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justin bieber selena gomez kissing 2011

Justin & Selena’s 3 minute makeout session backstage weirded people out

selena-gomez-justin-bieber-kissing-makeout-beach-2012Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez can’t keep their hands off each other. The pop star super couple reportedly continued their PDA-fest Sunday night backstage at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

Hollywood Life reports the hot young couple “couldn’t keep their hands off each other backstage” after Justin, 17, won the golden popcorn for Best Jaw-Dropping Moment.

“They made out for about three minutes and kind of weirded people out,” an eyewitness told the entertainment site. “They used a lot of tongue and acted like there was no one else in the room.”

Maybe Justin was comforting his 18-year-old girlfriend after she was mortified at the hands of the event’s host Jason Sudeikis.

“Sweetie you’ve been lip-locked with that Bieber kid for a month straight. I want you to be careful, alright?” he said in his opening monologue, driving Selena to bury her head in her hands. “The only reason I’m telling you that is because she already swallowed three of his baby teeth. Don’t want you to choke.”


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  • Jam


    • Anonymous

      whats ew ?

      • Anonymous

        O goosh Justin Bieber are u still with Selena? You two are perfect together..I was afraid that your not togetner anymore 🙂

        • Anonymous

          what thats wierd

        • Anonymous

          Justin is hot

        • Rebecca

          not even hot hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im in love with him! 🙂

        • anymoiuos


        • Emily

          what thats wierd

        • jeny

          stupid lah wat is weird dah

        • Anonymous

          i dont like that photo.i hate …………………………..

        • kia cobb

          justin i hate selena because she broke ur heart and she is 21 and u r18. u should date me because i am 18 and i want brake ur heart

        • ankush yadav

          u can date me bcz i’am 18y old

      • monai

        so cute together leave them alone!

        • majd

          you are sun of a bitch why do you kiss her ass whol

        • Anonymous

          you are right good going i think the same thing too and i don’t like them together either

        • Rebecca

          wow nice going sware word!

        • madison

          they are so cute together and i hope they stay together every one just back off they already have a lot of people on there case

        • kia cobb

          shut the fuck up

        • sani

          They are cut together

        • alex

          shut the hell up mother fucker u are a ass hole bitch i hate you biber aaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssss hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee justin biber is an ass hole

        • Natalie

          Your right

      • Anonymous

        Boo its over

    • Anonymous

      My name is Park Ji Yeon. I am a member of the group T-ara singer in Kora. I’m a fan of Justin Bieber. I ‘ve met him, we ‘ve talked. Selena Gomez and Justin to leave. He must love me…..Ji yeon

      • fatin auni nadirah

        are you really park jiyeon?

        • lmao! who’s park jiyeon?

        • monai


      • justin

        u are such an idiot he doesnt love u

      • Jesscica

        :O !!!!! What?!! No way?! Omg who is this really? /:-) come on.. Tell us..

      • Anonymous

        I just like it because Selena is in it and I want to have sex with selena

        • sani

          You do lol

    • Anonymous

      Justin and selena are cute, but I mean 3 minutes, and tounge?!?! They may as well have sex ffs. I love selena she’s my role model ever since she started wizards of wavily place and I’ve love justin since 2008 but I think its time they should split tbh…. (No hate on my please?) And I also think most girls are jealous

      • monai


        • alex

          I love justin bie ber he is mine not anyone elses

      • Sarah

        its waverly place and i dont think they make that good a couple i meen the might as well have a kid if there gonna have sex like that

      • Anonymous

        Y do you think they should split if they are SO CUTE together?

        • sani

          I think think they are so cut when they kiss

      • Anonymous

        hes good with her

    • justin bieber is cute hot hooooooooooooooot omg is so cute

      • areeba


      • sani

        I love justin so cut 🙂

    • Anonymous

      hi…muzta how are you?

      • little heaven

        l think they in love every time they kiss

    • saa

      You are my Love

    • saa

      I thought you loved me not her.

    • i dont like selena and justin .they are so weird they kiss wherever they go and justin he knows only to kiss girls whatever justin is my sweatheart.

    • Anonymous


  • Jam

    haha..poor selena..but kissing in public for 3 minute and with tongue eww..it will really make people uncomfortable..but seriously GET A ROOM!! XD XD

    • Anonymus

      ummm u meen poor JUSTIN, selenas probs forcing him 4 publicity cuz thts the only reason selenas dating justin

      • #Jelena Support

        Stop Just Stop I Men Really Leave Them Alone Why Can’t You Be Happy For Them C’mon!!!!!!!!!!!!! (U SMILE , I SMILE) ?

        • we cant happy for them `cause shes sooooooooooooooooooo dumb

        • Anonymous

          selena is not dumb and they are perfect for other so quit haten

        • Alyssa

          Leave them alone if they love eachother. Let them betogether

        • Alyssa

          I here you if they are in love lay off let them be how would u like if some one you did know talking shit about you would like it so back off and leave it alone If you want to be his fan then support him and her

      • jordanna

        lay off her she just like you and me
        trying to fiend that some one

        • Alyssa

          I here you if they are in love lay off let them be

      • Logan


      • Anonymous

        How can you say that you hate Selena Gomez. She is awesome.

        • shes loves jb for his money shes always kiss him to show publicity

        • Josh

          I love her and I want to be with her but I know she is with him so and I know she loves for him not his money again back the fuke off you she loves him does his not for his money but for him and It hurts her fellings and that’s not no desires to get hurt in that way

      • Anonymous

        That isn’t selena’s fault. By the way how do you know, it could be justin that’s forcing her.

      • Cheyenne

        False. wtf are you even saying? And, You don’t hate Selena Gomez, You hate Justin’s girlfriend. You hate whoever she is. More than half of ALL beliebers do. Except me. I LOVE SELENA AND JUSTIN.


        • darian

          i agree

        • Breanna

          I love justen and is selena gomez they are good people

        • braveheart


        • Alyssa

          What did she ever do to you beside yoke with justin

      • callie

        you are a FUCKIN ASSWHOLE just leave them alone also that wan’t even them JERKS

        • Alyssa

          I’m with you on that one I am in love with her and I want to with but it will never happen

      • Anonymous

        stop hating. they look cute together.

        • little heavenly

          Dame right they do

      • selena m


    • Anonymous

      what are u talking about eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww dddddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………….

  • Anonymous

    honestly, thats disgusting. We understand that you guys “like” each other but thats just a little ridiculous. I am even more convinced now that this relationship is fake because nobody shows PDA every time they see each other.

    • Anonymous

      I agree,, the joke should have even offended her, i mean if you didnt want ppl joking about it, then dont do it in public ALL the time first of all, and i agree 100% that the relationship is fake… well at least for her, i mean she dated nick jonas after the whole miley thing probably to get attention, and she dating taylor lautner as eclipse was coming out probably to get more attention because taylor was being followed by the paps, and now her album is coming out (or already out i have no clue) and she has a movie coming out, why not be seen with america’s and canada’s teen heartthrob… pretty suspicious to me..?? :S

      • glamgirl108

        agreed girl u can say that again

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymus

        agreed. totally.

      • Alyssa

        Agreed^^ 100%

      • Anonymous

        Im agree 100%

      • Jasmine

        Why are you all agenst her is it just cuz she with him

    • Anonymous

      i know right!

    • sarah


    • selena and justin is perfect for me u know..........

      eewwwwwaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn kkkkkkkkkkkkkkoooooooooooooo sssssaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiii hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa888888888888 uuuuuuuuuuuu eeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr………..

      • Jasmine

        You fuking jerks

  • bieberlover

    That would weird me out to if i saw some couple makin out for 3 minutes. WOW at least have some sort of privacy……

    • Caitlin

      same lyk it weirds me out when i see people just like kissing or making out right in front of me when i’m out

      • Anonymous

        iiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv jjjjjjjjjjjjjuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssstttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnn aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddd sssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaa for-ever

      • Anonymous

        I know what your FUCKING dealing whith

    • Jasmine

      Fuke you bitch they love eatch other

  • I love Jelena

    cute!!! i love them together sooooo much!! they suit eachother so much and they are always sooooo happy 🙂 JELENA FOREVER!!!!

    • tiara

      that’s not cute that’s disgusting what the hell is wrong with you god please help her

    • Anonymus

      i don’t think u understand, selena gomez is dating justin 4 publicity, and 3 mins making out in public, not cute, disgusting,

      • Aniestin

        you dont know that

    • MEe

      i agree

      • MEe

        it is sorta weird .. it b really weird 2 just lyk walk by and c them making out

    • Anonymous

      what ever by the way he is my cousin

    • Anonymous

      Omg I hate selena she’s a ogar how can he like that she has rabies

    • Alyssa

      I like they you a jelena fan

  • Elena

    And again that proves that their relationship is fake, because who would
    be making out for 3 minutes backstage at MTV MOVIE AWARD where all the cameras are, and a lot of people…. With TONGUE, you need to make it really obvious for people to see that ur like making out with tongue

    This relationship is FAKE!!!! They will break up soon I can see it coming…

    • glamgirl108

      i know rite

      • ashley

        for them to break up there have to be a relationship there first and there is no relationship there because jelena is a setup by both justin and selena’s managers they just pretending to date for publicity it is just a big publicity stunt and that picture is photoshop and when they kiss justin’s eyes r open

    • gotta agree with you thanks for the info they will brake up soon

    • justin

      i hate selena shes trying to make justin marry her and justin said no im too young to get married.

    • Alyssa

      Fuke you bitch

  • justinhotbieber

    thats nt Selena thats sm1 else she doesn’t have any beauty spots on her face

    • katie


    • Caitlin

      n justin doesnt have a beauty spot right at the bottom of his neck either!!!

    • Alyssa

      Fuke you bitch


    wow when will they stop kissing!!

    • Honey

      When will you get over it they love eatch other

    • little heavenly

      I don’t know they are love birds lol

  • Laura

    I love my boyfriend and he loves me. But every time we see each other we don’t jump on one another and make out. Justin and Selena BOTH need to chill a little bit with this PDA!

    • Alyssa

      Fuke you bitch you don’t know what really love is

  • Djilan

    Why arnt there any pictures why do they always say thast there always making out but they never have pictures. I dont think they really did that and did anyone notice that he didnt thank her when he won and also why was she so embarred when jason s was sayin stuff about her and jb she should have been lauging not holding down her face. I think shes embarressed by him

    what do u think

    • Anonymus

      ummm actually theres TONS of photos, u should see jb and selena gomez in hawaii, theres around 30ish photos, 20-25 would b them kissing….
      but i do agree with the embarassed thing, she’d b laughing if she wasn’t. :p

    • Aniestin

      Djilan, justin doesnt really need to thank selena, she didnt do anything to help her career.

      • Angel

        I have to agree with that. Man, when you’re in love, even the wrong things seem right.

        She wouldn’t exchange her good reputation just for fame.

    • Waffles

      Yeah man,your right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alyssa

      I think you should back the fuke off bitch

  • Djilan

    people who say they r going to break up is just jinxing us so say there going to be together forever and ever then watch the magic happen

  • camilla

    i saw ALL the cameras vip backstage i he just went out after he won made an interview and left….so this story i dont know..

  • ilove bieber

    that should be me .. but i have to admit they are cute together

  • Brii

    okay so Justin’s 17 and Selena’s almost 19. your practically almost 2 years apart.
    you barley get to see each other. except for when both of you are off tour and vacationing places with each other.
    they say their “in love” but whats love when you cant see each other except for at award shows where your both wanted..
    If Selena hid her face wile Jason Sudeikis said the things he said like “swallowing three of his baby teeth” or “you’ve lip-locked with that bieber kid for a month straight” then she should of stood up for their so called “relationship”…its not gunna last,shes a whore,she gets around!

    • tiara

      she was laughing NO LIE

    • Alyssa

      Back off bitch jelenas or I will fuke you up

  • Anonymus

    K, i luv u justin but honestly, making out in public 4 like 3 minutes is not kewl, its obvious that your trying to get attention and stuff but srsly GET A ROOM!!!
    but i still love you 🙂
    BUT, get a new gf

    • Alyssa

      If he loves her back the fuke off

  • SAS

    OMG!!!!!! Love u jaay Bee <3

  • ugggggg. u can see it in their face…they’re trying not to laugh. its obvious they want attention. u can do better justin. i love you justin and i kno u love ur fans sooo just think about wat ur doing. 🙂 love you!

    • Alyssa

      Mrs bieber if you love him then leave him and her alone

  • justinhotbieber


    • JessYall

      selena didnt change him hes just bloody growing up so just back off and leave her b

    • Anonymous

      L00k who’s talking BITCH!!!

      • Honey

        I know I don’t know you but bitch and he still loves her and she still loves him

    • Honey

      Ur the bitch he loves her and she loves him

  • johail

    selena did not change him shit! so stop it agree with it there in love! go jelena there sooo cute! and if there acting and its been like a year already dammm they are doing a pretty good dam job! there in love and its obviose and he is already famous millions of girls love him around the world so why would he want more publicity thats dumb and lastly justin would never play around with a girl that way so fuck off! yeah reply me if u want and i dont give a fuck. 🙂

    • sarah

      ^AGREED with the love jelena part!!!! love that couple!!!

      • Monica Phillips

        i agree!!!! why would they want more publicity and they already have enough

        • stillabelieber

          Justin has all the publicity in the world and selena gomez’s stupid show that nobody even watched is ending she craves more attention she just loves that justin is loosing fans she wants him out of the way so she could be in the spotlight idk one or the other

        • CuteMahi

          Ya right. Every one watches Wizards Of Weverly Place. It’s my personal favorite. And I’m glad Justin and Selena are together because 1) you insulted her 2) i think shes soooooo cool.

      • Honey

        Me too I wish we could hang out I’m in love with her

    • Alyssa

      I agree with you they are in love

  • Anonymous


  • if they are a couple why did she hide her face when the guy said that i saw the movie awards and she hid her face like she was embarresed <spelled wrong< for going out with him

    • Honey

      Shut up bich he is still in love with her

  • abby

    haha thas not even selena in the picture

    • Honey

      It is too I fuking hate when you guys try to bring her down

  • emily

    its fake so get over it

    • CuteMahi

      It is so not fake. Theyre in love. I must admit the makin out parts gross but still Selena & Justin have enough publicity

  • Dr. Bieber

    Just reminds me of Kingsley’s vid. “Grab my tits, grab my ass. Kiss me Justin!” LOL

    • Honey

      He will never be with you because you are fuking bitch how only thinks of you self if I met u
      I would fuke u up

  • starla lovee my justin and selena forver

    awwwwww that cute i love the both of you

  • Madeline


    • Belieberrr

      whats a mole now :/

    • Honey

      If I was her I would talk crap about you show you how it fells and I would fuke you up

  • dear justin bieber shrine fansite blog web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to you here , i just do,nt care just what justin bieber and mis selena gomez might what to say to me any more , but i what to share with you here pepole , i just do,nt know at all just if you will be to doing a responds to me at all here , but i just what to make a public statement to you here just at the justin bieber shrine fansite , tomorrow will be my birthday and i will be at the age of 49 years of age tomorrow , love david b conway

    • Dear David Conway,

      You probably think I never read your comments on JBShrine but I do and I really appreciate your support for the site and what you have to say in your comments.

      I hope you have a very happy 49th birthday David!

      Love you!

  • Aniestin

    thats cute<3…but i know the pic isnt them

  • Kate

    those people in that picture aren’t even Justin and Selena.

    • ashley

      i agree

    • i agree

    • CuteMahi

      Not to be rude or anything but how do YOU know.

  • abby

    that guy can be justin’s twin

    • how can it be his twin :{

    • how the heck can a girl be justin’s twin.

    • Anonymous

      r u crzy? ‘course no 😮

      • anymoiuos

        yeh he is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • anymoiuos

          hey u there

  • Monica Phillips

    how does that prove that their relationship is fake?!!!!! a whole lot of people make out longer than that so stop acting like you never heard of people making out that long!!!!!!!

  • Chelsea

    Guys, I wouldn’t say its “common” or “normal” that u see couples make out in public, grab each others asses, have dry sex on the beach etc. I honestly think its kinda weird that there doing that. So if anyone says, “there a normal couple, everyone does that”, you are completely and utterly wrong for that because the couples I see do NOT do that.

    • stillabelieber

      How come justin and caitlin didn’t do that oh right cuz selena is a freaking fame slut ugghhhhhh it makes me sick she probably forced justin to put his hands there I wish he would break up with that bitchhhh he realizes he is loosing fans I hope

    • Honey

      Back off

  • fuck that selena gomez

    • makira

      fuck selena no more sex selena

      • Honey

        Hey what has she ever done to besides date justin bieber

  • Patricia

    I’M TOTALLY SPEECHLESS !! OMB .. but i still love “JELENA” !!

  • ChelzGzz

    OK STOP!!! Enough arguing about this ok. It is really non of you buisness of what they do in public or confidentaly. It’s their life, not yours. Most of you are just jealous that Justin is dating Selena and not you guys. She did nothing to hurt you guys. And you guys need to realized that you will have a 1 in a million chance with him. I’m a fan too you know, but I’m not jealous. I don’t wish it was me he was kissing. For 1 I’m like WAY to young and 2 I’d would actually rather be his friend than his gf or wife. And I agree with most of the people that it is a little discusing that they’d kiss (makeout) for that long, and that it is not Justin and Selena in the picture at the top. If you guys really love Justin and care for him, then be happy he’s not dating some as slutty as Paris Hilton (in my opinion lol). Try and be happy for him and…….Selena, ok!

    -Chelsea xoxo

    • stillabelieber

      She changed him! He is more like a regular celebrity he used to play with the crowd you can tell he hates this!

    • Honey

      I agree with you it is not right to hurt her fellings just because she is dating justin I wish that The rest of his fans would realize that he will never be with them

  • mickayla

    im seriosly crying rite now!! selena freaking changed him!!!!!! don’t u guys remember the old, sweet, funny, cute justin??? look at him now, hes mean to his fans he shoos them away from his house, he acts like selena is the only girl in the world, and he cut his hair bcz of her. hes loosing fans. selena if an idiot how could he like that fake b*tch? shes 100% fake and she doesn’t even love him she just wants the publicity u can even tell. look… just look they kissed for 3 minutes THATS DISCUSTING! she wants publicity bcz she is a f*cking IDIOTTTT!!1!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOO MADDDDDD

    • stillabelieber

      I wish I could go tell selena off I hope she gets egged whilr she’s on tour hahahahah I would be LAUGHING

    • Anonymous

      just because selena’s beautiful and talented. it dont give u the right to offend her like that. there is no chance in the world that u will ever be with jb so stop bein jealous and be happy for em.

    • Honey

      I really love justin to I fell you there she is a bitch to him and everyone else it piss me off and I won’t to fuking kill her but I think I’m a 100 times better then her

  • ashley

    jelena is not real it is fake as hell and also jelena is setup by mangers and it will end when selena goes on tour and selena keeps on looking straight at the cameras and when they kiss infront of the cameras justin’s eyes r always open so u could tell it was fake

    • Alyssa

      Not true they love each other a lot

  • Judy El-Mohtadi

    Thats not selena, plus they look like they’re having sex not making out bcz he’s shirtless.. but it doesnt matter i still love them both shes gorgeous and hes my role model
    jelena forverr
    i love you guys

  • teya

    i luv tha biebz ut eww im sorry they kiss EVERYWHERE1 its getting rly gross

  • Nikki

    if u guys dont like them together y u keep looking at the danm pictures

  • Monica Phillips

    i love that their a couple and FYI selena waits about 2 years before she dates a new guy and she didn’t even date that cory dude from glee they are just friends and they just took a picture together

    • ashley


  • hi , its me david conway and my comments to here is that comment just about justin bieber is a good role model why did that preson just to say that on this web site , both off them just by mis selena gomez and to justin bieber is not very good just to be a good role model any more , love david b conway

  • and why not just show the old and the fake presonal relationship just by looking back at it again and put the pices together as well , and just make a justin bieber and selena gomez the fake presonal relationship galaery just for here , love david david conway

  • Ashley :P

    Ok, I don’t care if this relationship is fake or not, but seriosuly? have some respect…making out in public for 3 minutes is just absolutely ridiculous. They need to learn to respect others around them, and keep atleast SOME things private. Again, real or not, this relationship is thriving on PDA and it’s disgusting.

    P.S. He only describes her with one word, “Amazing”…you’d think if he really loved her he could come up with more adjectives…just saying.

  • Sascha

    First of all, this story is currently only a rumor.

    Then, it was not Selena who changed Justin, he was already changing during the first leg of the My World tour, have you not noticed that, it was probably all the millions of crazy fans he saw that frightened him and made him withdraw.

    In addition, I have to admit that the PDAs between JB and Sel seem strange, no couple would usually do that in such a way, but that does not mean that it is fake, it could also mean that they want to show the world that they will defend their love or something like that…

  • christina:)

    i do not have bieber fever anymore. this is disgusting.
    its not that i dont like him cause he has a girlfriend, but hes turned into a man-whore. hes so selfish now and only cares about his publicity. why do you think hes making out with selena so much. do you think he likes her? theres pics of him almost crying with her when shes laughing. um, bitch much? also, if you try to back him up, saying hes not selfish, just think. he probably only sold his hair for charity to see how much popularity he could get or how much hes worth. he probablys only doing the pencils of promis thing cause its his managers brother. i mean duh, why else would he? im sure he wouldnt want to go to a random school and make a random speech. hed be so bored doing that.
    and ummm, back it up to successful celebrity relationships. were any of them seen kissing all the timee? even normal people relationships, have you seen many people just burst out into random kiss-timee? nooooo!! its nastyy!
    theyre trying too hard…trying to hard to do what? lose their fans? because its working. comment if you agree, cause i have no idea what u guys think.

    • EWWW

      YES I PARTIALLY AGREE WITH YOU. But Selena is a slut, bottom line to say the least. I totally support and like Justin for all he does, because you just KNOW that he does heartfelt things because he genuinely cares. Selena dated Nick Jonas after Miley to gain popularity. Not long after she dated Taylor Lautner to promote the Eclipse installment for the Twilight Saga. Now it’s Justin Bieber? She’s two years OLDER than him, at this age in my opinion, the girl being 2 years older is weird. She gets around. This makeout sesssion is obviously just a fake for Selena to gain more status. She’s got guts-in so many ways she’s disgusting and a waste of time. I agree with alot of the comments above in the top section of the webpage…Selena just is trying way too hard and it’s annoying-So much for her purity ring!-She ain’t innocent she’s a hoe.

    • lucy

      i agree with this somewhat, yes. but of course he’s selfish in ways, but then again everyone is to a certain extent.
      whether or not him and selena is for publicity, it is surely working, and the PDA is definately publicity.
      the fans.. he says he LOVES his fans so much, yet he doesn’t know a single one of them. i think he appreciates his fans, not LOVE.
      all the charity work- im sure he feels good doing it, and because hes so rich he doesnt need all of his money, but yeah. it is giving him a good reputation and people will be more likely to support him..

      so then you say how he’s doing a good job at losing fans.
      i agree. i used to like him way more than i do now for a few reasons.
      he’s a douch in most interviews, he seems bored and rude.
      he doesnt take the time for fans
      and… his voice isnt as good as it used to be.

      im looking forward to what the future hold for him, but right now hes too much in the spotlight, and its actually annoying. the media is wearing out his name and im getting sick of hearing about him all the time

      so.. i do agree with most of the things you are saying here!

      • EWWW

        Okay 🙂 I don’t think you quite understood the aspect of what I meant though. Regarding Selena, i’m just saying that it seems like she is ultimately changing Justin… On the other hand, I really do like Justin alot, but I’m not going to antagonize over a point somebody else made about how Justin isn’t the same sweet guy. The media is obviously going to spark alot of drama and controversy about Selena, but I just hope Justin gets a reality check and breaks up with Selena, before he gets hurt!

  • Grace

    Is that even them? I mean, Justin’s nose doesn’t look like that, and his hair is way too dark… look at Selena… I don’t think that’s her, either…

  • ashley


  • That doesnt look like selena? haha 😐 tshmeeeee! GET A ROOM LUVERS ! <3

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    • shaina norwood

      youre really annoying

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    the we as end that the we as hanf the we as do go the we as you

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  • the we as the we that

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  • michelle

    i love jb but this is out of control i think they should get a room and every one keeps saying poor selena whats so poor about her shes a milionare dating a teen popstar has her own show whats so poor bout that she just a selfich B*tch i F*cking hate her think of the homeless ppl

    • Loren Bieber ;)

      i totally agree with ^^ like wtf people are saying that we shoudlnt give her death threats and s**t like she is a million air why would she even bother to worry about it. If she is using Justin like i have headr she betta watch her ass i swear :l

      • u betta watch ur ass BITCH

      • shaina norwood

        yall are annoying get a life and worry about your self…..and who if she is a millionair a lot of peopl are like donald trump and yall needa calm down —– JESUS LOVES YOU.

    • u r so right

    • Jessica

      leave selena gomez alone this is her choice and she is soo talented so leave her alone

  • ashley


    • Rosemary

      i think it is 2

      • ashley

        sometimes u can like tell it is a publicity stunt

      • hi sexy justin bieber is sexxxyyy!!!! shut up

    • kendra

      u want a bet i met him and i seen him and salena making out i timed and it was 7 min and they went in a room and it was loud in there

      • JessYall

        look guys no-one knows if its one or not so just let them b and yer maybe they should keep their relationship on the down low but did u ever stop and think that maybe they just wanna express their love for eachother?

      • name

        wow, ya right, u sound like a 7 year old trying to be cool, get a life

    • shaina norwood

      your just like completely wrong like you need to go eat some waffles.

  • I know that that’s Justin’s first ‘really serious’ girlfriend. But that kind of PDA is pretty unacceptable. A 3 minute make-out? That’s just a little over the top. They need to make their relationship a little more private instead of doing that..

    • ashley

      maybe there is a reason mmm
      it is a publicity stunt

      • Loren Bieber ;)

        i think so too i love him but no one NO CELB ever does that! like if there are rumours that two celbs are going out, they will deni it even thou they are but these tooo……!!!! wow i love him so so sos sosososososososososos much but this way ott!

        ily justin

  • Anonymous

    How do people get these picturess lol ??

    • Rosemary

      they get leaked…just like the vid of next 2 you

      • soamina

        selena gives it to the press so she’ll say …
        ”oh look at me and my new boyfriend justin bieber!! hey beliebers follow me on twitter and be my fans cause my movie monte carlo is coming out and my new album is too!! and guess what!? i ask him to grab my ass everytime there is a camera so that everybody will see ME!!!”
        and justin…

        ”hey beliebers you see im not just that little baby singer that everyone noes!! i can actually kiss a girl and grab her boobs!!!”

        lmao!! jk iloooove justin ssoooo very much!!! <3 and i think selena is soo beautiful but us fans dont know whats really going on but this is what i understand…and when i see how selena's year without rain vdeo is seen more than lady gaga's judas!!! well i see that selena has got her fans right where she wants them!!! ^^

  • ChelzGzz

    GUYS!!! seriously Selena has NOT changed him! He is 17 turning 18 next year. He’s almost an adult. He’s getting older, he’s growing up and you guys can’t blame Selena for it. People need to grow up even if they or you guys don’t want them to. So stop fighting and sooking over this. Your acting like bloody 8 year olds here and I’m not even 13 yet. GOSH!!!!

    • Tori

      your so right, its not that Selena is changing him, he is just getting older, and half of you don’t understand because your like 8 or 9 or 10, but when you get older everyone makes out in public, (not adults but teens), and i also don’t think its a publicity stunt i think that you guys are jealous so you say its publicity…

  • Rosemary

    I dont even think tht is Selena…she doesnt hav a mole on her cheek

    • Tori

      yeah, thats what it think to, i actually took the time to look at pictures in google and she doesn’t have a mole…who else is justin making out with…???

      • Loren Bieber ;)

        nah she does have that mole there but in every foto its just edit. my friend gave me this poster of her and justin on the other side and she has that big red thing right there and i have never even noticed it till then!

  • told yalll… their relationship is no good… they should really knock it off…

  • ashley


    • JessYall

      look its not a publicity stunt they really are together so just get over urself cuz i know most of u hate selena but i bet that all of u use to like her until they started dating so just admit that ur jealous and that u cant handle them being together and move on with ur f***** life ……. thank u

    • jasimine

      And you care why ?? I mean move on sister he found someone and so should you.. GET OVER IT !!!

  • Patricia

    First of all thats not even them in that picture. Im not surprised by this cause everything they do as ” Jelena ” is a publicity stunt. But Im not even sure I beleive this cause where are the pictures?

  • kendra lynn hanson

    i love jb so much i have the doll,the move,posters,blankets,the whole bed set,cds,rugs with his face all over it,slippers of him,bra and undies his face on them,cloths of him,jackets of him,face nails,my cell phoun cover has him all over it,face tattos of him,a chair has him all over in my room,labtop of him,sockes of him,i went to a artist and he drew realy good drawings of him it looks like he took pics of jb they look so good,stams of him,a lamp of him, puzzels of him,games of him and so much more i could go on till 2094 also glasses and im only 12 years old in a state of north dakota and the town is mandan the street is none of yo bisnes got that

  • kendra lynn hanson

    if justin bieber gets mared to her everyone will hate him and her so prepare to hate them but he still is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy

    • JessYall

      …..-.- bloody bieber fangirls can u just stfu and who cares if they get married al’ight so yer…. 😛 move on wid ur lives 😀 😀 😀

  • Laila

    I think they are a real couple, but from this and the Hawaii pics, there relationship isn’t based on love.. it’s probably based on lust and sex….

  • JessYall

    ok look ppl just listen or read and let me tell u that no-one knows if their really dating or not but can u just accept that they maybe are together cuz dose it really matter if they kiss in public or not their just expressing their love for eachother and im sick of hearing about u selena haters sending death threats to her and i know most of u r too so just let them b and get on with ur motherf****** lives and move on!!!!! ……… thank you

  • OMB, For 3 whole minutes! And tongues?… Wow, I feel sorry for Selena she must have been so embarrassed to be have been put in the spotlight like that but this just shows that they really love eachother and don’t care what people think


  • nedobreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Sascha

    Selenas fans are all girls, she makes movies for girls and songs for girls and no boy would watch her films, I know cause I am a boy, so it is not good for Selena if she annoys the girls by kissing JB, she will lose fans and not gain new ones. That means it is no publicity stunt


  • ariana

    she needs to chill n y did they have to use the fact that they were tongue kissing

  • they are so perfect together

  • selena gomez is useing him.selena if i ever c u i will kick your ass.dont u got your on life bitch..

  • dear justin bieber shrine fansite blog 2011 web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to daisy just to wish me a happy 49 th birthday , and i what t to say thank you to daisy just to wish my happy birthday , and my second question is that just to dasiy again , can you read my comments here just for the pepole , to understeand my question please , just if this was the real , presonal relationship just what they are talking about , they only datendid just about 4 month , and lets talk about there how along this is real presonal relationship how along is that going to end and last may i ask, and just by justin bieber and to mis selena gomez , they call that real love bull shit justin bieber and to mis selena marie gomez ,, and yes they are falling in love with the publicity act and the fake presonal relationship as well just sinces they got spoted just at the carribbean vacation trip and on the yechat as well , and just with this real presonal relationship just started , just when selena gomez just took her promes ring off , and thats why we have a doesent off photos just off them , just like the st, regis hotel , and up to st, moncia piar , and the rest just off there fake publicity relationship , love david b conway

  • Kayla..confused if i still have bieber fever

    okay so i totally dont know if i have bieber fever anymore im losing respect for justin im starting 2 feel like selena is changing him and him being famous is changing him. i miss the old Jb i understand he is growing up but i feel he doesnt care about his fans as much..we have been here from the begining what would he do without us?

    • mandy

      trust me its not him

  • Alexis

    first off they r teenagers, thats wat most teenagers do although there parents may not like it its happening everyday…ppl should just get off there baks because if it was any one else no one would care…and im not just saying this to get ppl to get off justins bak cuz im a huge fan and fyi i dont like selena gomez…but this shit happens all the time leave them be!

  • mandy

    thats not even justin cuz he has a pimple on top of hiis mouth


    im freakin out bout tht pic o GOSH EVERYTHING IS CLOSIN IN ”GREAAATTT”

  • Bieber girl

    Love you both your a cute couple and I love this website(:

  • stupid selena i wish i can kill her but justin wow shocked maybe she’s just dating you to make fans jelouse and y would you date her if she already kissed a boy in monte carlo i hate you selena.wish selena gomez never was born it was a curse.

  • stupid selena i wish i can kill her but justin wow shocked maybe she’s just dating you to make fans jelouse and y would you date her if she already kissed a boy in monte carlo i hate you selena.wish selena gomez never was born it was a curse.i mean she’s not even a millionare only if she was a millionare she would needjb’s lips to get more money.

  • i hate selena gomez all she does is to be a bitch i hope you here this bitch!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      How is she a bitch? Because she is dating Justin Bieber. You guys are so mean.

  • i hate selena gomez she is the shpe of shit i mean look at her square head

    • Anonymous

      Stop hating on selena!

    • im nice you are the shpe off shit ok and back off he´s my boyfrined!!!

      • Brandon

        Stop faking, you stupid bitch. How do you think Selena would feel if she knew some low-life twat was impersonating her and calling people names? If you are so delusional to think anyone would believe you are Selena, then you need to go to the nuthouse. First of all, Sel probably doesn’t even know about this website. She would know how to spell, as well, which is clearly a skill that you don’t possess.

  • Barry

    All of you little girls are so delusional.
    Clearly, you need to get a life and to move on from Justin Bieber’s love life.
    He is NEVER going to date any one of you annoying little trolls.

    “Oh she better watch her back!”
    What the fuck are you gonna do, you little cunts? Not shit.
    You’re probably like 13 and do not even know how to work a water gun.
    All of you little twats are just jealous of Selena, you’re jealous that she is successful and dating you’re little Justin. Get over it, all of you.

    You are the reason the older generation hate Justin Bieber. And by older generation, I mean myself and everyone older than 18?

    God, you’re all pathetic.

  • jasimine

    Oh my gosh! Just leave them alone !!! Apparently there is a reason he is dating her and probadly that reason is that she doesnt STALK him ! Thats the nice version. You guys can be his fan but dont be a personal stalker.

    • lexi

      I totally agree

  • Anonymous

    disgusting. get a room.

  • lexi

    Can u guys just stay off, seriously they look good together and they r probably going to brake up sometime and things will be normal!! Unless they get married they can live a bad influnced life!! Ugh!!!!!! U guys all probably have other crushes mabe u can go ask them out!!!!!!!!!!!! :p hehe!!?!?!!?!!

  • Was he naked in the bed.

  • Yea what Lexi said stay of and leave them alone and there cute together

  • Anonymous

    That is not selena and Justin. It’s a double from Justin. ! 😮
    I know the name from the Girl. 😀 She called Brittany Payson.
    I had read a articel about the photo. That’s fake. ! -.-‘
    It gives even a proof, that the guy from the photo isn’t Justin…

    • Marooon ♥ Sarah. :p

      and the guy had a big birthmark, but Justin had at this position no birthmark. ! ;D
      So at all. It’s a fake, okay? -_-

  • c

    U s are so mad they are 2 gether

  • he´s all mine ok so back off

  • it isn´t fake

  • Bella

    that’s not selena that’s miley (;.. look at her hair and mouth..and eyebrows.and chick..it’s miley .xoxox

  • tempany

    They are the CUTEST and HOTTEST couple ever!!!!!!!!! Leave them alone!!!!!!!!! Luv u Justin and Selena!!!<3<3<3<3

  • girl123


  • Amy

    Look guys I love them both ! don’t get me wrong on that cause I love justin and selena. They both used to have a normal life like us and they want to live it normal now , At this point I don’t think they care about PDA or the press. Most of you probably have made out in public and maybe he had his hands on your ass or she had her hand up his shirt .. idk. I’ve made out in public before. So if we can , then I think justin and selena should be able to to. Maybe they don’t want to go in a room cause then people will consider her a whore or a slut for saying ” oh justin let’s get a room instead so it will be more private ” They want to show that they love and care for eachother alot so let them show that ! Ya maybe a 3 minute make out session is a bit out of hand to do that in public with a crowd of people but if you so called “beliebers” actually loved him then you would be happy for the guy. and same goes to you who like selena! so next time you say something like “thats so innapropriate like they need to get a room” think about yourself and the last time you made out / kissed / felt up .. etc. in public. No I don’t know if Jelena is doing this to get publicity , in fact no one knows for sure if it is or not except justin and selena themselves. Personally , I don’t think it is because they probably just want to show the world that they know how to care for someone and that they’re growing up and they don’t care about what people say. So guys , Give them a break from all the hating .

    From a true *Belieber*

  • i love justin he so hot i love justin song and he caut

  • Anonymous

    dnt make me giggle this is not selena or justin look at the moles on her face an the one on him just an selena dnt have them good look alikes tho .

    • Anonymous

      call me 2016808864

      • Anonymous

        nice. just give ur number to the world. haha….

      • Anonymous

        He can’t kiss

        • and how would u know that? have u kissed him before? yeah i doubt it!

        • Mel

          Excuse me i no because look at his lips smart ass

    • Anonymous

      i think that they are a great couple

    • not reallyy belieber

      how would you know??? i dont get it…

    • im happy for you and a hop that you kom two aruba

    • Anonymous

      Justin on shit and selena don’t even liker him yo he real stupid

    • Anonymous

      Like justin forget papparazi does be wachin he kissin like he have lips problems thats why every body i no does call he a ass hole

    • you dont like selena because me i dont like her and she is a ****

  • Anonymous

    that should be me

    • u do know thats not justin or selena??!! LOL:) 😀

      • Anonymous

        hard ae!! and i hate how they make uhp stuff bwt them!!

      • Anonymous

        rlly? oohh rip off. i thot it was for a minute…

    • lol…. u will get thr

  • Anonymous


    • katie mmcguire


      • Laura

        hahahaha!!!!!!! SOFINGRANDOM!!!!!!! HAHA HA ha…. ha?

    • Anonymous

      (not a fan but..) omg, your right:L it’s not himm.

      • Anonymous

        leave him alone

    • justin

      it is not just i dont know justin is but i can say or guess he is not like that

    • Anonymous

      that’s figgin rude. it looks like him, don’t say ‘they’re not a bieber fan’ if they think its him. i bet you did to.o plus, who uses bieber fans anymore!? it’s BELIEBER, get with it. of course, you’d know that if you were a belieber, but..

      • Anonymous

        i’m not a bieber fan…………………….

    • dude the pic is random!!!!!!! its the story thats true!!! the pic isnt even supposed to be of it!!!! dont take it out on the blog!!

  • Anonymous

    ujimvi, m,eo,gnmjimhimf

  • micaela ortega

    quiero que seas mio

    • Anonymous


  • micaela ortega

    te voy a ir a ver selena gomez sos un p……. te re odio sos orrible cantas como mariqua

    • micaela ortega

      justin te voy a ir a ver. Selena sos un p……. te voy a matar estoy rogando que te mueras te odio

  • hoochbagooch

    that looks like justin but thats not selena. and ew… quit it with the pda’s, guys! no one wants to see you guys almost making love in public! you shouldnt even be doing that! GROSS

  • jake

    that not selena gomez

  • Anonymous

    that’s not selena gomez! i h8 this website! somethings are true and some arent and you’ve got people tweeting stuff that’s made up! fuck this shit!!!!!!! i h8 it!!!

    • Anonymous

      ooooh! you h8 this website!? WELL, someone’s a bit of a cool cat! who the fuck uses ‘h8’ anymore?

      • LoveForJustin

        she does (;

  • Brendag

    AGGGG! I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER, es lo peor!
    me dá asco, creído estúpido, TE DETESTO >.<

    • LoveForJustin

      entonces porque estas aqui? seriously why the fuck are you on this website if you hate Justin? thats just retarded :/

  • Sarah Gardiner

    I can’t tell if this pic is real or not , I love Justin no matter who he dates

  • selena gomez is da best


  • selena gomez is da best

    i dont think that is them though but if the text is real…. awww

    i love selena&justin <3

    • Anonymous

      that’s the friggin spirit! i’m so glad to see at least one person who likes justin bieber with selena gomez. after all, if they claim they like justin but not selena she’s a part of him now, so theyre basically hating on him. and plus, do they really think that if they say ‘i’m gonna kill selena!’ is gonna make justin go, ‘wow! that fan is right! i need to break up with her and kill her!’ he’d most likely be ‘shut the fuck up. i love my girlfriend, and you’re not my fan.’ BAM. haha, and people who publically ‘hate’ justin or selena, no one gives a flying fuck. your little pissy judgement won’t turn the world against him.

  • justin bieber and selena gomez look like a happy couble

  • Y Do you care

    That is Not Justin, His hair says it all

    • dear justin bieber shrine blog hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that im not happy with them both just as a couble , and know one is not going to convince me at all ,, just because off them parents did not what them to be dating just to beinging with ,, and just along with justin bieber,s mother she did it love selena gomez at frist , and justin bieber,s parents and family admit,s that selena gomez , was using him ,, love david b conway

      • LoveForJustin

        that. does not make any sense :L



  • ali vankurin

    this pic kinda looks fake, but eh its whatever what do they expect they are bf and gf their gonna makeout, i personally dont like her but whatever.

  • Someonek?

    Well urm, That’s a bit.. Urm disturbing:

  • audrey

    Is not Selena gomez , its the girl playing in ” Next 2 you ” videos.

  • i must say dat u have a killa body. and i like yiun alot

  • lol i lyk u alot. mmmmwwwwwaaaaahhhh!!!!

  • that pic is so real. if u dnt have the body work on that and let the HOT dude do what he does bes!

  • Izzybo123

    thats not Justin nor Selena! look at their moles! they dont have them in real life! yes they did make out backstage as somebody said when they walked by them but im not sure who said it..but they werent half naked in a bed when they would have to go out soon…DUH!

    • LoveForJustin

      that, my dear, is a very good point. they wouldnt be making out half naked on a bed would they? 😀 xxx

  • Sedona

    selena gomez is a bitch ass fucking whore.

  • fionandrei


  • LoveForJustin

    Is it just me who thinks it looks like them? and dont tell me that im not a Belieber cause i think its them. Cmon people you got to say- it does look like them! doesnt it? :/

  • ann diana

    tat so ewwwwwwwwwww disgustin

  • they really shouln’t date and thats just gross

  • Anonymous

    thats not selena

    • Anonymous

      thats not selena gomez or jb

  • ok for one selena is a bich and that is them soo stfu next justin is sixteen she is nineteen soo fuck it

  • belieber

    LOOOOL photoshoped!

  • holaaaaaaaaaa justin es una tarada selena no soy su fans por que la odio sos re lindo justin te amo y a voz tambien sele lo que desia del odio era mi amiga que esta loca

  • Anonymous

    uhhh too much dont ya think? my opinion

  • that would make me feel akwarde like i always do when im in the same room as people tht r making out with eachother!! …

  • selena gomess sos una chica muy divertidaa me enanta tu forma de ser mee encanta la forma de ser de ustedes 2 soy la fan numeroo 1



  • justin bieber jb hot slena ok .;)

  • justin bieber hot selena wleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk, i am sorry jb and selena ok

  • aq msh umur 10 th

  • venus

    ooooh my gooooood!!!!!! veryyy gooood!!

  • kiara

    i can tell if its not him justin has aa liitle mole on his right cheek and this guy doesnt

  • Anonymous

    that is so not justin or selena

  • alez criss

    call me at this number 0199279588

  • negin

    i am negin frome iran.and i love u justin bieber so much.and i listen to your musics and i love u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please send me some messages on my id!we can friends with each other with ID.ok?please answer me! I LOVE U

  • i love jb and selena

  • Ana-Maria

    I don’t remember Selena having a mole on her left cheek…so it’s a fake photo

  • anna

    o m g !!!!!! it’s so swite..i love you justin.. jb fever:x

  • thats nasty!!! JUSTIN AND SELENA: no one wants to see u guys swallow eachothers tounges!! thats nastyyyyy

    just sayinnn
    love u anyway Justin:)

  • fatouma

    i am ten years old and i like justin bieber and selena just the way you are .
    by the way i live in england at nottigham at st anns i hope you guys come

    beybey from fatouma zahra

  • hudson pavlic

    i wish i was justin bieber for that but selena gomez will be at the top!

    • Katie bieber

      HI r ill because of bieber fever

    • maybe she may not maybe she will maybe she wion’t.

    • kiiyt

      thats nota real pic. i investagated, REAL INVESTAGATE!!!!

    • Anonymous

      yea same here except i wuddnt be da only one with a shirt off 🙂

  • nicki

    ewww bieber no pda please.

    • Katie bieber

      U dont like jb do u

      • Lauren

        Duh isn’t that obvious ass hole LMAO

      • omg

        every body need to vote that selena and justin is a horrible cupple

        • Sasha

          You spelled COUPLE wrong.

        • selena rox

          no they r a perfect couple ur just jelous tht ur not pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • selena rox

          sorry i ment they are a perfect couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! typo!!!!!!!!

        • linda

          i agree i think they good togther and if your not happy with it its only cuz your mad your not with him

        • shaunie Bieber

          hey justin and selena are perfect for each other , you need to stay out of it and leave them alone. there happy and in love – deal with it !

    • Anonymous

      hogh moaka laéiiiiuajoamm
      jéaá aoak na vceyíaztrfdiu
      ua oskiumncokéaámaieis

    • Rita

      Ur a dumb ass

  • Davina

    BIEBER make sure u keep it in the pants
    Gomez keep ur legs close

  • lol cuteeeeee…..love u both

    • omg

      omg man justin is so not a good cupple with selena
      and selena i can beat your byt any were and any place and plus me and justin used to go out im gone to beat your but were gone to fight over justin yes

      • i was just kidding im the biggest fan selena your the best im inatlanta please prank star me please biggest fan every thing in my room is all u not justin not a fan but u yes maybe we can hang ouyt some times il tellu the rest just text me back okokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokpookokokokokokokokokokokookokokokokookkokokookokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokookkokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokkokokokokokokokokokokokkokokkokkokkokokokokokokkookkookokokokokkokkkookkokokokkookokjokokokookokokokok

        • love u selena

        • tyamd

          WHAT ?????

      • sela

        u r jealous because justin bieber is dating selena gomez ……………..?stupid think
        honey it doesn’t matter
        if they r dating or not
        and anyway they r both a great couple honey
        and justin bieber won’t breakup with selena gomez for u honey
        grow up baby
        fuckkkkkkkkkkkk u

        • baby

          your mean to peps

      • Anonymous

        u a bitch he obviesly dont want yo uglly ass


    • selena rox

      but he doesnt love u bak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh u cryin now!!!!

  • BieberLover13

    Thats not Selena and Justin!! There just randomzzzz!;)

  • Ryleigh

    I love you Justin!!!! Your so sexy and I would be the one to pick for some sex lol

  • Ryleigh

    Ur the best and sexiest guy on this whole entire earth!!!!! U rock my world real good!!! Love u sexy! 😉

  • sidney

    he such a bitch

  • sam95

    at least their happy, that sall thats counts!! 🙂 i love both of them xx just leave them alone plz

  • they arent cute. they suck together. selena dates everything.

    • #1 bielieber




    owhhhh….slow down guys!!!

  • Marifer

    eywwww selena sucks….

    • Anonymous

      You suck don’t talk about Selena g. Fucking asshole

      • Anonymous

        Fuck off Mann and leave them alone the important thing is that they r happy together and stop jelling over thn.just cuz ur immochore and youu r probz bwt 20 and youu et even kissed any1youu stupid twat!!!!!!!!:@

    • nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan

      omigod ikr… her ego is like the size of jupiter

    • #1 bielieber

      hey just because you didnt get justin dosnt mean that you have to be mean to her for your joy how do think she feels if she c,s this THINK

      P.S SHE DOSNT SUCK U DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Is selena sucks u dnt have ANY taste at ALL!!!!!!!!!

  • norma rosado

    wave I am one of your fans and you
    I admire very much like me
    you were my boyfriend but that
    never going to happen for you
    these with selena gomez
    ach ..?.? good I hope in your
    kiero recital and I
    to spend the next song
    to you and also I admire my
    com? was: camila vera,
    javiera rosemary, valeria
    perez, that good moral sofia
    is all I love you a lot of stuff
    rika <3: $ attn: rosé standard

    • KYLEE

      i relly LOVE THE KISS

  • musika

    it’s not selena mybe because selena is a slut……..

    • nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan

      exactly. slutty whore. ugly slutty whore

    • Anonymous

      Shut The FUCK UP maybe u a slut BITCH

  • Nunyha, Nunyha Business

    aww, how sweet. He mentiones that they kiss too much so they go and kiss more…

    oh gosh not sweet not sweet…


  • selena gomez is a fucking baster because she youstuses boys . I think
    selena gomez is trying to losing justin bebier because everytime she s with
    a boy. I wish justin bebier leave selena gomez .

  • Anonymous

    i hear you justin………………………

  • aida

    hi justin , how are you .
    im your new fan . i like you , you are very sweet .
    your mother hs lucky , because you are her son .
    if you can speak to me , answer me .

  • mandy96

    I seriously doubt thats a real pic, justin wouldnt show off like that!!!!! ( u know probably)

    • Anonymous

      yes he would

  • !!!!!heloiiiiiii my name is eliana i love you

  • Antonio Pedro

    The guy on the photo…
    Its me, bitchez!

  • Selena is not she don’t has a mole on her cheek

  • Mariana

    this is not bieber and selena!!!!!! this is antonio pedro wollner and his girlfriend vivian!! youre so dumb, guys….. so take it off, please!!

  • I love this pic of you and selena you both look so cute what where you doing reading in the bed with her. wow how did it feel when you was kissing selena gomez for 3 minute.did you stop.

  • whow is that even selena gomez due who is that girl that do not look like selena gomez who is she

  • blah blah blah i think “JB” sucks ass! he iz a fucking dumbo who should jump off a clif! i did like Selena but then she was dating him and i tor up all of the posers i had of her! so Selena pick up your act and giv him the booskee!

    • Anonymous

      i totally agree

  • Madi

    I think Justin is really hot. Yes, it would be nice to to be his girlfriend and kiss him, but come on. He might be offended by this crap you guys post. He’s just a talented, sweet, cute guy. He shouldnt have to take all this pressure. I LOVE Justin. Im a Bieleber.
    God bless, and good luck, Justin

  • madylovesyou

    this kinda sickens me out .. i love justin bieber and to see him with another girl grosses me out !!! i love justin and i wish i was with him not selena !! no effens selena !! love you justin bieber !!!!

  • Madison Bieber

    Hes,so hot and shes pretty but there so diffrent like gooodddd

  • you cool with pupple hat its hot on you
    hang out with you

  • victoria

    hey did you do sex

  • victoria

    okokokokokokokok i am just kidding i love ya all

  • Anonymous

    fgdsfedsf ff v46IK<o

  • Nina Bieber

    I’m so in love with justin bieber. “luv u justin!”

  • Anonymous

    The point is they love eachother so just leave it alone its no point in commenting anymore they are never gonna date you they probabaly dont even know who you are so just leave em da f*** alone

  • I don’t no wat to say

  • Candida


  • Next2You

    EWW…. PDA is so gross… PDA is so not Selena’s color. That doesn’t even look like Selena. I rather eat glass then see Justin & Selena Makingout. They don’t look like a cute couple. like whenever they started going out i thought it was cute but now it’s just plain nasty. if i seeing people makingout it makes me sick. Justin keep it in yo pants. we don’t want a little one running around. Anyways selena totally changed Justin.

    • Zoe

      They can chose if they do want a little one not you

  • dcszva

    that is the fakest thing ive seen in my life

    • jsb

      seriously, there teenagers dating, get a life

  • selena Bieber


  • nnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooo justin sos mio si

  • Gaarcia♥!

    La neta la neta la neta la neta! No se ni porque le hisieron un SANTUARIO a JB:/ & pues cada quien su punto de vista & respeto opiniones simplemente digo Porque le hisieron un SANTUARIO a JB?:S Suu musica no me agrada muscho que digamos bueno la neta casi ni me gusta

  • osyaa

    huuu 😛

  • leslie

    I love you justin cute couple you won the richest of all loko Selana arto ADVANTAGE <3

    • leslie

      I would love to be in your shoes selena: D I envy but healthy envy intecion no evil: D

  • Zoe

    I love Justin i would marry him

  • Zoe

    I love him i live where he does!!!!

  • jelena=forever

    chill out guys, there like 18 and kissing in a room. its not like they murdered some1. and that sh*t about them being a publicity stunt, seriously give it a rest. there young and in love. of course they are, there the only ones around each others age in hollywood and they want that saport from each other. can u seriously give it a rest. they already have enough to deal with. how would u like it if u were kissing your boyfriend or girlfriend and some1 took a pic of it and was like your just fake and shouldnt be kissing, or it was photoshopped he doesnt have a mole. really people? get a life.


    please leave selena alone. how would u like it if people were leaving u death threts cuz u were dating some1. and every girl in like the world wuld take him from u if they culd. they were kissing, big deal. there in luv and there like 17 and 18. stop freaking out!

  • jsb

    seriously people, youv never seen two teenagers make out? just cuz there famous doesnt mean there alliens, ok?

  • i love you Justin let selena for me she his 20 year old but you so 18 you see 2 years of differente call me my number=00243994539868



  • i think it looks real but there’s no way justin and selena would do that

  • isn’t justin bieber’s haircut horrible i think it is

  • I think that justin bieber is too young to be doing that with her . even if he was the same age as her i would alow him to do it.

  • would ye like to go out with him if he didn’t get a haircut ?

  • so do you think that he is cute when replying write yes or no

    • (no well i would if he didn’t get a haircut)

  • i think that it is fake so get over it please

  • do ye ladies like him ? if ye do have sex with him.please please .

  • just make sure ye can find him do it do it .

  • i think they aren’t even having that in the picture so if u don’t write back i will find out were u live & i will kill u. so do text back or u know what will happen to u.

  • i think they are cool but only selena.

  • i think ye should write back or else

  • i think it looks fake but if it isn’t fake and they were having sex it would be disgusting.it would seem that i don’t like them.

  • i think there having sex in the picture.and that there really really having it okay.;]

  • ffhgbggfyderjgtrtrttyuewutjuru 😎

  • i think justin is so cute do ye think he is :]

  • i think there having it in the picture and if i had to describe them i would say disgusting.

  • він гарний

  • De är ihop igen

  • jessica

    you are decusting you have just lost a fan goodbye !!!!!!!!!!!1111

    • jessica

      i am talking about u justin

  • jessica

    i hate you

  • jessica

    hate u too selena

  • alanna

    selena i love your soinging

  • i think that that isn’t selena in the bed with justin.i know it looks like selena but it’s not.

  • i think they’re having sex with each other.

  • sup everybody i think selena is the cool 1 not justin.justin is disgusting:d.

  • i think justin is so not cool he sings like a girl

  • alyssa

    hey i think that they should not date because i like selena just the way she is and love with is with of her she is a good girl and very pretty come on justin bieber is too small for her i think that she does not diseve him and this is form Ariel Spahr

  • sexy goed

  • so..cool and I love you justin bieber!!!

  • sup everybody did you see jb get slimed at the kids choice awards.leave a comment or else.see you later.

  • i think the girl in the bed is selena gomez.

  • Jasmine Tween

    Cool I wish I was in love with someone as hot as them.

  • selena is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo flat shes is bullshitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttjustin u r stupid or what u kiss selena yak man she love u for money and for ur sex shes a call girl shes sex with one man to another . give me ur no. salena .i will give u a boy to sex. leave jb ur not his type .justin is my ex boyfriend go selena bullshit go to hell shh shhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………………………………………..

  • selena u r bullshit go to hell shu shu shu shus jb u r stupid or what u kiss her disgusting shes not ur type shes acall girl.jb i lllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i love u

  • OMB!

    Oh My Gosh! hehe 😉

  • justin touchs selena boobs in streakhouse

  • they r in rubbish love.

  • hi both selena and justin are cool no ones forcing no one they might be in love and your just mad cuzz justins taken ps. i like both but i like selena better than justin cuzz idk y k

  • Hello!
    I think ‘Anonymous’ is jealous!!!!!!!

  • tegan

    hi justin i think you and selena are a really good couple and i would to have a day with you and selena pleeeaaassseee

  • mary lin

    they are having a nice kiss.

  • emily

    i think jutin is not cool sence he got a haircut he looks so very very stupid. i don’t like him any more ye shoudn’t either i’m just sayin.i’m just sayin he looks very very very very stupid if his hair was the same i would still like him he used to look very cute i hate him now selena is the cool 1 now that all from me till later

  • nour abid

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve you so matsh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ?????????


    • Lilz

      get a life!! seriously!!! how would u like it if people told u they hate u coz they like ur boyfriend!! u DONT KNW WHAT IS GOING ON IN HER MIND LET ALONE HER {HEART} so let her be with the person she wants to be… coz clearly ur “disaprovel” doesnt matter to anybody!!!!

    • clarissa

      i agree with you ?????????

  • Lilz

    seriously u guys,, so what!! they r a normal couple im sur emore than half of u guys make out wif ur bf for 3mins or more!!! and u get to c ur bf all the time!!! they only get to c each other on schedual!! just respect them!! instead of breakin them down!! they r people!! just like us!!

  • they are the sweetest couple over the world . 1 reason i don`t love justin because he kiss other girls when he met.

  • clarissa


  • clarissa


  • clarissa

    selena gomez is stupid

  • i dont like both of them all.

  • i dont like selena but i like justin

  • CuteMahi

    Hey Selena & JB love you both

  • justin who is he ooh i remember he is the guy who kiss the girls oh justin dont do that otherwise selena will cry

  • i am

    hese so cute

  • vannessa

    hello selena i love you

  • i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me

    Okay so i knw Justin luvs Selena and im okay with tht theyre both cute but come on 3 minutes thats a little too much luv in front of the camera plus kids are watchin tht stuff so pls dont get tht stuff planted in there heads because then they might think thts okay to tounge kiss in front of people for 3 mins i luv and respect them im just sayin take THAT to a bedroom!
    Love, i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me

  • haley

    honestly this is how i feel people shouldnt be saying eeeeeewwww what if it was you and ur boyfriend who you love think about it that way

  • haley

    please no hate cause its how i feel i hope you understand my oppinion

  • Jelenator

    I need to see a video to believe.Lol 😉

    • Anonymous

      What about us good yes be happy awesome she be late on more justi bieber yes sweet be nice jasmine Don’t said that nice to selena she won nice Don’t said that what she be girlsfriend austin & ally kiss she love you Maia Ally Kara Ross. Teen beach movie kiss been okay hey jasmine I’m okay love Ross Maia jasmine

  • nienke

    y love you justin

  • ella

    stop hatin on selena shes pretty..I personaly think she could do better then justin..but beauty is in the eys of the beholder..

  • monique

    love you justin bieber

  • Look…I Am actually a fan of both but Selena has gone too far this time and in all the pics of both it looks lke Justin has a fake smile…I dont know and care if it was a fake relationship but I still love thm both…She just can kiss him in private…Im I rite or what?

  • Irene

    Who took that picture in bed?

  • deddy

    best hot justin and selena……

  • karti

    I Like This

  • Fazal U Rahman

    whom so nice i too like

  • azad


  • tika

    wow justin amazing

  • berlin

    wie wärs wenn selena ein kind von justin bekommen würte und wie es aussehen würte das kind

  • maddie

    Thats sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo grossssssssssssss

  • Anonymous

    i hope you all get stabed

  • Jordan

    I think it’s sexy ooh I feel it

    • Nathan

      Your gross

  • Melanie

    Just shut the fuck up all of you they are together because they love each other and no one asked for your opinion so just leave the alone bitches do you understand me. Who cares if they kissed so what they have young love you should all be ashamed of your selfs judging those teenagers if they whant advice they would ask for some fucking advice.

  • juliette deleplace houo

    ouh la la, cette selena super belle, alors que justin, beurk !!!!

  • effner gustave

    arrete, justine et super beau gosse, surtout au lit ! 🙂

  • effner gustave

    arrete, justin biber est trop beau gosse, surtout au lit ! 🙂

  • parmis


    • hanwiyanpa am in 5th

      selena’s had a 3 minunt makeout with a boy’s

  • kealy

    worry about your own life not these rich people their not hurting you cray-cray ppl.
    Do you have a life you’re own stop worrying about other ppl mine yo own bees-waxs.


  • kealy

    worry about your own life not these rich people their not hurting you cray-cray ppl.
    Do you have a life you’re own stop worrying about other ppl mine yo own bees-waxs.


  • alex

    i didn’t mean to say that justin biber i love more than anybody in the world u are mine

  • Lilly

    You know what? One time Selena was naked, Justin kissed her boobs, and told her, ‘ You have a great body, ultimate sex, and you’re totally sexy! Talk about hot.



  • Rudolph

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  • Zella

    Oops, due Gary!


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