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Justin Bieber Stratford Bronze Star Honoree

He has collected glittering trophies at the Junos, the American Music Awards, the Teen Choice Awards, the Billboard Music Awards and the MuchMusic Video Awards.

His albums have gone double platinum in Canada and the U.S.

Now one of Stratford’s most famous native sons will be recognized with a bronze star in his hometown.

Justin Bieber is one of four recipients who will be recognized on Canada Day by Stratford’s Bronze Star program, the city announced Friday.

The Bronze Star recognizes individuals who have contributed profoundly to the culture or social fabric of the city, or who have achieved national or international status.

The stars will be presented this year during the Canada Day celebrations in Market Square July 1. It’s unclear whether Bieber will attend the ceremony.

Festivities begin at noon, with the bronze star presentation taking place at 1:30 p.m.


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  • Giani Bieber


  • ok just added the none real jb to my fb, does he even have fb?

    • Terri

      if he does we’ll never find it. I’m sorry.

      • Chelsie Bieber

        yeah he does if you go on facebook.com/justinbieber then it will take you to his facebook page!!

        • ok ill try it thnx u guys i really think u guys are the best people ive ever met in my life by u typings tht i have read! 🙂

    • courtneyluvsJB

      yes he has 2. He has one : Justin Bieber
      and the he has his private one that i shouldnt give out but i sent a friend request to it 🙂
      these are 100% real too i know because his private one has all his friends, Ryan, Chaz, Dan Kanter, Scooter BRaun, Mama J and more!

  • Terri

    And I would say he’s earned a star that’s for sure.

  • Sara

    i know this has nothing to do with anything but i miss the old justin bieber. i really do. i miss his cute little radio interviews, or his surprises towards his fans, or his cute, private shows, or adorable flirty comments to his fans. i know hes just growing up but i the boy i fell in love with in 2009</3