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diggy simmons justin bieber

Justin Bieber comes out to support Diggy Simmons & Lil Twist

Justin made a surprise appearance at his buddies Lil Twist and Diggy Simmons’ “Closer 2 My Dreams” concert last night at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California. Justin has recorded “Wind It” with Lil Twist for an upcoming mixed tape and is also featured on Twist’s upcoming debut album on a song titled “Wherever You Are”. Can’t wait!

Here is Twist and Justin performing “Wind It” live at the concert…


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  • cant wait for the new album, i hope its good and justin looks good in this picture

    • hey they look sexy men i luv jb

      • Anonymous

        true like omg

    • bitch yhu aint a shawty so get over it

      • biebergirl

        justin bieber is like so cute

  • Cloud Pauler

    I miss the old J bieber :'( .. haha they grow up 2 fast 😉

    • i agree with u 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Damn hes so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so is DIGGY SIMMONS THERE BOTH CUTE

  • Patricia

    hahaha I find it funny that both of them are singing about being in a club when neither of them can get into one cause they’re both to young lol. No hate though I love JB.

  • suzette

    I have no hate to Justin he’s cool but he don’t know what he is. Acts black when he’s around blacks and acts like a whiteboy around Selena. Someones confused but it’s cute.

    • Anonymous

      Sooo jealous did u have to mention selena , I mean lyk does it matter how he acts arwnd different races ! It tells me dats his supper doop n I like !!!

  • i love you sooooooooooooo much diggy you are so cute,nice,hot,sweet.
    copy paste is my favorite music video baby am your number 1 fan awwwww you love me to. when will you be coming to greenville,sc. i love you hot self

  • Thatzzz

    O.M.G DIGGY SIMMONS is amazing I so would like to see him perform wonder where he is going next?ahh (goose bumps)and I would like to know the personality behind the awesome person Go team Daniel Dwayne “Diggy” Simmons mwa lots of love

    • Anonymous

      yes like diggy soo sexie its crazy forreal like both of them look sexie love DIGGY SIMMONS

  • biebergirl

    justin bieber is like so cute sorry selena

  • i love you justin bieber. i like you diggy simmons. i love you jaden smith

  • jahkaiya


  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss want to meet English Deaf talk yes like Alejandra Magana call (509)430-6261

  • carl williams

    Wow when u feel those unexplainable chill and charisma thats when u knoe your or y should be famoue…