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Justin Bieber & Drake win 2011 MMVA International Video of the Year Award

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  • em

    Did anyone else think that selena and justin looked really awkward?!

    • tiara

      yeh it looks like they are scared to talk to each other and that outfit is not complementing her shape at all

    • yes it was very awkward but it looked kind of like it was put on and they didnt wanna look at each other or something xx ha
      🙂 i lov u justin

  • tiara

    did yall see her on the red carpet she looked stunning and beautiful but i still don’t like her at all

  • Anonymous

    myb they dont want to make their fans jelous and angry as u all know, theres JB n SG fans that didnt want them to be together.. i guess! *peace* but JB is always the lovely and funniest guy ever! <3 em both!

  • ChelzGzz

    Lol so cute! I didn’t really find it awkward I found it funny az. And I also realized that because Sel is wearing heels Justin isn’t taller than her xD haha

  • gabby togs

    AGH i think they r still shy ’bout public knowing there together IDK
    I <3 BIEBER

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  • dhdbdjzh

    LMAO Justins voice literally sounds deeper that drakes:D

  • Belieber

    Justin’s just jumping everywhere

  • Jbfreak

    Did y’all see how Justin slide towards Selena

  • i,m prond of you justin bieber for geting your Award and can we date on August25t 2011