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Justin Bieber denies he ever snubbed Kanye West

Justin Bieber has strongly denied rumours that he has snubbed working with Kanye West.

The Biebster leapt into action after Hollywood Life reported that he was “hesitant” to hit the studio with Yeezy, claiming Justin was worried hooking up with such a controversial character could damage his squeaky clean image.

The US gossip website claimed that Mr. West was keen to get Biebs on his collaboration LP with Jay-Z, Watch The Throne, but the 17-year old turned down the chance of appearing on the eagerly anticipated record.

A source said to be ‘close’ to JB’s management told Hollywood Life: “Justin likes Kanye’s music, but he’s worried he’s done too many controversial things and it would hurt his image… Between the sex scandals, political gaffes and interrupting Taylor Swift, Kanye is known as a genius but a big risk to associate with!”

Despite these accusations, Justin took to Twitter to quash the rumours, insisting that he is still good friends with Kanye and the reports were completely untrue.

The 17-year old posted a link to Hollywood Life’s story, accompanied with the tweet:

“some rumors…i just dont know where they come from. me and @kanyewest are good. This right here is just FALSE. correcting rumors… #ilovetwitter”

It is thought that the All The Lights rapper is helping Justin record new material for his next album, with West previously posting a snap of himself and Biebs in the studio on Twitter.


Last night I read this story and decided to skip it because I know it can’t be true, especially given that it’s coming from Bonnie Fuller and the people at Hollywood Life. They have a history of making sensational headlines purely to get more readers to come to their site. Thumbs way down.

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  • jade

    this isnt true justin said so himself on twitter

    • kel

      that is also stated in the article.. durrr

  • Patricia

    I saw his tweet about this. I hate that hollywood life website cause they love making fake drama. Please if he was worried about his image, he wouldn’t have worked with Chris Brown. Chris has a worse reputation than Kanye.