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Winners of the #NSNWeekend giveaway

UPDATE: It looks like none of the 2 winners from Facebook have contacted us. Unfortunately there is no way for us to contact the Facebook winners directly to let them know they won. The deadline to report was on Monday. It’s now Thursday so if the prizes are not claimed by tomorrow morning then there will be 3 new winners drawn (BieberLuvMania’s Twitter account no longer exists.)

Winners of a free movie rental & Justin Bieber poster courtesy of Redbox
(Note 2 winners were replaced because they were not following us on Twitter. Make sure follow @JBShrine and ‘like‘ our Facebook fanpage before the next draw which will be tomorrow night.)

1. bellaignacio

2. BieberLuvMania (account no longer exists) LAlovesbieberr <====== NEW

3. Bieberhugger

4. Hannah Snipes (Facebook) √

5. Niya Hyde (Facebook) √

Winners of a NSN DVD plus a bottle of OPI nail polish
(When you email us tell us which color you want.)

1. Chloe Timmins (from ?) Facebook winner Krystal Han <====== NEW

2. Suraya Salim (Malaysia) Twitter winner √

Winners of a NSN DVD/Blu-Ray combo courtesy of Paramount

1. Gemma Williams Facebook winner √ <———– need your address Gemma

2. Georgia Bieber (from the UK) Twitter winner √

Winner of the signed copy of NSN DVD/Blu-Ray combo

1. Janela Evangelista (from the Philippines) √

If you are one of the lucky winners you have until Monday May 23th to email us at jb-shrine @ hotmail.com. Please tell us your full name and address in the email. If we do not get in contact with any of the above winners by Friday then new winners will be announced the next day.

Congratulations to all the winners. And if you didn’t win this time then don’t worry because we have more contests planned for the near future.

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  • Courtney

    So you had to have a twitter and a facebook to win? cuz i only have a facebook. :-/

    • Pia

      Really you really need to have facebook and twiter to win???????
      cuz i only have facebook and i really really 100%really want to win

      • viki

        do u have 2 have both TWITTER AND FB?? cos i only have twitter ;/ that sux 🙁

    • dajuana

      i know right i only have a facebook too and its so hard tring to get a twitter {but you know famouse peolpe}

  • aussie bieber fan

    i think that was only for the first section… i think the others you only need to like on facebook or follow @jbshrine …i think that is right… it is what it said when the comp first opened…

  • shenay


  • Kirst

    please pick me im such a huge belieber but bcoz i live in the UK i find it hard to go to concerts and stuff and nsn doesn’t come out till july here! please x

  • i have faceboook and twitter!
    i have gave both of themm! 🙂 xx hope i can win x

  • Kirst

    when are they putting the next winners up? its been ages

    • Amanda

      Ya..when they are putting the 3 replace winners?? It’s been a long time and i already can’t wait!!!! =(

  • Terri


  • omg! i won!. ive replied but i dont no if it worked, really scared that it didnt, if they choose a different winner i might just cry! xx

    • congrats!!:)

      • Natasha Lodhi

        🙂 luckkyy, congrats! x

  • Natasha Lodhi

    DAMN 🙁 oh well…. congratz x

  • nadiya

    i loveeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 🙂 🙂 🙂



  • Natalie

    im waitinf for the win lol =]

  • kaitlyn

    justin bieber and selen gomez i love you can you please come to my school it is called stowers elem i am up stairs in mrs.miccornmick writing class and i am doing something in class it is called mimors and i am doing one about me and i am also doing one about selena gomez i love you please come but if you can not make it i understand but please try and i look up to you every sense i herd you i love you and agen plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz try to make it i love you if you say yes you can make it i will give you the time and date but all i know is that it is at the last week of school.please try to make it i will do anything and i mean anything i am not joking please try to make it i love you

  • when r u sending them??????????????????????????

  • melanie

    heyi dnt no if ihts tru buh i wanted tu say i wanted tu no if justin will help change tha world make iht ah better place make more safer for those who feel like their in da closet or feel like no 1 cares about them i dnt want them tu feel like their in da dark i want them tu feel like they have some1 by them some1 that can talk about their feelings. i want tu make ths world a better place foa every1 i want tu create something that wen some1 iz down thea can always talk tu us or email or wahdeva. ive seen so much pple in mi times getting put down or bulig all that stuff they dnt iht i want tu help those whu heart wants tu b close tu some1 n not feel so angry all tha time an take out on other pple. i mayb not perfect buh i may not treat others how thae dnt want tu b treated i treat them how thae want tu treated. i hate seeing pple get put down or getting beaten up or name calling etc an most ov them ah all ova tha net an thea feel so imbrassed an weak that thae cant tell any1. i want tu go through with them and talk about iht. ive seen how most pple hate yu an made bad things about yu on da net i want tu prove tu da world that yu can help others yur not a peace ov shit i dnt care whu yu ahh i no yur ahh person like us n i dnt judge. pple need tu grow up an relized that thae have hurt others im really sick ov ths kiddie sht i dnt keh i go tu a christian school n i no im younge and shopuldnt b doing ths buh i want tu help others whu need iht. iwant tha world tu b safe 4 all those pple out their that need support. if ths is da real jb email me on

  • Suraya Salim

    When the prize will be post to my house?? =(

  • AllisonMaxey

    Is Selena Gomez just using Justin Bieber? 😮

  • Hey, I commented on some Facebook posts. I’m aware that I’ve won so please don’t replace me! How do I contact you?

  • Anonymous

    have i won,i realy hope i have!x

  • ♥justinbieberfan♥

    if you where a real justin bieber fan, you wouldnt need to enter a contest to win the never say never dvd. if you where are real fan you would have waited and went in like 3 in the morning when it came out. a true fan ♥

  • Hi justin ur loking hot i love u justin ur voice like gold ur very special selenagomez special gril in a world ur a good bf ur good singer ur good loking sindus justin u smil i smile make some smile ur rocking and ur sister jazzy very luckygril in the world luv jb vh 1 get with it mtv

  • Liy May bieber

    I love Justin so much I have his posters all over my wall ceiling. Every were I love JUSTIN BIEBER so much I want HIM so bad it is unreal I cry for him , and I smile for him !!! Xxxxxxx

  • Bella

    i never got mine 🙁

  • i really hope i win but i only got a facebook account please leave me a comment #1 singer on the planet u rock justin bieber one time is my fav song xoxoxoxox love ya,

    • remember what u said u can never say never dont let me down justin bieber luv u kiss kiss xoxoxoxoxox

  • zoe hooton

    i have a facebook and twitter but i dont know how to enter so can someone hel