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What really happened with Justin Bieber outside Macy’s

The whole Macy’s thing didn’t make any sense to me and the more articles I read to figure out exactly what happened the more confusing the story got.

So many unanswered questions. Why would someone attack Justin? What a cop attacked him? Why? Doesn’t he know who Justin Bieber is? And how come nobody got into any trouble but a cop? What? Now the man was really part of the Bieber team? Then it changes to back to being a cop? And how come a member of JB’s team got a citation form the police? Ahhhhh!!!!!

No articles made any sense or really had any good information on what took place outside Macy’s today, not even MTV‘s.

The only article that makes any sense to me is this one which, in short, states that Justin mistaken the undercover cop for a crazy fan when he was trying to get to Justin to protect him.

It was a madhouse in midtown Thursday as teen heartthrob Justin Bieber launched his fragrance at Macy’s, sparking a frenzy that ended in mass confusion, panic, erroneous reports that the star was attacked and a citation for his security guard.

Hundreds of tweens descended on the store and Herald Square to get a glimpse of the follicly-blessed “Baby” singer. When Bieber, 17, stepped outside to wave to his “Beliebers” at about 3 p.m., they rushed police barricades, and Bieber’s guards tried to hustle him into the store.

A plainclothes officer jumped the metal barricade to help the harried Bieber, but the teen icon shoved him away, thinking he was a crazed fan, reports said.

“It was a momentary, well-intentioned misunderstanding and the event went well,” Bieber’s rep told The New York Post. “He’s completely fine and has no injuries.”

Imagine you’re the that undercover cop trying to save the day and you end up getting into a scuffle with “Justin Bieber” because he thought you’re crazy. lol. This whole thing is too funny.

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