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Joe Jonas says his music is not for Justin Bieber fans

Joe clears up rivalry rumors between him and Justin – but did he go as far as insulting his pop star counterpart?

We’re happy to hear Joe Jonas, 21, doesn’t feel threatened by superstar Justin Bieber, 17. But he may have gone a little too far — insulting Biebs!

Joe tells AOL his career is in a different ballpark than Bieber’s.

“[My] songs are a bit more mature,” Jonas said. “The things that I speak about … I really hope 11-year-olds aren’t relating to them, or their parents are going to have to talk.”

He also says his solo album Fast Life is more about the obstacles of young adults opposed to pre-teen drama.

“I’m 21, so [I sing about] things a 21-year-old would deal with. And if an 11-year-old or whatever wants to listen to my music, that’s great, I’m more than happy. I just feel the core audience is going to be a little older,” Joe said.

Do YOU think Joe’s music is more mature than Justin’s?


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  • Nonamer

    Douche. Justin is coming out with an album called Believe.
    Not all his fans are 11. Most I know are around Justins age. 16-18.
    See No More is a break up song. How mature.

    • Anonymous

      totally agree with joe

  • JulieDamsgaard

    That’s just insulting! A lot of beliebers is way older than 11! I’m 16 and still a belieber and I know belieber who’s older than me. Joe should think before he talks sometimes ^^
    Joe’s music is a little more mature than Justin but I don’t think it’s that much. Justin’s is a little childish but he’s not that old yet and haven’t experienced as much in life as Joe has.

    • Duh

      exactly, but i dun think Joe have the intention to insult Bieber ..

    • Anonymous

      omg you are 16 even little 16 years olds wouldn’t understand what joe is talking about

  • Sascha

    I have never heard of Joe Jonas nor of his music. Does he have 30000000 fans and 11000000 followers as well?

    • Anonymous

      where the fuck you been if you don’t know who joe is

  • Lola

    You all need to shut the fuck up. Like, for real. OJD (Obsessive Jonas Disorder) has been around waaaaay longer than “Bieber Fever” was ever even thought of. Joe probably didn’t even mean to say it in a condescending way. Besides, ultimately for a span of nearly 3 and a half years, “JB” stood for Jonas Brothers or Jo Bros, not Justin fucking pre-pubescent Bieber.

    • hush it up.

      thank you. you just took the words out of my mouth.

    • :D

      OJD might have been around longer but that doesn’t mean it was bigger and more insane than Bieber Fever and if ur here to say bad things about Justin then please gtfo

      • ojd!

        she wasn’t saying it was bigger & more insane .

        • Lola

          I love how you guys support Justin when it comes to someone else having a good start at a solo carrer, but when it comes to Selena, you all feel like you have the right to insult her. Shut the fuck up.

        • Julie

          Okay, shut up. You cant just lable all beliebers. I love Justin, his music, his style, his everything. But that DOESNT mean that i hate Selena, i like her, and I know alot of beliebers who feels the same way, okay? Why are you on a JB site, if you’re just hating? I’ve never heard of OJD, but in not in the Jonas Brothers universe, so what if its been here way longer than Bieber fever? That doesnt give Joe rights to say Justin is immature, cause he isnt. He is stiil a child, but his songs is about real things, okay! So just leave. Its a fact that Justin Bieber is bigger and more popular than Joe Jonas, and theres is nothing you can do about that. So if you wanna continue to hating then leave us alone, cause we dont need you!

        • Mia

          Yay Julie! Thats exactly what i wanted so say. I love Justin AND Selena.
          So shut up fucking joe-lover.

        • Lola

          You’re both soooooo dumb. Stupid Americans.

        • ojd!

          LOL. Lola.

        • Anonymous

          what the fuck lola? stupid Americans? not even half of the beliebers in the world r american

        • Julie

          Haha, sweety, i’m not american.. You’re so stupid. Wanna know where i’m from, take this then..
          Lad os beliebers være, hvorfor er du på en Justin Bieber fanside bare for at hade på ham? Seriøst gå på en side for Joe fans, vi gider ikke have dig her, vi er pisse ligeglade med dig. Du skal bare lade os og Justin være, vi har ikke brug for dig, okay? Så skrid langt væk. #hatersyoucankillyourself

        • ojd!

          were you trying to make a point my speaking in a foreign language?

        • JB

          joe never said that justin was immature, he was just implying that when it comes to music, his genre/songs is meant to be aimed at more mature audiences. if you havent heard his other new songs, you wouldnt understand. the perspective is to another new level, despite this, usually, people who ARE 11 wouldnt understand. it IS true that a majority of justins fans are pre-teens, MOST of them. joe is just alking about justins fans in general. hes not trying to insult anyone.

        • Lola

          I don’t actually give a fuck where any of you are from, you’re all as equally stupid as each other, with the exception of ojd!

        • Anonymous

          nobody even gives a fuck about the jonas brothers anymore and beliebers aren’t stupid

        • ojd!

          speak for yourself anon.
          there are still millions of fans who adore the jonas brothers, JUST as much as they admire justin.

        • Lola

          THANK YOU OJD! Seriously, half of these people are such idiots!

        • Lola

          And “Julie”? Go fuck yourself. I mean, with your poor grammatical and language skills, I doubt anyone will ever want to fuck you.

        • Anonymous

          really? millions of fans…..ppl don’t even know them in africa.

    • One of the best choices that justin made was not going down the fucking disney line.
      Joe jonas doesnt want 11 yr old fans? Well dumbass your a disney star? Whatelse? Jb is defiantly a lot more mature than the jonas brothers were arounf his age. Nuff said

      • Lola

        Anonymous – your comment is fucking dumb. Have people heard of Justin Bieber in Africa? You do know that’s it’s a continent, not a country, right? There must be AT LEAST one country who has heard of the Jonas Brothers, fucktard.

      • ojd!

        So…. brittney spears, justin timberlake, vanessa hudgens, zac efron are all dumbasses in your case by not being able to be recognized on YouTube?

        • Lola

          ojd! – i actually love you 😛 HELP ME TALK SOME SENSE INTO THESE PEOPLE! Joe and his brothers worked HARD for their record deal, even when Columbia Records dropped them, they kept looking. Justin put the videos on fucking Youtube, not even intending for anything to happen. I’m not saying he didn’t want or work for it hard enough, because judging some pictures where he’s got bags and dark eyes, he works hard. I’m saying you can’t criticise Joe for having a good start, when the only reason Justin has 11 million+ followers, is because people have made multiple accounts and have followed him.

    • JelenaRoxs101

      Dude,I love you.[Not in a weird way] I miss when JB standed for Jonas Brothers,I miss that Justin Bieber wasn’t everywhere,I miss when threats weren’t coming out to Selena Gomez.OJD has 3 hot guys and bieber fever only have 1.

      • Lola


  • hush it up.

    like seriously? i love this site and all, but you`re seriously beginning to read the signs wrong. it`s obvious that joe had NO intention in insulting justin. i love justin`s music. but at the same time, i grew up with the jonas brothers. it`s completely agreeable that joe`s music is more mature than justin`s. so just shut the frick up. and respect BOTH artists for their music.

  • spongebob

    whatta a jerk. not all of Justins fans r 11 i mean there r younger ones but wtf Joe? he’s just not happy with that fact that Justin has overcome the Jonas brothers and has wayyyyyyy more fans then he does. it took like 3 days for see no more to get to 1 million views in YouTube while it only took like less than a day for next 2 you to get 1 mill. views. and I’m not hating on Joe or anything it’s just that I don’t like it when celebrities criticize other celebrities cuz they have more fans and r more famous…..

  • claudia

    yes i think his songs are more mature. i love both their music.

  • Katie

    This proves that a lot of people think that everything revolves around Justin if they think this has anything to do with him. I’m pretty sure that this was directed to the young Jonas Brothers fans.

  • Mrs.Justin.Drew.Bieber

    Were not 11 dumb ass

  • Nae

    I understand what Joe’s saying but why are all beliebers automatically like 11-12 years old?

  • mj

    That dumb man whore!! im glad i stopped liking him!! i used to love him till i fell in love with Jb!

  • Cassandra

    We are not fans, we are a family! <3
    Joe, get your jealous ass outta here!

  • Randomgirl

    The jonas brothers grew up in my town. Pretty weird. But i think all of you need to relax. Both are talented. He didnt insult bieber. Both of their music is aimed for a younger audience


    Shut up joe… so what if ur album is a lil more “mature” nobody really cares…we r all still believers which 21 year old would listen to ur bullcrap sad emo songs?

  • Im sorry, but why the fuck does everyone think that jb fans are all sensitive young children that cant handle shit? Like cmon most of us listen to artist like breezy and lil wayne and all that shizz? Like cmon? Just because we like someone who isnt very explicit doesnt mean we dobt know shit!

    • Parker Olson

      u spel lyk vry terible

  • Brooke

    Why is there so much hate?? Jeez!! /: I mean, seriously, I’m sure Joe wasn’t trying to insult Justin, and if he was, what are you gonna do?? That’s life, unfortunately. People insult people! Hating isn’t gonna help! And that is true that not all beliebers are 11 years old. I’m 15 and I LOVE Justin <3 and I used to love the Jonas Brothers too!

  • Monqiue

    You’s all need to get the fork out of your but. Joe’s just saying that he’s older and wants a more mature audience and people that relate to his music with stuff that he’s actually going through or been though.
    Justin is amazing and I my self am a fan of Justin and Joe, they are both inspiring people who don’t deserve any haters.


    Look Y’all ! I Love joe , And I LOve Justin , But Joe didnt Mean To Say it ! and its infact true ! because justin is singing like songs for teens ! and joe is singing for someone as his age ! and you all know what ?!?! whats going to happen ? are they going to fight ? GROW UP ALL !

  • Rit

    puh-lease. this is BS. my aunt who is 24 is a total Belieber. she hates Joe Jonas because of his immaturity and the fact that all he sings about is breaking up with chicks.

  • Meggster

    Oh c’mon. That’s not insulting. Joe is 4 years older than Justin, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s a big enough difference. He’s 21, he’s an adult, and so of course his work is going to be a little more mature! I proudly support both of them, and yes, their stuff is different, but he’s not insulting Justin at all. He’s just being straight up. I commend him on that. Chill people.

    • Lola


  • Daniela

    He Went Overboard Not All Justin’s Fans Are 11 And He Also Need To Know That He Could Hurt People Feelings

  • JelenaRoxs101

    I do love Justin Bieber but it is kinda getting outta control. I’ll Support the Jonas Bros anyday.

  • Anonymous

    duhh fa

  • Anonymous





  • Jonas

    Joe Jonas wasn’t insulting bieber at all, “beliebers” are so immature. Get over yourselves, jonas brothers have more talent and have millions of fans as well. There’s no reason to fight, Jonas fans enjoy Jonas music, bieber fans enjoy bieber. Calm down and stop being immature.
    Ps; go joe Jonas <3

  • Julissa

    Chill out! Joe’s not disrespecting justin or his fans. He’s just making a statement. Don’t just go assuming things, He’s obviously not making a rude comment to bieber. geeezzzz