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Justin Bieber hanging out with Chris Brown’s bulldog


This pic was probably taken in the studio yesterday.

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  • sooo cooollllll

  • Dora

    OMG *_______________* btw. that’s not Pitbull that’s English Buldog 😉

    • thanks dora..i’ve never had a dog before 🙁 i’ve changed the title. thanks

    • Anonymous

      yeah its an english buldog but isnt it calles pitbull?

      • ok girls ur all pretty but a bulldog is a bulldog.. K? k..

    • Steph,

      True that… And I should known sense my friends all call me the animal expert. 🙁 And neither have I dais, just cats 😉

  • Natalie (Mrs.FutureBieber)

    now thats just a cute dog right there 🙂 omgg jb’s eyes !!! even though u cant see the real color clearly they r still super hot dude…

  • Trinity

    I guess he needs a little furry friend right now.<3

  • gabby

    Oh wow he looks really hot

  • I wish i had a dg.. but my mom dosnt want me to get one and my dad wants me to get one! GO DAD! GO DAD! GO DAD!

    • hamed

      your mom is like my mom,thay are the same.

  • omb!! that dog is super adorable! and so is jb:)

  • does anybody else notice the dog’s shirt says ninja

  • hamed

    wow,you are right,it’s ninja

  • jbloveforeversj

    haha omg i just showed
    my friend this from twitter

  • this dog is really cute but i’m a snake guy

  • Anonymous

    awwwwww i wanna another dog

  • Laura

    Why is he always so adorable? I mean does the kid ever have an “ugly day” like the rest of the world? 😉

  • lol justin u are so careing for dogs

  • i love iou justin bieber je suis fan de toi

  • lol justin bieber

  • Anonymous

    das ist chris browns hund

  • yessica viera

    alove justin bieber forever