbieber798 follow mw please

        • tiara

          i meant me not mw

  • Aili

    I delight that they are united!!

  • V

    Selena recently painted horses pink for an upcoming music video. I really didn’t mind her (okay, who ISNT jealous that she gets Justin’s sexyness all to herself) but honestly, exploiting animals just for a stupid video? So unnecessary and pointless. Go away Selena, k thanks.

    • pink the (the singer ) said the video was STUPID

  • Tooja

    hey STOP IT !!! dont hate at selena cuz she is justin GF and u r jealous this is stupid if u r a true belieber u wouldnt want 4 them to break up cuz justin said selena is amazing ans she makes me very happy dont u want him to happy look at him he looks happy

    • CupcakkeBiya

      Yes. Justin does love Selena. But Selena does not love Justin, it really is sickening to me, because if u were a REAL belieber u would die to date Justin! But Selena is just using him like her 4 other famous boyfriends: Nick Jonas, David Henrie, Taylor Lautner & Cory Monteith.

    • Sheisafamemonster

      I don’t see SELENA anywhere in the word BELIEBER. When there were just 100,000 beliebers there was no Selena. So don’t say that. That’s crap. You don’t have to support a fake relationship to be a fan of someone. The point of being a fan of someone is because you like their music. It has nothing to do with their personal life. And if we choose to like him and his personal life, that’s fine. But we don’t HAVE to.

      • Patricia

        I completely agree with you.

      • Sasha

        Omg. Ur like beast. Ur always on point with ur opinions. 🙂

    • Selena Marie Gomez


      • selena you are a very lucky and pretty girl and also i need to ask u something please reply back

        • samantha

          she is a poor!!!very!!!poor!!!she is not lucky…

  • Jbiebs

    They’re a sweet couple . So don’t be jealous :] He wants Selena <3


    Guys everybody stop looking at Selena, LOOK at JUSTIN, he is so happy. He is comfortable with her. If he is happy thats all that matters right now. Beliebers support Justin Bieber if is so happy with her why should anything else matter/

  • It made me jealous although i didnt hate them
    Follow me on twitter –> @BieberRawkz

  • shenay

    you turds shoud stop hating on Selena. She’s a nice girl. If they are happy then let them be.

    • SamAussieBelieber

      If you are Belieber then you should stop hating Selena!!!!!Look at Justin,HE IS SOOOO HAPPY WITH HER!And if he is happy,his fans should be too!!!! Support Justin and Selena:)

    • tiara

      how do you know ive never seen her hanging out with a girl named shenay so you dont know how she is

      • Jeslyn :]

        I will never support selena i never have and never will all becuase shes dating my idol doesn’t mean I have to start supporting her

  • Felicia

    She’s a bitch,slut and jerk. She’s using Justin to gain her popularity. Eww Sucks man!

    • i dont understand wat populartiy is she growing she has beirly any fans now that her and justing go out

  • If Justin is happy, I’m happy 🙂 I only want the best for him, thats because I’m a true belieber! And true Beliebers are there for Justin no matter what, even though he gets a girlfriend, he will always be mine boyfriend in my mind 😀 haha

  • Anonymous

    as much as i hate them together.. they do look VERY happy!!!

  • SamAussieBelieber

    I wish Justin was my boyfriend……….I would be so happy then!!!!!!:*(




    Justin why you want be with Selena? She changing you and thats not good! :/


      I soo agree with you! She is changing him in so many BAD ways. I mean i wouldn’t mind him changing in a GOOD way cuz that is life but this is bad!

    • ilovebieber

      i know rite.. justin bieber has changed alot.! and it also changed millions of fans…. like probably less bieberfever fans.! hahaha i once was a bieber fan but now its starting to lower down.. i quess thats what he wants!

      • iloveselina

        bitch shut up dont u zee they’re happy and I KNOW WERE U LIVE SO DONT TALK SHIT >: )

        • Selena Is Changing him and justin is loosing his fans because of that i stoped liking justin he needs to go back to justin beiber not justin gomez but they are happpy together i wish u guys good luck but selena from me aka ur fan u are changing him thats my opinion and alot if biebers ex fans

  • bieberfan

    stop the hate. dont you see how happy justin is when he is with selena. stop being so jealous get a life and let them live their life together.

  • CarlySug

    if he’s happy then it makes me happy 🙂

  • Elena

    Her hair are always different length. FAKE!!!
    She is sooo using him.
    I wish his tour never ended, so they would not see each other 🙁
    And I hope that she will cheat on Justin, so he can break up with her.

  • yeah thats not her real hair ( extentions ) her hair is shorter and not that nice i didnt know that justin and selena got together again

  • Sheisafamemonster

    What some people are saying is reallly tiring.

    “You are not a real belieber if…” Really? I didn’t know there was such thing as a fake belieber. When there were only a few fans, there was no such thing as Selena, and there was no such thing as the drama that some people have bought into the fanbase. It’s SICKENING! Beliebers never insulted each other or called each other fake until this relationship came around.

    “Selena is a…” OK some people really don’t like Selena and never have. That’s OK because you might have a real reason to. But jealousy that some people have isn’t really hate like you might have yourself convinced it is. But in truth it’s jealousy and thats no reason to insult her. If you are insulting her because of jealousy just STOP.

    “Justin is happy…” Sure he is. And that’s FINE. Until it became that he’s only happy when he’s around her. Don’t we want his happiness? Yeah, we do, but we want his real happiness and happiness that he can share with all of us. Not just with one girl.

    You might not realize it but did you ever think they are together because of all of our reactions? Because of the fact that we are reacting? If this truly is for publicity we are adding fuel to the fire. The more you insult each other, her, him, etc. You are only delaying their breakup. Just keep that in mind. The more you are commenting to blow off steam, the more steam you are creating for yourself because they are going to keep going until our reactions cool down.

    • Patricia

      I agree with you. If everyone left Jelena alone and nobody talked about them, then they would most likely break up. But unfortunately people aren’t gonna stop talking about them any time soon 🙁

      • i agree but i dont at the same time cuz hes obsessed with her and willnever let her go i wonder if he knows his fans getting over him or realizing that selena is changing him but watever idc maybe they might last i hope they do just need a few changes

    • Sasha

      U just took wat I was thinking and put it in words. Ur totally right. 😀

    • You’ve given a really big comment

  • JustinBieberfan4life

    Hey ppl if you are a true fan of Justin Bieber you would be happy for him. If he is happy we should be happy. Yes it is ok to state you opinion about a person but don’t say mean things that could hurt the person that is just mean!

  • Jeslyn :]

    I hate them together Yeah i’m happy justins happy buttttt…. ever since they started dating it’s like civil war alll over again beieblers vs biebelers.
    LOOK AT YOU GUYS COMMENTS YOUR LIKE TEARING EACHOTHER APART !!!! over a realtionship that could be fake and won’t last.

    • Steph,

      At least YOU make a good point. Even though yeah… I’m just happy he’s happy. And so what if it’s real, at least it’s not killing anyone. ^_^…..

  • You guys were perfect for each other im sorry for you guys

    madison payne ps.im 8

  • Patricia

    I hate seeing them together, cause I’ve always been a selena hater. Jelena is a fake relationship for publicity and will break up soon. That bitch doesn’t deserve Justin.

  • nadiya

    i hate selena gomez

  • Michelle

    Hi who ever people you are let me tell you something I love Justin Bieber and I also love Selena Gomez and for them two to be dating us a awesome thing and for all of you people who hate Selena Gomez because she is dating Justin Bieber this is for you. You all hate her only because you guys are thinking you have a chance in dating Justin Bieber so get over he is a. Star it is. Never going to happen stop smelling the dang roses I hope you understand. By



  • guys justin is with selena because he loves her if you a belieber you should be happy for who he dates not sending hate mail and calling her a bitch because she is going out with justin odds are most of us are never going to see or let alone meet him so stop hatting yes they probly will break up but not any time soon but beliebers if justin isnt happy to be around us and he is only happy around selena than were not doing are part in this to

  • Justin and selena are very change after their love i wish they break up then everything will be alright

  • Brianna N

    I love Justin and Selena together because they look so happy together. I also like them together because she is my favorite female singer and he is my favorite male singer. Don’t hate on her just because she is dating him it’s not like you had a chance to date him just be happy that he is happy

  • justin and selena fan

    Ughh i hate haters leave there life alone gosh they love etheir so stop being jelous as selena said they love etheir so stop killing there love life ughh. Plus its not your choice if they wanna go out or not. They look so happy together but i know in the inside

    • justin and selena fan

      …(finishes sentence) she look soo mad so chill and be happy

  • Let this couple be together.Why are you feeling jelousy ? Do you love Justin or Selena ? And after all it’s hollywood , any couple can be together only for 2-3 months . Got it . Now shut up and be calm . STUPID IDIOT NONSENSE!

    • TANYA


      • samantha

        hey you all not haters are stupids,and idiots just like your saying to us…!!!

  • praise

    I love justin bieber but know hate him

  • mga bobo! mga inutil! wala kayong alam sa buhay nila! manahimik kayong mga pakialamera kayo! mga walang silbi! mga salot sa lipunan~! mga MANGMANGG! bobo! istupido!
    mahal ni jb si selena! mgainutil wag kayong makialam~! pakialamerang mga chaka !!!!!!!!!! i support JELENA <3

    • samantha

      what your saying?! it’s normal of a person to jealous…!!!and shut up you fag i don’t understand what your saying…are you going crazy?

  • nadhrah talib

    i luv u selena

  • I love Selena & Justin(: they’re cute and adorable! Do i think that they’ll last? I don’t know cause im not the one in the relationship(: let them live their lives(:
    -sincerely, Shatyron Katese Baker

  • Nikki

    All u haters are STUPID if u were a real jb fan u would want him to be happy rite so get a life get a boyfreind do sumthing and STOP hating

    Oh and this is for all u haters
    H- have
    A- anger
    T- towards
    E- everyone
    R- reaching
    S- success

    • samantha

      you are also stupid…i,i,don’t like your saying

  • iven im not a fan of justin bieber but you dont deserv him because avery one knews that the only reasen why are you dating him just to be famous same thing that you did with nich jonas when the jo bro were big and also with taylor when twilight was huge

  • fuck you selena

  • jaimee

    I hate selena because i dont even think she like justin bieber and she is only going out with him to be more famous FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Bitch

  • samantha

    i hate selena!!!she is a very big loser of all…very!!!

  • samantha

    justin just hate selena because i don’t know if you mary her…i don’t know what happen…DIVORCE!!!

  • i hate Selena dum ass

    • Anonymous

      selena is cool

  • justinhotbieber

    i hate selena with justin she should go with taylor

    • Anonymous

      That would be really awkward. Taylor is like 22 and hes 17. She is also 5’11”.

  • Chelsie Bieber

    i think theyre a VERY CUTE couple

    • tameka

      me too i luv selena with justin

      • Anonymous

        i love justin bieber he is soo cute x

  • LilLil Nike



      • Noone imparticular

        Well it’s a good thing it’s not ur choice then, huh!

      • blonde

        i agree. to tell you the truth, selena and taylor would have really cute kids. all dark skinned and they would be really and handsome and pretty:) plus taylor seems more like selena’s type and older than her.

    • Anonymous

      yea, SHE IS RIGHT!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i love selina gomez but when is ur next concert because i want to really come

  • kallina

    hey i like both of them.so if i was i would shut up and stop saying crap about selena because there a great couple. and if i was selena i would tell yous f off

    • I so totally love them both I agree with you they r so cute together!idk what the big deal is they’re just like usand there just trying to be together like a normal couple whith out ur stupid crapy coments and plus it’s not like they’re going to see this

    • ya leave her alone what has she rlly done?

    • Anonymous

      y dont u shut thr fuck up nga

      • Anonymous

        stop dating jb Selena G

  • kallina

    thank you someone agrees with me

  • kallina

    thank you some people agrees with me

    • maria

      Yaa i agree with u yaa they should back off and shut it!!

  • maria

    you guys shut it leave justin and selena alone who cares stop getting in and writing death threts if u were selena u wouldent like it if peopel send u mean stuff soo back off all of u girls who hate her because dating justin bieber soo think before u send a message!!! please just stop this thing of i hate selena for dating justin bieber!!

  • ina

    i love selena gomez and justin bieber forever!

    • Anonymous

      Ikr they r a good couple so every one needs to back off

    • Anonymous

      selena is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love both Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber forever and always . They look cute together. They look beautiful in couple .

  • chlochlo

    OMG i hate justin bieber i REALLY DO NOT want him to be with selena gomez because i think she is amazing!!!

  • Madisyn

    i love jb and selena

  • i love justin bieber and selena gomez they r so cute together <3

  • Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber make a awesome couple

  • Juliet

    i HATE selena but LOVE i mean LOVE Justin but i mean i think that they can do whatever they want whatever makes them happy but i seriously dont like her but more then anything i want him happy:)

  • Anonymous

    she is hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think shja really needs to come with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • and just leave him

  • Audrey

    If you like Justin Bieber. You have to be happy that he have a girlfriend. Justin and Selena if famous. Justin don’t even know you exist in here! So, if you like Justin, be happy that he had a girfriend. And by the way, they broke up few months ago. Selena caught Justin texting Jasmine. That is why.

  • Anonymous

    I love how people say “Stop sending Selena death threats!!” That’s funny. Justin also gets death threats and gets hated on more. STFU.

  • madison

    i honesly fkng hate selena gomez with a burning passion

  • amy connely

    i really really hate selena gomez, because before they started going out i kinda liked selena but now i cant describe hw much i hate her …..
    i LOVE justin bieber so much ……….

  • unknown

    selena is soooooooo not cool ………

  • they are awsome

    • loverkeke

      i think she is a little too old for him but their gud together haterz please stop hating ur losing the battle you’ve started i think it is time u give up ps luv ya

  • allie

    Damn haterz stop tripping let them live there life’s and stop hating on selena just because u want justin dosent mean u got to hate on the girl that he’s with stop acting so childish what are u like three grow up he’s only one person.

  • Anonymous

    selina is beautiful


  • mariflor bago

    excuse me, you have no right to say my idol like that, shes beautiful
    selina is cool

    jb love selina

    very beautiful

  • yuna nyakio

    congrats we luv u gomez mwaaah

  • rti

    hey,selena hater shup up,she is the cutiest ever,plz dnt ruin her life,selena im your fanz and i want u to reply my messages plz

  • michaela

    I love selena gomez

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