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Bieber, Spears, Gaga, Kim K show their hearts

If you do a lot of celeb-stalking on the Interwebs, you probably noticed something strange about your Twitter feed today. What happened to Britney Spears’ sultry Femme Fatale face? Justin Bieber’s magical mop-top? Why has every other celeb’s avatar been swapped for a graphic of hands making that the “heart” symbol?

Spears and Bieber — along with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Jonas Brothers, Kim Kardashian and countless others — are lending their very famous support to Show Your Hearts, a charity raising money for a Texas family who was touched by tragedy earlier this month.

On July 2, The Berry family of Houston was driving home from vacation, when their minivan was struck head-on by another car. Parents Joshua and Robin Berry didn’t survive, local TV station KHOU 11 News reports. Their three children — Peter, 9, Aaron, 8, and Willa 6 — were sent to hospital. The two boys, however, were left paralyzed and are reportedly still receiving treatment for their injuries. According to the station, the family is facing estimated costs of $5 to $10 million to pay for their ongoing care.

“It is a really sad story, but this is an opportunity for me and my friends to do something good for others,” Bieber told People magazine. “We can use our influence to do good. We are just doing our part, and I hope those kids get something positive out of it.”

The children’s uncle and guardian, Matt Berry, told KHOU 11 News how the family has reacted to the celebrity support. “Overwhelmed is an understatement,” said Berry. “They (the kids) haven’t heard, actually, everything about that. They knew Justin Bieber and his camp were helping out, but they don’t know the full details. When they do, I’m sure they’ll get big grins on their faces. It will brighten up their day.”

Those taking part in the campaign have been urging others to donate online. You can, too, by visiting showyourhearts.org, via Facebook and through text messages (texting BERRY to 85944 will send a contribution of $10 US).


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  • Ti Ti

    Thats awesome that their helping out and influencing others to do it too.

  • Anonymous

    you dont love selena gomez do you no you dont you suck bitch

  • mahalya

    you do bitch

  • Bieber lova 14

    Aww… Justin, and everyone else helping is so nice and ppl sau they’re heartless but read this article and you’ll know they’re sweet!

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    Aww everyone is doing hart pictures now, come on Justin! I love you, hey everyone follow me on Twitter @Shuust

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  • Anonymous

    Another reason why a single-payer healthcare system is the best, most fair way to run a healthcare system.

  • justin iloveyou so much! <3 I'm a huge fan. I am and always will be a Belieber! <3 .ILOVEYOU!!! <3