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Justin Bieber 2011 MTV Movie Awards Pictures

Justin winning the Drop Dropping Dropping Moment Award at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards for “Never Say Never”.

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  • tiara

    i know this is not fan likely to say but this is my opinion, i dont think he deserved that award he was up against very suprising and awesome movies i think twilight should’ve got it honestly or the black swan.his movie wasn’t that jaw dropping yeh it was ok but it wasnt as far as good as twilight and black swan . MY OPINION so you do not need to get mad this is just my thought

    • tiara

      can you guys comment

      • Jessalyn

        I love him and find him amazing but he didn’t desereve to win i freaked out in black swan dude she was peeliing her skin off her finfer ! justin was just singing !!!! it just goes to show you what the youth can do .

  • Wo0o0ow justin right now is so popular and famous I wish for him all the best and to successed in every thing he want and to selena too

  • Haylle Jelovich

    I lov u so much and happy u won best mouth dropping moment luv ya

  • not sure

    i dont think i like justin that much anymore. his styles different and weird, he IS changing, i dont care what he says. and i mean he still appreciates his fans but not the way he used to. its like hes trying to convince himself that hes the same, but hes not.
    he doesnt deserve this award, seriously….its just a concert!!! my jaw dropped at the black swan or the adventure movie thiing, but in jb’s, i just smiled. never say never shouldnt have been nominated because its not even an action or suspense movie. why did it even wiin?
    im still going to be a fan but i wouldnt say i have bieber fever anymore. to me, the person who caused the fever is the one whos going to end it too.
    i know someone who know knew justins old manager (in the music industry so he had connections), and he said that justin was a brat. its not like a suuuper old manager so justin coudlnt have changed, infact, hes quite recent. its just interesting to see fans still in love with him, when wheres the logic? ask yourself, why do you love him??
    im not speaking for everyone, but to some, you still love the old him, thats what youre hearing when you listen to his muusic….
    im sorry guys. but im not a huge belieber anymore. theres just a spark left that needs to be lit up again, or else its going to burn to a crisp.
    please comment, i want to know your opinions!!! 🙂

    • janice

      wow, i honestly could not have said it better myself. i REALLY agree.
      he’s not the perfect, do-it-all, amazing cutie that he used to be.
      he’s growing up and is very much caught up in his life right now and not as much in his music.

    • anne

      i also agree.
      i can’t really pinpoint WHAT it is, but he’s just different.
      i remember when i watched the movie and when i watch old interviews and stuff, he used to be SO different. he was funny and cute and just enjoying life. now he’s very caught up in the fame and isn’t the funny quirky justin anymore.
      it’s really sad and i wish he would come back, but the reality is, people can’t stay young and can’t stay the same forever, and it was BOUND to happen.

    • Leigh

      Wow. That shocked me because you are right! I spent an hour trying to think of reason I love him and I came up with about 2.

      • Minty

        i agree with LEigh and “not sure”

        • not sure

          exactly!! im glad you guys agree…i was hoping i wasnt the only one.

        • Jessalyn

          I thought i was the only one pheww! I was was watching a recent interview and clicked on one from last year his so differnet now. I heard he told a couple of fans to “GO HOME”
          when he was in canada with selena my bieber fever is like 5 pieces of rice now I’M STARTING TO LIKE JADEN SMITH 🙂
          hes very cute and funny and i doubt he’ll ever change his dad is freaking will smith and i’m sure he’ll keep him grounded.
          The fame got to Justin’s head when him and selena break up he possibly won’t have many fans anymore because of his attitude. I will support him for “NOW”

      • Anonymous

        love him so much i really like him

    • Patricia

      Im sorry but ” fans ” like you annoy me. A belieber means someone who was there from the beginning and will always be there for Justin no matter what. You guys are worse than the haterz cause you betray Justin and all the rest of us. And wtf do you mean by his old manager? He’s always had one…… Scooter. If ya’ll don’t wanna be beliebers anymore that fine. That makes it easier for all the rest of us to get noticed by Justin.

      • not sure

        im sorry, but cant i still be a fan and not a belieber? i used to be a hardcore belieber but now its slowly fading away, which is what im saying….and for those reasons. it could still come back, but for now, im just a plain ol fan. i really think you shouldnt be so critical over some FANS not being as big as before. i still have posters of him all over my room and i still believe in him…just because im losing a bit, a biiiiit, of my faith in him doesnt really mean anything. hes staying strong so i will continue to be a fan. until something happens that changes that, i will forever be a fan. theres always gonna be ups and downs, and right now its a bit lower than neutral. maybe its cause of selena (of which then btw, why are you jsut criticizing me? theres thousands of others to make more room for the ‘beliebers than) and btw, i did say i wasnt sure. its my name. faith could come fully back, or not.

  • ChiiKqaaLaa Dee BieBer

    Mmmm….! Zee Veeiaa Bn-Bn-Bn LiiinDoo Mii Justin TeeKqieeRoo Muxxo

  • Julia

    loved the premiere last night tottally awsome!

  • thebiggestbitchintown

    Isn’t that Selena Gomez’s purity ring he’s wearing?

  • Uhm, ya’ll need to chill out cause Bieber is as amazing as ever and could totally beat your asses in singing and dancing ! Selena isn’t the reason he’s changed, hes effing growing up duh ! HE CAN’T ALWAYS BE SOME 12 YEAR OLD SWEETHEART.

  • Omg, Justin Biebers always gonna be him, he’s just growing up .. he’s seveteen isn’t he ? phase.