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Justin Bieber Perfume ‘Someday’- Exclusive Announcement


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  • i love u justin sooooooooooooo much really

  • my dream is see u or talking with u

  • akhil

    i am a big fan of justin

  • GeorgiaHoles

    I hate England!!!!!!!!!!! You can only get it in flipping Canada and America (Even though I love both of these countries) Grrrrrrr I want some Someday!!!!!! <3 Much love to JBiebs <3 xxxxxxx

    • Anonymous

      order online!

  • kara

    i love u justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<33333

  • kara bieber


  • Sascha

    he looks so hot when he looks up just at the beginning

  • hes voice sounds deeper hes really growing up