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justin bieber sick adult men

Adult men are sick of hearing about Justin Bieber

AskMen.com just released the results of their 2011 Great Male Survey, which polled over 70,000 men from the United States, Canada, England, and Australia, about everything from their personal grooming habits to their breakup styles. AskMen also included a couple of questions pertaining to celebs, where the results revealed that although Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber came in at #1 and #3 on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 List respectively, it doesn’t mean that everyone loves them.

When asked the question which male celebrity they were most sick of seeing in the spotlight, the results weren’t quite as surprising. Clearly, men around the world have not been struck by Bieber Fever, and Charlie Sheen is no longer “winning.”

47% Justin Bieber
20% Charlie Sheen
12% Barack Obama
8% Donald Trump
4% Prince William
3% Mark Zuckerberg
0% Arnold Schwarzenegger
6% None of the above


Um men hate JB cuz they’re jealous of a 17 year old.

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  • Anastasia

    haha of course they’re sick of him!!! hahaha, they’d also want to be a super star beloved by millions of young women all over the world!!! Jelousy

  • you know it i think everybody is just jealous of him lol.

    • Terri

      They sure are!

  • Terri

    Most people are sick of hearing about him …. well TFB. If they don’t like it they can suck eggs.

  • roberta

    como não vão ter inveja de um garotão bonito e com um grande talento essa inveja vai lhes matar

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    jealous of a 17 year old and tired of hearing about his success and all the girls talking about him? wow…saddening

  • Patricia

    hahaha maybe adult men are tired of hearing about him, but not adult women ( like me ) lol. Me and my friends can’t get enough of Justin. Its true that my boyfriend and male bff hate Justin cause they’re jealous of him lol.

  • Jay Sherman The Critic

    Do ya blame us? The little twerp has been EVERYWHERE the past year! I can’t even turn on the tv without hearing some bull crap tidbit of news about him. I was sick of the kid before he even became huge.

  • Jay Sherman The Critic

    Oh and believe me, Beilebers, you will look back on your crush on him in a few years and be like, “What on earth was I thinking?”

  • time

    Grown Men are tired of JB and his constant spotlight like he is the next MJ.ridiculous.There are better kids his age singers but they dont get chance like him. I have a life and dont bother about any celebrity but i admit everytime i check the news, there is a popup,ad or article about this kid.
    message to JB= we dont care how rich,flirty,drooled over star you are so please dont come to our regular news.
    I personally dont think you are a good singer and disney is promoting you everyday to extend their bank balance.Your gf selena looks more talented but she is just barely an amateur like you.Good luck and if you really are talented you will still be famous 20 yrs from now.

  • LR

    Any man would kill his wife or girlfriend over him because of jealousy. I have crushes on way too many male celebs and my boyfriend hates them, especially younger ones. Bottom line, it’s okay for girls to make guys jealous by liking hot guys they see in the media.