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Justin Bieber ESPY Awards 2011 Pictures

44 ESPY Award pictures of Justin here.

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  • jbieberfannn!


  • He soooo cute. Lucky selena(:

  • justinlover

    lucky selena justin is so hot

  • Manda

    He grew up soo fast.. sometimes I’m like WOAH, he’s not the boy in the grey hoodie anymore! He’s way too hot and sexy, damn 🙂 ♡

  • Lola

    AHAHAHAHA WHAT THE FUCK IS HE WEARING?!?! he looks so short next to that other guy 🙂

  • he’s so cute! i love him so much!

  • Anni!

    Hay !! Is very Beautiful ♥

  • He look so sexy in that jump suit ;O

  • i know right hes so sexy!

  • johail

    dayumm! he always looks hot!

  • justin is so hot lol…. !!!

  • He is so hot i cant help it and why was he wearin a race car outfit lol 🙂 <3

  • brycee

    Cute:) 🙂 🙂

  • brycee

    Love that peace sighn love uuuuuuu

  • its sooo sad that he’s gotten older.Where’s the old Justin?I still love him anyways because I will always b a Bielieber.Bieliebers stick with him and always love him through thick and thin no matter what.Thats me.I love Selena Gomez too but not as much as Justin.I don’t really like that they are dating but I just have to accept it.I’m glad I like Selena.I’d never threaten her.I still love Justin too much and believe in my heart that I am going to meet him in real life before I die.I know I am.I believe it.

  • Selena is sooooo lucky to have a guy like him.I love him so much!!!He’s soooo hot n cute n funny and I just love everything about him.I have about 35 reasons why I like Justin Bieber.I’ve listed 33 on paper!If you agree with me on anything I just said reply to this!!! I love you Justin! I will be a Belieber 4eveeeerrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

  • serife

    askımmmmmmmmmmmm | lowe youuu askımmmm seni coqqqqq seviyorummm bitanemmm ölürümmm biterimmm balımmmmmmmmmm selena qebersin amk. ors. p.i.ç. selenaaaaaaaaaaa


  • y d hell on d earth hav u worn dos ear studs??? u look horrible vid dos.. please remove dem.. i dont like y vid em..

  • michelle

    hawt <3

  • ellaaaaa

    nice pictures goodgodman he’s hot!! <3 🙂

  • dim

    he was so cool,smart and hot!

  • SEXY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • random

    man i wish i was jb girlfriend :)!!!! lucky selena;)

  • brenda

    ere un bonbon

  • julia

    cute picture lol

  • justin bieber i love you der ist sooo geilllllllllll

  • tatiaaaaaa

    my best(LO)mi angel love you justin so mach (L)

  • som

    i love JB

  • justin bieber i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • ilove yin justin your crazy hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<33<3<3<3<3